Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #51: Valor unbound and shameless treason

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone

World has been hit by the worst crisis in our lifetime. It is a pandemic that has brought everyone to his/her knees. How is the world doing as the second wave threatens to take over?

Also, stories of superhuman valor and pathetic treachery. Beings like Gurjeet aren’t born everyday. When they finally shut their eyes, their intense spirit and being lives on, embracing devotion that very few can attain to. Bowing down to Gurjeet and his sacrifice!

humongous COVID hospital in Delhi!

Arvind Kejriwal has a history of usurping credit for work done by others and show it as his, even when his own government keeps messing up things. Like it has been with the infamous - and dare one say, absent - Mohalla clinics, and the handling of Coronavirus pandemic.

As is his wont, he tried a similar stunt with Amit Shah. But the Gujju-bhai gave it back to him.

Arvind Kejriwal writes to Amit Shah on Covid-19. Gets a blunt response on Twitter

Amit Shah tweeted a sharp response to Kejriwal within hours, pointing that he had issued instructions for deploying doctors from the ITBP three days back.


Now, this new 10,000 bed facility, which the Central Government is bringing up in Delhi, because the Delhi Government was well - impotent, is downright amazing!

It is 10 times bigger than the largest COVID facility that China came up with and shocked the West (Source)! It has been named Sardar Patel Covid Care Centre and Hospital.

For this hospital, the Radha Soami Satsang Beas, Chattarpur facility has been offered for the largest Corona facility in Delhi. Roughly the size of 22 football fields, it will be manned by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). The facility has - 600-odd toilets at the centre with 70 portable toilets, with one toilet for every 10 patients.

“The mud floor will be covered by carpets and then topped with vinyl sheets for easy cleaning. The hospital will be cooled by 18,000 tons of air-conditioners,” said BM Mishra, district magistrate (south), even as workers began spreading vinyl sheets at one corner of the facility. (Source)

Here is a quick primer on what this facility will provide. Of the 10,000 bed facility, 2,000 beds section is nearly ready.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

COVID-19 and global economies

In a recent Ipsos’ monthly survey based on interviews with over 18,000 people, it seems that people feel - quite obviously - covid-19 is the biggest issues facing their country right now, followed by unemployment, poverty, healthcare and political/financial inequality.

courtesy: Live Mint

courtesy: Live Mint

And, this is not without reason. The top financial institutions are talking about a fall in the economies across the globe.

Courtesy: Financial Express

Courtesy: Financial Express

Although the real estate market is still holding up in most cities, the realty markets in India are in for a nose-dive. The Housing sales for April-June y-o-y have fallen 81%!

Courtesy: Financial Express

Courtesy: Financial Express

Data from popular site Yelp is quite sobering for the state of businesses in the US. Roughly 140,000 Yelp-listed businesses that had closed since March 1 remained closed on June 15. A large minority of that set, 41%, has shut for good, according to Yelp. Restaurants had the highest percentage of permanent closures - 53% of closed restaurants said they won’t reopen.

140,000 Businesses Listed on Yelp Are Still Closed Because of Covid-19 Pandemic - WSJ

The majority of businesses that closed during the pandemic remained shut this month, according to data from Yelp, which also showed increased interest in supporting black-owned businesses.


the dead win a jackpot!

The dead meanwhile are having a fantastic time in the US. Literally! As of April 30th, the US treasury had sent checks worth $1.4 billion to the dead.

Over a million corona stimulus checks were sent.

“Post previously reported that the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service disbursed some payments of up to $1,200 each to dead people. But the astonishing scope of the problem had not been known.” (Source)

It seems the Trump administration figured the stimulus checks could stimulate the dead somehow, the living be damned!

Thankfully, the dead remained dead.

treason galore

If people could take their partisan lenses off in India for just a few minutes, and look at politics the way it is, they would be shocked at how spectacularly the nation was being sold out until 2014.

Now, even “sold out” seems like an understatement.

When the ruling party of India with a history of rampant corruption and zero accountability ties up with the dictatorial Communist Party in China in a secret deal, then one wonders - how else could you invite the Chinese to take over India without a fight?

If there was any need to create alliances, sure, do it between India and China.

And, share the details with the public. At least the Parliament.

But, party to party secret deals? Was that to decide the new rules of how Ludo should be played from now on?

Sonia Gandhi statement to Xinhua News Agency in 2011 confirms pact signed with China

The fact that Indian National Congress and Communist Party of China (CPC) signed a pact in 2008 cannot be denied because it was confirmed by Congress president Sonia Gandhi in a written interview with Chinese news agency Xinhua in 2011.


Oh, and that was China.

Then there is Pakistan. Well, if MK Narayan had not stalled it, Siachen would have been handed over to Pakistan on a silver platter. Why? For goodwill gesture!

Former Army Chief says Manmohan govt was under pressure to cede Siachen


Last time an idiotic smiling Indian leader tried that, he handed over the list of all the espionage assets in Pakistan to Zia ul Haq to promote goodwill on the back of “Punjabiyat”.

It wiped out the entire Indian depth in Pakistan, while Pakistan did not share anything and stepped up the espionage networks in India!

How IK Gujral betrayed Indian Intelligence agencies and they still saved his life anyway

IK Gujral was a scoundrel. He betrayed the Indian Intelligence agencies and gave free reign to Pakistan in India. We are still paying for that betrayal!


There has to be a limit to which we can keep fooling ourselves and committing mass suicides!

Even those god-damned cockroaches have more brains than the secularized, oh-so-goodwill-y Indians!

two men, different values and morality

the Lion at 23

His name was Gurtej Singh. He was the stuff that legends are made of.

Four Chinese soldiers attacked this 23-year-old kid. “Bole so nihaal, Sat Sri Akaal”, went his thunderous roar, as he swung two around and pulled the other two and dragged them down the cliff. He lost balance and hit his neck and head on a boulder. He rewrapped his turban and started again with super-human strength. Now, he took out his kirpan and slashed a few Chinese before snatching a sharp weapon from one, whom he killed. Then he killed seven more Chinese. It was then that one of the Chinese soldiers attacked him from behind and stabbed him. He killed him too with his kirpan before he succumbed to his injuries.

He had not invited the Chinese. They came and attacked him and he fought them to save his motherland.

The Supreme Hero Of Galwan

Only 23 years of age, playful, the usual fun-loving Sikh , his boyish looks concealing the steely soldier who will never shy away from an unequal fight.


the devil

First, he is not a “scholar”. He is a terrorist. His goal is no righteous fight. After persecuting and committing genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits, the terrorist organization he joined, has only focused on killing the innocent. So many innocents have died at their hands backed by the ideological backup of Pakistan. And, they have only one aim - to establish a religiously fanatic society that is a civilizational desert. Quite like Syria or Iraq.

Missing Kashmiri PhD scholar has joined Hizbul Mujahideen: Police

Hilal Ahmad Dar, who was pursuing his Ph.D went on missing June 13 during a trek to high altitude Naranag in the central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.


As long as young heroes like Gurtej Singh are there in India, terrorists like Hilal will be hunted and snuffed out.

nota bene

Un-Whole Foods: Bottled water manufactured by Whole Foods and sold in most of its US stores and on Amazon contains potentially harmful levels of arsenic, according to new tests by Consumer Reports (CR) (Source)

Another celeb suicide?: 16 year old popular TikTok star Siya Kakkar hanged herself due to depression. She was doing well and even had a manager who managed her projects. At that age! Why?! (Source)

A new life: Bruce Lee was a failing philosophy student who used his visits to a gym transform his ideas into a powerful mantra: Using no way as way; having no limitation as limitation. Interesting story from he life of one of the most amazing fighter in the last century (Source)

Jihadi joker: In an official admission that the Pakistani establishment harbours terrorists, Pakistan PM Imran Khan called Al Qaeda terrorist Osama Bin Laden a ‘martyr’. (Source)

vanquishing the burns: spotless - a short film

Burning of flesh is the most painful experience. Ever tried touching a hot plate? When the flesh on one’s face burns - because someone wants to take revenge due to a mindlessly demonic ego, it would obviously be burning a lot of what a person calls herself. Acid victims are special human beings. As they have faced the worst that the world has thrown at them. And, yet they have retained their beauty. A few months back, when Deepika Padukone used the story of an acid victim to make a statement that was directly and unambiguously against those victims of persecution who had been raped and families destroyed (no matter how the anti-CAA folks spun the narrative) by religious fanatics across India’s borders - we were left with questions. Which we asked.

The Going Price of our Conscience - Drishtikone

When the going price of our conscience is so low, Lakshmis will be tools and the fodder for the enterprise of human suffering and the profits it brings.


Sonu Nigam and his friends have together to create a short film on this very topic. Please do check out this beautiful short film.

Spotless | In Short | Sonu Nigam, Shweta Rohira | Saurabh M Pandey | Naven Kumar Sharma

Spotless | In Short | Sonu Nigam, Shweta Rohira | Saurabh M Pandey | Naven Kumar Sharma

By Desh

lede and the nutgraf - making sense of daily clutter

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