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Why do people behave the way they do, even when they know what the truth is? Hasn’t this crossed our minds so often?

World is what we make of it. Not what it really is. Every book, every event, every statement has several different interpretations. Why? Because what we receive is not what that book or event is. But how our mind meets it. Based on the identities it takes on. And conditioning it brings to bear.

The idea is not to move from one conditioning to another. Yours to mine. Or from ‘Bad to Good".

But to a point where you can meet every moment on its own terms - sans any conditioning. At that point you are no more. Not as an idea, but as real experience.

In one of the most profound moments with my Guru, we were taken to a point for very few minutes, which was the preserve of the enlightened beings. Of nothingness.

When that moment came, one couldn’t bear the immensity and the void of it.

I sobbed like a child for hours on end. Suddenly, I realized that everything I had heard, read, understood, written, spoken and learned was ridiculously minuscule and completely bull shit.

For, the Truth was so humongous that it couldn’t be expressed. All of me that I was preserving as ideas, opinions, and mind suddenly left my side.

And, I lost me.

An experience very profound, yet devastating.

If you have to move from point A to B, you have to step on point B and lift your foot from point A. But what if you are that point A?!

There is no end to bluffing and fooling Delhi-ites by their CM. The Delhi CM now knows how the virus works and for some reason, has sent its non-deadly cousin to Delhi. While the rest of the world is reeling under the disaster from COVID and people are dying, the Delhi CM is wondering “Why this Hospital di?” because he thinks Delhi has extra beds already.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said although coronavirus cases in Delhi have been on the rise, most of these are mild cases that do not require hospitalisation. Kejriwal also said that most of the Covid hospitals beds in Delhi are lying vacant as all patients do not require hospital treatment.

Delhi-ites either you should all commit suicide from self-shame on electing such an idiot who tells you what you see is all an illusion or he will ensure that you die anyway!

This statement surely comes after the snub by Amit Shah on the 10,000 bed hospital for which he wanted to take the credit. Since he cannot, he will tell the Delhi-ites to chill. The virus, just like the Jihadis and the Chinese, is you friendly cousin here on a visit!

Covid rising in Delhi, but most do not need hospitalisation, says Arvind Kejriwal - India News

Arvind Kejriwal has said although coronavirus cases are rising in Delhi, most are mild cases that do not require hospitalisation.


Here is the chart for all the major COVID impact states. Delhi has more cases than every other state except Maharashtra! And, Delhi is just a city. Its Death/Cases ratio is higher than Uttar Pradesh. Let that sink in! And, then read the cavalier statement of the city’s CM!

Courtesy: Daily Pioneer

Courtesy: Daily Pioneer

'the buffalo' leave

A driver with the Special Armed Forces (SAF) in Rewa needs a leave of absence. And it is due to some really critical circumstances. The six days of leave is .. well.. for taking care of his buffalo.

“My mother has not been keeping well for the past two months. Also, I have a buffalo at home which is very dear to me. The buffalo delivered a calf recently and there is no one to take care of them. I request you to please grant me six days of casual leave so that I can get my mother treated and look after my buffalo as well” (Source)

Reminiscent of the legendary and extremely hilarious “The Cow” essay, this is one thing that can bring a smile to anyone’s face.

when Vajpayee herded sheeps to the chinese embassy

In August-September 1965, China made a claim that Indian soldiers had stolen 800 sheep and 59 yaks from the Chinese side. They were itching for a fight. They still had the 1962 battle in their minds. The Indian government led by then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri found this ludicrous.

But it was the young parliamentarian - Atal Behari Vajpayee who stole the show.

He herded around 800 sheep and drove them to the Chinese embassy in New Delhi in late September with placards tied to the sheep saying, “Eat me but save the world.”

That infuriated the Chinese, who accused the Indian government of having orchestrated it. Which was summarily rejected. This had led to the build up to the 1967 confrontation, where the Chinese got a rather bloody nose.

India-China border dispute: When Atal Bihari Vajpayee drove 800 sheep to Chinese embassy - India News


furious India and crazy china

These times are different from even the time of Lal Bahadur Shastri’s. There has been a strategic change in the world and China is the most hated country which has rubbed every country on the wrong side, without an ally. Only vassal states. When British went for imperialism, so did their European neighbors. What the Brits did was the norm.

When the Americans did what they did in Cold War, they had NATO and presented their imperialist designs as fending a communist empire. There was a moral high road on which the American imperialism strutted. And, the entire Western hemisphere allied with it.

China is alone.

Even the Islamic countries who say they are with her are vassal states. They can’t even squeak when China puts millions of Muslims in concentration camps.

India stood up. And, China was left standing without clothes.

Whatever China’s calculus, it should prepare for a more confrontational posture from the Indian government in the years ahead.

Jeff Smith puts it very well - “India was already uneasy with China. Now it’s furious.”

The Galwan Killings Are the Nail in the Coffin for China and India’s Relationship

For the last two months, China and India have been embroiled in a series of standoffs along their disputed Himalayan border that has become the worst crisis in Sino-Indian relations in over 50 years.


god's brothel

And finally there was this story of a sister in a Kerala Church, who was impregnated by the Father in the Church. While the Father Robin became a real father, the sister became the mother.

As Sister Lucy’s book revealed, priests from other churches would come to use the nuns for sex, while Robin would have sex with which ever nun he wanted in the church.

What would you call such a place?

A nun in the convent gave birth to baby, priests tried to sexually abuse me, Sister Lucy Kalappura's startling revelations

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Sister Lucy Kalappura has come forward with some startling revelations. Priests tried to sexually abuse me four times after becoming a nun, revealed the Sister in her autobiography.


nota bene

New News: Lokal wanted to create a platform for news with context. In 2018, they created a WhatsApp Telugu local news feed that kept readers up-to-date with regional topics like local elections by aggregating external news sources. But it was a flop. It went to the drawing board and talked to the users. Today, Lokal is a geographically focused news app with original reporting, present in four languages across 32 districts. Apart from news, it also has a classifieds section with matrimony ads and obituary announcements. (Source)

Back to Work market: Indian IT firms are looking at “Back to work” apps. LTI has come out with SafeRadius - which provides real-time alerts on accidental congregations, hotspots. Ramco, has facial recognition attendance system with therman screening and IoT sensor doors. (Source)

Organ and body age: Research suggests some parts of the body age faster than others to the point that they even outlive their owners. Research shows that the complex mix of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that determine how quickly our bodies age does not affect all our organs in equal measure. (Source)

Hot Caribbean real estate: The coronavirus pandemic chilled real estate markets across the U.S., but it didn’t stop the surging demand for property in Turks and Caicos. As real estate elsewhere has dropped, the Caribbean nation has seen records broken despite the global pandemic (Source)

pretend heart, pretend love

Once I looked at hate, religious and racial bigotry in its most fundamental form. This is how it seemed.

The snow-clad mountain gave way to a green valley. A place no one in his world had ever seen. Strange, new people welcomed him. Peaceful and loving.

“Who are you,” he asked. “People,” they replied.

“I am X, so you must be Y,” he said with a sense of knowing. “But don’t worry, I love all the Y’s as long as they are good to me”.

A wedge created. People categorized. And hate covered with pretense.

In such a world, you want equality?

“You hate the pigs, but love people. One day you will call someone a pig and treat him the same way. You cannot have a selective heart.” - Sadhguru

Sadhguru's views on #BlackLivesMatter | Mystics Of India

Sadhguru's views on #BlackLivesMatter | Mystics Of India

By Desh

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