Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #66: Srishti, not Kriti! and Surya Siddhanta

Srishti, the Rishis of India called this existence.

“But shouldn’t it be called Creation instead?!”

What do you mean?

“Creation, which is how Newtonian man has looked at existence, should have been Kriti. Rishis called it Srishti. Srishti comes from Srijan - that’s not creation.. that means manifestation.”

So, the question was - when Sanskrit had a legitimate word for Creation (Kriti), then why did Rishis in India not call it so? Why did they insist that it was not a Creation, but a manifestation (Srishti).

When asked, the Rishis would liken the infinite consciousness to the Ocean and existence to the waves. Rishi Vasistha, in fact, explained how just like wave is none other than the ocean itself, existence is none other than the infinite consciousness. Here is how he explained it to Shri Ram.

“Even as empty, inert nothingness is known as space, mind is empty nothingness. Whether the mind is real or unreal, it is that which is apprehended in objects of perception. Rama, thought is mind; there is no distinction between the two. The self that is clothed in the spiritual body is known as mind; it is that which brings the material or physical body into existence. Ignorance, samsara, mind-stuff, bondage, darkness and inertia are all synonyms. Experience alone is the mind, it is none other than the perceived.

This entire universe is forever non-different from the consciousness that dwells in every atom, even as an ornament potentially exists in gold, the object exists in the subject. But when this notion of the object is firmly rejected and removed from the subject, then consciousness alone exists without an apparent or potential objectivity. when this is realised, evils like attraction and repulsion, love and hate, cease in one’s heart, as also the false notion of the world, you, I etc. Even the tendency to objectify ceases; this is freedom.”

Beyond observation. Where is no distinction between the observer, observed and the observation. Where there is no wave and no particle. Where Schrodinger’s cat has yet not manifested. That is the realm of Truth. The unchanging. Unblemished. And eternal. One Truth. Not yours or mine - but the Truth!

It was not a fluke. It was an understanding beyond the ordinary view of the world. It was a deeper look at the existence and its underlying consciousness that Max Planck would stumble upon in early 1900s, thus throwing our understanding of the world into existential doldrums.

Three possibilities were brought forth by different schools of Quantum Physicists.

  1. Truth cannot be known and the observer creates reality (Copenhagen Interpretation)
  2. Truth is multi-dimensional and cannot be explained in our present known dimensions. (Many-world Interpretation)
  3. Under the hood of the Unknown Infinity is a certainty of an “Intelligence” that creates “method to this madness”. (Hidden Variables Interpretation)

All of which had been spoken at length by the Rishis.

Srishti remember. Not Kriti.

“Thus everywhere on the terrestrial globe, people suppose their own place is higher (than others). Yet this globe is in space where there is no above nor below.” - Surya Siddhanta, 12.53

solving the mysteries of the universe

Daivajna Vara-hamihira, who served in Gupta king Vikramaditya’s court, compiled Pancasiddhantika – which comprised: Surya Siddhanta, Romaka Siddhanta, Paulisa Siddhanta, Vasishtha Siddhanta and Paitamaha Siddhanta. One of these, Surya Siddhanta had the following calculations:

  • sidereal year = 365.2563795 days only 1.4 seconds longer than the modern value of 365.2563627 days.
  • tropical year = 365.2421756 days only 2 seconds shorter than the modern value of 365.2421988 days.

Surya Siddhanta not only had the above calculations but also the trigonometric functions. It not only introduced Sine (Jya), Cosine (Kojya) and Inverse sine (Otkram jya); but also had used Tangent and Secant functions in their early times.

Surya Siddanta is definitive and complex text with expert level astronomical science references. It says something that took the Western world until Galileo to figure out and Arab world is still insistent on Earth being flat and the center of the Universe.

You will realize that the Ancient Rishis knew the structure of the Earth and it’s place in the space. Of course, it was always called “bhugol” (Earth - sphere)

Who better to discuss the antiquity of Surya Siddhanta than Nilesh Oak? Let us listen to his discussion on this amazing text. He discusses how the Western “Indologists” not just tried to beat down Surya Siddhanta but even sought to discredit it as well as the Hindus whose heritage it is. Only now, to seem like fools. All this because they wanted to nail this text to 1500 BC and no earlier. Why? Because of Abrahamic historical datelines which do not go beyond 4000 years. Nilesh and Rupa Bhaty partnered on the research and looked through Surya Siddhanta itself for clues. Using the references from Mahabharat and Surya Siddhanta, what Nilesh and Rupa came up is fascination to listen.

Ancient Updates To Surya Siddhanta | Nilesh Oak |Indian Astronomy |#SangamTalks | Archaeo-Astronomy

Ancient Updates To Surya Siddhanta | Nilesh Oak |Indian Astronomy |#SangamTalks | Archaeo-Astronomy

selling top secrets to chinese red army - the brit way

The West has to blame itself for the ascendancy of China as a bullying force. For example, an investigation has revealed something absolutely shocking in the UK.

Many of our top universities — some from the prestigious Russell Group — are unwittingly sharing their most advanced research with secretive elements of the Chinese military which specialise in state-of-the-art fighter jets, hypersonic missiles and supercomputers used to develop nuclear weapons.

So, UK’s top universities are regularly sharing ultra sensitive military and computing research with Chinese colleges that are linked to the modern Red Army. Why? Because they are taking millions from them in funding. An investigation found that what is going on is a lethal level of infiltration that will cost the world dearly!

How Britain teaches China to conquer the West: UK's top universities share research with China | Daily Mail Online

As relations between the West and China plummet, we can at least take comfort from the fact that many of our leading academic institutions still enjoy a healthy collaboration with China.

India's economy resurgent during COVID

India’s forex reserves have risen by $3.1 billion to hit a record high of $516.36 billion for the week ended July 10, according to the latest data from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) (Source). COVID may have been devastating, but it has also meant that India has been able to conserve is forex and buoy the economic indicators tremendously.

Close on the heals of that news on forex, also comes the news on how India is working with the US to stockpile its oil reserves in US. As an outcome of the current talks, India is set to begin stockpiling crude oil in American strategic reserves to shield itself from any supply disruptions arising out of geopolitical reasons. It will help India to purchase and store a large quantity of crude when international oil prices plunge.

“We are in an advanced stage of discussions for storing crude oil in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to increase India’s strategic oil stockpile,” petroleum and natural gas minister Dharmendra Pradhan said. (Source)

Meanwhile, India just saw a rare trade surplus. For the first time since 2002, India’s merchandise trade balance turned to a surplus of $0.8 billion in June. While imports continued to decline at a faster pace, the contraction in exports ebbed. (Source)

As per the critics, this may not be a good thing. Reason being the inputs to the export led products may not be coming and that will inevitably hit the exports as well.

According to the World Bank’s WITS database, almost 90% of India’s imports is made up of raw materials, intermediate goods or capital goods i.e. means to undertake domestic production activity. The share of consumer goods in Indian exports is much higher. India had the highest import to export ratio in the raw material category, a proportion that is skewed by crude oil imports. Unfortunately, the WITS analysis is only available up to 2018. (Source)

However, for now, the export fall has ebbed as per reports. It remains to be seen if the indigenous source are used to meet the input needs?

persecuting Hindus in bangladesh

The persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh continues.

𑄢𑄧𑄁 𑄢𑄁 Rong Rang


Local BAL leader Abdul Majid khan illegally occupied and evicted retired Hindu school teachers Kananbala Devi & Basana Devi from their ancestral land in Shahbajpur village of Purbadhala sub-dist, Netrokona, Bangladesh.
Thousands of villagers came to support the sisters.

9:46 AM - 17 Jul 2020

And, this is not an isolated incident where land belonging to Hindus is usurped by the Muslims or even the state in Bangladesh. There is a law in that country called Vested Property Law, where property owned by the Hindus was declared as “enemy property” and seized.

To fully understand the extent and the vile nature of persecution of the Hindus in Bangladesh, you should read the detailed article below.

The Monumental Genocide of Bangladeshi Hindus by Muslims - Drishtikone

The Monumental Genocide of Bangladeshi Hindus by Muslims - Drishtikone

49 million Hindus have gone missing in Bangladesh since 1947. 53 major massacres of Hindus have happened. It has been a Genocide of Bangladeshi Hindus!


nota bene

The Gurugram police has started using a scientific approach to patrolling. It is creating a ‘crime map’ of the city that will show the police what to expect when and where. Based on the crime map and centralized system, a decision about the deployment of manpower on jurisdiction-based beats have been taken. There are around 40 police stations in the city, over 79 patrol vehicles and 123 riders to go around each jurisdiction on shift basis. This is similar to the Transport management applications that companies use to resolve the transportation question. (Source)

A 37-year-old Nigerian has been arrested by the Delhi Police for duping people on the pretext of making them business partners in National Capital Region. The accused, identified as Chidubem Gabril Okafor, from Nigeria. It seems that Nigerians, like Pakistanis, cannot find the right path to earn money so easily. (Source)

In Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales, the state authorities are banning dancing, singing and mingling at weddings as government struggles to contain a new wave of infections. (Source)

These are desperate times and difficult health risks. Netherland has an interesting solution for the love couples. Long-distance couples separated by the EU’s coronavirus travel ban can reunite in the Netherlands if they show Dutch border guards a “love contract” declaring their relationship has lasted longer than three months. Lying on the handwritten, signed statement is punishable by a charge of perjury. Failure to show a return ticket at border checkpoints could also result in detainment and deportation. (Source)

china, iran and more

Here the amazingly articulate Abhijit Iyer Mitra discusses the foolishness in believing in Iran and trying to do the work in Chabahar. He also discusses the usefulness of China’s aggressive “String of Pearls” strategy against India.

S3: China’s ‘String of Pearls’ is Good For India: Here’s Why | Abhijit-Iyer Mitra ji at His Best

S3: China’s ‘String of Pearls’ is Good For India: Here’s Why | Abhijit-Iyer Mitra ji at His Best

By Desh

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