Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #77: The Rage of Exclusivity

Spirituality is a seeking. A seeking which is leads one to the state of complete inclusivity or absolute dissolution. Either one attains to the state of the infinite or that of nothingness. In either states - the infinite and zero embrace each other.

This journey of seeking does not indulge in any belief. If you believe something, you trade in falsehoods. You make up stories because you cannot search for the truth.

On this journey of seeking the Spiritual Truth - you can either be a seeker or enlightened. There is no place for a believer.

If you have lost a diamond in your backyard, either you can search for it or you have found it. Someone who sits smugly smiling contently while saying “I believe in the diamond and he loves me” is betraying different levels of insanity.

When belief ends, seeking commences.

While no belief system can ever be your companion on the spiritual journey, there are some which lend themselves to preparing someone to get onto the path.

Even today one can aspire to be a Krishna or a Shiva and no one will persecute you for that. Even today someone can aspire to the state of Buddha-hood and no one will persecute you for that. Those two groups of “beliefs” if you will - Hinduism and Buddhism - are the only belief systems which can prepare one to raise one’s consciousness to the highest form attained to by those who have resonated with the divine infinite, also called the Quantum.

In the end it is about what consciousness do you resonate with. It is not about body, mind, ideas, or beliefs.

And, you cannot reach the pure consciousness when you are firmly entrenched in dualities of God/Satan, Believer/Non-believer, Sin/Virtue. For anything that is in duality, has a form. How can there be a Satan and a God, and God still not have a form? For, that God, which exists in a dual context starts where the boundary of Satan ends. This God may not have a form you like, but the boundary of Satan provides him a form nevertheless.

To borrow from the Sufi poetry, flawed as it is, the had of God starts where the had of Satan ends. Such a God can never be anhad. Either all is God, or none is. It doesn’t happen in contrasts or percentages!

One doesn’t have the honesty to look straight at the very dissonance that lack of one’s seeking brings forth. So belief, fanatic one at that, is a great way to delude ones self.

And, the only way to feel good about that delusion is to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with your beliefs, however off they may be from the fundamental Truth of this existence.

Thus starts the march of exclusivity.

Which is precisely why it is the imperative for mankind that inclusivity survives.

“Only a blind man can easily define what light is. When you do not know, you are bold. Ignorance is always bold; knowledge hesitates. And the more you know, the more you feel that the ground underneath is dissolving. The more you know, the more you feel how ignorant you are.” ― Osho, The Book of Secrets


A riot of immense proportions was planned.

The idea was to hit at the root of India and shake the government in power while targeting the “Kafirs” (‘Maaro, Kafiro ko Maaro’). Money was brought in from outside the country. Millions.

Plans were hatched.

Execution started with the aim to bring the country to its knees.

Perhaps even do another 1947 level event.

The Government, despite the pressures, provocations and hired hit-jobs in the global press - did not respond to these devious powers.

It worked behind the scenes to lower the madness. As the whole situation dissipated, it left a trail of death, destruction and mayhem. A man, intelligence officer, was kidnapped and stabbed scores of times with psychopathic hatred.

Another poor migrant worker at a local small restaurant was beaten up, his limbs cut off and then thrown into the fire alive!

A woman was kidnapped, gang raped and then stabbed and thrown into a ditch!

All in the home of a top politician of the party governing the Delhi state.

Nupur Sharma of Opindia and her team have worked tirelessly and come out with a seminal report on the entire set of events. It is a research report that cannot be missed.

The report can be bought from all of these links in your country. I have already bought my copy on Kindle, which I will be reading in detail.

Please get your copy ASAP. It is just INR 101 in India and $2.99 in the US. Do NOT miss the copy.

No one will write on the mayhem that was perpetrated on the Hindus via the well-planned violence by Muslim gangs in Delhi. This, even when for Gujarat riots in 2002, many made their careers out of fictional accounts. In fact, Rana Ayyub even won “journalistic awards” on a book that was based on surmises, conjectures, and suppositions - as per the honorable Supreme Court itself! Which is essentially a nice way of saying that it was journalistic trash and a work of pure fiction!

Excerpt of the SC order on Haren Pandya

Excerpt of the SC order on Haren Pandya

It is therefore important that not only should Nupur Sharma’s work be read and analyzed but also commented upon. If you read it, please go to Goodreads and leave your comment and review.

same lobby, different targets

Remember the suicide gang that Kangana Ranaut talked about in her Republic interview? Those who were with pressurizing Sushant Singh or publishing stories which were meant to denigrate him and even break him?

In one instance Sushant Singh had even commented on how one journalist tried to mock SSR for quoting thinkers like Sartre, Escher and Joel.



Sushant Singh Rajput: To cure a sane man is way more difficult than curing ones own insanity.

DNA Aftr hrs: Clearly MR Rajput, tweets like these are making us question your sanity.

In 2017, DNA compiled brilliant quotes from SSR & spun them all to make him seem insane. Do read.

1:04 AM - 27 Jul 2020

And, reading that, Aarti Tikoo Singh remembered that the same guys were after her claiming that even she was insane and off her mind. This is how these guys try to push you to the wall.

Aarti Tikoo Singh


The DISGRACE of Indian media👇. It just struck me that Fault news founder has also been campaigning against me by claiming that everything I say or write is just insane drivel— “blah, blah, blah, blah...” Is this how the cartel pushes you to the wall? #JusticeforSushantSingRajput

2:48 PM - 28 Jul 2020

So, take note of these journalists. Any time they write something, discount it completely. They are basically the suicide gang who are trying to attack someone innocent because they have been paid by someone devious!

caste games

I have been to many parties where people speaking different language than mine form their own group and talk amongst themselves. Once someone mistook me for being a Malayali and wanted to talk. But when he came to know I wasn’t, our association was short-lived. That is how it works. On the other hand, I have met so many friends from Delhi and UP, who complain that they cannot find enough North Indians to talk to.

Different communities, even within the same state and language groups have different customs, different festivals and different things they enjoy. Heck, in US, families drift apart even if one has kids and other one doesn’t. Or two families have kids of different ages. For, they cannot go to the same activities.

Now, there is a motivated and well-funded group which wants to raise the specter of caste politics within the US. And it is this behavior which stems from familiarity that they will be fashioning as discrimination.

And, they are just getting started.

They have worked to file case against Cisco and are digging for more. One quick look at their website and they have “testimonials” saying things which we all see happen in our lives with groups of different language, ethnicity, family structure (kids/no-kids, kids-different ages) but presented in a way that is clearly ideological and anecdotal.

My wife and I experienced this trauma on many occasions. Once, we were in a social party in Houston where we met a couple that were recent acquaintances of ours. They spoke the same Indian language and were from the same Indian state. Suddenly, the lady of the couple asked my wife ‘what is your caste’. We had to tell them. Since then they slowly withdrew from us. It is painful to face discrimination by caste. (Source)

Make no mistake - this is the beginning of the campaign to demonize the Hindus in the US.

Yes, Caste rigidity and discrimination was bad when and where it happened. But I have not seen it happen at all in the US. There are many reasons why someone will befriend, interact with each other or not. Caste has NEVER been a consideration! Who even thinks about that crap anyway?

But the forces which want to create issues will use imaginary discrimination atrocity stories to conjure up trouble. It is time to wake up to this mischief.

Ambedkar King Study Circle (AKSC) in California is “collecting evidence” after the lawsuit was filed by US State against the networking company Cisco Systems for denying professional opportunities to an engineer. This group is gathering data from “Dalit workers” on discrimination.

After case against Cisco, US group gathers evidence against caste discrimination in Silicon Valley - The Economic Times

Ambedkar King Study Circle (AKSC) in California is collecting evidence following the US States lawsuit against networking tech company Cisco Systems for allegedly denying professional opportunities to an unnamed engineer.

agricultural sabotage and warfare?

The attack by the Chinese establishment is at many levels. Now, in order to unleash agricultural sabotage, people across the US are receiving seeds from China that they never ordered! The packages state that it is jewelry to bypass the agricultural restrictions at the customs.

“Today we received reports of people receiving seeds in the mail from China that they did not order,” the Washington State Department of Agriculture said Friday. “The seeds are sent in packages usually stating that the contents are jewelry. Unsolicited seeds could be invasive, introduce diseases to local plants, or be harmful to livestock.” (Source)

Multiple reports are coming in from various people across the country. What is scary is - how did the Chinese “senders” know the name and address of the sendees?!

Gordon G. Chang


Someone in #China is sending, unsolicited, seeds to Americans in three states. The seeds are usually mislabeled as jewelry. See: We have to ask: Is this biological warfare?

9:47 AM - 25 Jul 2020



@GordonGChang @jenniferatntd My neighbor received some umpurchased seeds that she did not order last week. She asked me to translate the label. I told her it said 100 potato seeds. I told her not to open them. She is going to report it to the #USDA.

7:22 PM - 25 Jul 2020

stranglehold over future innovation?

Meanwhile, we also need to look closely at how much the Chinese companies with close association with the Chinese government have been taking a stranglehold of India’s rich and successful start-ups via Venture Capital.

How China’s Alibaba and Tencent are divvying up India’s unicorns

China’s two technology behemoths, Alibaba and Tencent, have been aggressively snapping up stakes in Indian startups in the last five years—and many of the firms they’ve helped fund have crossed the $1 billion threshold to become unicorns.

Due to its actions, the Chinese establishment has created situations around the world where it is difficult to see any bonafide intention anymore.

nota bene

Paperless Insurance: Mayank Bathwal, CEO, Aditya Birla Health Insurance, says that during the COVID-19 period about 98% of their sales are paperless. In fact, their company has adopted changes in the underwriting process during the Covid-19 pandemic with the adoption of tele or video underwriting increasing the speed of issuance of the policy. (Source)

Indian Real Estate Plunges: The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption across the country’s residential real estate sector with sales and launches declining 52% and 65%, respectively, year-on-year during the January-June 2020 period. Apartment prices remained stagnant across almost all the top markets as buyers delayed their purchase plans by up to a year. (Source)

Remittances may come down: Although Private transfer receipts by Indians employed overseas increased to $20.6 billion for the fourth quarter ended March 31, up by 14.8 per cent from their level a year ago, but with most of the workers coming back due to closure or furlows in jobs, specifically in the Gulf region, from where more than 60 per cent of India’s remittances flow in, the remittances may be impacted in the near future (Source)

Air Travel Wont be back until 2024: Global air passenger traffic will not return to pre-Covid levels until 2024, a year later than previously projected, as international travel curbs remain in place in most countries due to the coronavirus pandemic, says IATA. The overall domestic passenger traffic was 86.5 per cent less in June 2020 versus a year ago. (Source)

Ancient Site Discovered in Jerusalem: Archaeologists in Israel have discovered a stunning ancient site near the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. The discovery was made in Arnona, the affluent neighborhood in southern Jerusalem where the embassy is located. (Source)

real options from a credible voice

I have seen many commentaries and analysis on India’s options in the China situation. No one even discusses the military options, even when they are a very viable option for India.

Until I heard Major General GD Bakshi. What he says based on authoritative knowledge and experience, is credible and sensible.

Thankfully, Major Gaurav Arya does a great job at anchoring the discussion. Please do watch this right away. Power packed!!


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