Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #8 - our heroes, islamist-communist nexus and more

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #8 - our heroes, islamist-communist nexus and more
Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone

There is always a tussle in many societies these days between those who want their nation as a viable whole and those who are for themselves and so push for individual liberty at the cost of social well-being. Let us look at stories that will help us see flavors of both kinds.

“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

heroes who keep us safe

A burly Chinese Major in People’s Liberation Army walked threateningly towards the Indian soldiers at Naku La in Northern Sikkim as an ugly face-off with fist-fights broke out on the border between the Chinese and Indian Army. Up walked a young, lean Indian Army Lieutenant and landed a punch on the PLA Major. The Chinese army officer went reeling off on the ground with his name tag flying off. Let us read about this young officer and his brave lineage!

How The Fist That Felled Chinese Army Officer In Sikkim On Saturday Packed Three Generations Of Valour

A young, lean and lithe Indian Army Lieutenant delivered a hard punch to a burly Major of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on Saturday afternoon, sending him sprawling to the rocky and sandy ground at Naku La in Northern Sikkim.


Nothing can describe the pain and the strength of a young woman whose husband goes into harm’s way and she just has to accept that. And, though he comes back victorious all the time. Once, the terrorist or adversary pushes his bullet through his defences. What that wife goes through is very tough to understand. Let us be with Aakriti Sood, wife of Major Anuj Sood who was martyred in the Handwara terror attack.

‘I knew that if the time came, he will sacrifice himself for his country’: Major Anuj Sood’s wife

‘I knew that if the time came, he will sacrifice himself for his country’: Major Anuj Sood’s wife

As the mortal remains of 31-year-old Major Anuj Sood were brought to his Panchkula residence Tuesday morning, his wife Akriti sat by him, sometimes overwhelmed by tears, other times looking at him intently. As she bid him a final adieu, she stood stoic and proud.


deep-dive into islamist-communist nexus

Despite their avowed atheism, why do the communists back the Islamists? And despite the bad treatment by communists, why do Islamists side with them? Have you wondered about this? The answer lies in the history of the genesis of the Soviet Communist Party and the Bolshevik revolution. Let us check that out.

How Bolsheviks created the Islamist-Communist partnership

How Bolsheviks created the Islamist-Communist partnership

Islamists have pushed the world to redefine itself in recent years due to global terror attacks. Often the underlying trigger or sentiment for this terrorism is expressed in an anti-West narrative. Strangely, and interestingly, one often sees Islamists and Communists working together closely, despite how the communist regimes in Russia and China are treating the


today's picks

did you know?

That Bill Gates was trying to inject a certain community with nano particles via COVID-19 drugs so they forget their religion? Check it out and enjoy.

The lockdown will only open when the vaccine is ready to be given to people. And the vaccine developed by Bill Gates will have such a drug in it, which will take away Islam from all the Muslims, claimed Hamid (Source)

Zaid Hamid "Detailed analysis" on Coronavirus

Zaid Hamid "Detailed analysis" on Coronavirus

By Desh

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