Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #85: Deception, Lies and Ram; Missiles for Nukes Program

When the focus has no outlet, no fall back, it forges ahead in one direction. When the singer closes her eyes, it is not because closed eyes help the throat muscles, but because in that state she and music are one.

A visually impaired man has no way to engage with the world except with his entire being.

Eyes are like the walk of nonchalant brat. Like the man who dares to do his stunts even when drunk because his confidence is at its peak. Eyes steal all our senses. They engage with everything - useful and non-useful. They overpower every other sense we have, to relate to the shiny while downplaying the necessary.

Devotion is like a man who has no need for the varied ways of the world. He has forged all his senses in one direction. The isht.

There is no compromise nor any doubt. At some point, the state of the devotee is such that even the isht is no more. His consciousness has melted into the divine itself.

Devotion is not imitation. Devotee does not care for the character or the habits of the isht. She/he is resonating with the deeper consciousness. A love that goes beyond one’s own self.

Devotion, therefore, cannot be but blind. If it has one eye open, it is deception. If it evaluates the isht every minute, it is an acute case of schizophrenia.

So, all those who want Bhakti, but not ’andh-bhakti’ are fundamentally gamers who think they can game the existential with a few tricks.

Those who want to be devotees but only of customized caricature of an ideological image, are schizophrenic fools who will end up in existential carousels for they have no escape from their own judgments.

Bhakt cannot explain her bhakti. She can only explain her yearning, her intensity to be no more. Poetry happens, just as music happens from such beings. No, not as an exhibition but as the melody of how they surf the existence unaware of anything but their isht.

Bhakti is blind because it engages the whole being. In the end, it is not even about the one for whom the devotion is. It is about touching the existential through an intense surge of emotional energy that one is incapable of in normal living.

Such beings climb snakes as ropes, slurp poison and aren’t touched, sit on waves and wander the seas.

They have no need for seeing what we keep ourselves entertained with.

That’s Bhakti.

Simple but rarely touched.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” - J. Krishnamurti

by ravgar

by ravgar

(Image available at Amazon)

deceptions, lies, and Ram

Lord Ram epitomises “justice for all, righteous conduct, fairness and firmness in all dealings, moral rectitude and courage” said Shashi Tharoor, while Kapil Sibal suggested that this moment was destined. Quite rich of Sibal to say that when he was the man who tried his best to delay the verdict on the case! And, Tharoor also added that - “universal appeal of Lord Ram and Sanatan Dharma cannot be hijacked by those who chant either hymns or slogans.” That’s very true. The world knows.

In 2007, then in the Central government, Congress had asserted that there was no historical or scientific veracity to Ram’s existence. Kumar Ketkar, Congress Rajya Sabha member just said this week that Ram was a “fictional character”.

The verdict for Ram Janmabhoomi case had been delayed for many years by the lawyers and by the pressure on the judges by Congress and other powers. In fact, archeologist KK Mohammad indicts the leftist historians for ensuring that the whole case was fudged and delayed.

In his book titled Njan Enna Bharatiyan (I, an Indian), Muhammed clearly indicts Left historians for actually preventing a rapprochement between Hindus and Muslims over the building of a Ram temple in Ayodhya, by making the Muslim side adopt intransigent positions. (Source)

No, Ram does not belong to anyone. The question is who belongs to Ram? Those who tried their best to denigrate and destroy his name and work? Or those who made it their life’s calling to bring him to his abode?

The answer lies in the action of one man - Narendra Damodardas Modi.

Not many realize this now. But there will come a time in future when our coming generations will look back and wonder how one man with an unbendable spirit and determination was able to do what hundreds and thousands before him, including great beings could not.

Despite the strong effort from anti-Hindu hate-mongers like Aatish Taseer, an entitled brat who was until now running around with an illegal OCI card in India (now denied), and other extremist Muslim organizations - Times Square saw the celebration of the Ram Mandir’s bhoomi pujan.

Aditya Raj Kaul


#Ayodhya finally reaches Times Square even though some radical groups who were against freedom of speech tried to create hurdles. Jagdish Sewhani, President of American India Public Affairs Committee posing with the #RamMandir billboard at Times Square in New York! #JaiShriRam

12:41 PM - 5 Aug 2020



USA: #RamMandir digital billboard comes up in New York’s Times Square.

10:35 AM - 5 Aug 2020

nukes for missiles barter program courtesy China

Space launch technology is very similar to the missile technology. For example, these components are the same in both:

  • Manufacture of rocket propellant (solid and liquid);
  • Manufacture of rocket engines (solid and liquid);
  • Manufacture of air frames, motor cases, liners, and insulation;
  • Manufacture of thrust vector control systems;
  • Manufacture of exhaust nozzles;
  • Manufacture of staging mechanisms;
  • Manufacture of payload separation mechanisms;
  • Manufacture of strap-on boosters;
  • Manufacture of ground support and launch equipment;
  • How to conduct system integration;
  • How to conduct failure analysis and testing of components.

A country that knows how to create a missile would also have the wherewithal to send a satellite in space.

An ICBM is a space launcher whose orbit intersects the earth. Once a country is able to deploy a large satellite in a precise orbit, it has mastered the technologies needed to hit a major city with a ballistic missile.

The only difference between the space launch technology and missile technology is the re-entry mechanism, where the re-entry vehicle should be capable of surviving the stress of passing through the atmosphere.

However, if one has created the scientific and technical capability indigenously then figuring the re-entry part out should not be that tough.

In other words, if you have a Space program, having a Missile program comes easy. On the other hand, if a country simply has missiles but no space program, then one can assume that those missiles were procured from somewhere else.

Pakistan, for example, has not even made an attempt to have a real space launch capability even when it would masquerade as having an indigenous ICBM missile technology.

How is that even possible?

And the answer lies in the book titled Goodbye Shahzadi by Indian journalist Shyam Bhatia. Bhatia attended Oxford with Benazir. She told him this story over a round of drinks one evening and made him swear that he won’t leak it out until she is alive. She died in December 2007, and Bhatia released the book in 2008.

Benazir Bhutto went personally to Pyongyang to deliver Nuclear secrets to North Korea in CDs. For that purpose, she shopped for a specific overcoat.

“As she (Bhutto) was due to visit North Korea at the end of 1993, she was asked and readily agreed to carry critical nuclear data on her person and hand it over on arrival in Pyongyang …before leaving Islamabad, she shopped for an overcoat with the ‘deepest possible pockets’ into which she transferred CDs containing the scientific data about uranium enrichment that the North Koreans wanted.” (Source)

So Pakistan gave North Korea the nuclear secrets. Why? What did North Korea give Pakistan. Well, it was a barter deal.

North Korea gave Pakistan the Nodong missiles, and Pakistan gave North Korea the nuclear secrets.

cost of purchasing the first dozen Nodongs was estimated at a massive USD three billion, and with Pakistan short of cash the speculation at the time was that Islamabad and Pyongyang had agreed a barter deal to exchange uranium enrichment technologies for missiles. (Source)

Here is the funny thing - both, the nuclear technology and the missile technology that these basket economies bartered were not produced by them. They got them from China!

When India did the Nuclear blast in 1998, the Pakistanis did not detonate their nukes for 15 days. Their Army team was in China during that time.

The running joke over the emails used to be - pre-WhatsApp period - that the reason why it took so long for the Pakistanis to do the test was because “the manual was in Chinese!”.

Lebanon in a mess

A thought for the Lebanese people who in addition to facing the pandemic and the worst economic crisis in decades - had to face that deadly blast yesterday. It is said that at least 78 died and thousands injured! Beirut’s governor Marwan Abboud, has called it a “national catastrophe.”

Decades of chronic mismanagement and rampant corruption by the sectarian ruling class since the end of the civil war (which ran from 1975 to 1990), coupled with the central bank’s acrobatic feats of “financial engineering”, have plunged the country into darkness. Nearly half the population now find themselves officially below the poverty line, their salaries, savings and retirement funds reduced to a pittance, with the lira having lost more than 70% of its value against the dollar. Lebanon has the distinct honour of being the first country in the Middle East and North Africa region to experience hyperinflation. (Source)

The blast that happened in Beirut yesterday was massive. To understand its power, comparison with Halifax and Hiroshima blasts may give some insights.

According to the Lebanese authorities, the blast was caused by improper storage of 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, which is equivalent to 1,800 tonnes of TNT. The Halifax Explosion in 1917 involved 2,653 tonnes of various explosives while the Hiroshima bomb was equivalent to 13,000 tonnes of TNT. (Source)

It obviously wasn’t in the league of Hiroshima thankfully. But it was surely stronger than Halifax Explosion!

Pak government forces Hindus to convert!

As the COVID-19 pandemic creates issues and puts the poor under pressure while the entire economy teethers in poverty, the Pakistani government is pushing Hindus to convert to Islam for jobs. That Pakistani society still has rampant slavery / bonded-servitude.

According to the Global Slavery Index, more than three million Pakistanis live in debt servitude. Pakistan has been repeatedly slammed by the international community for not taking stringent measures to protect its minority communities, despite the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan vowing to protect them on numerous occasions. In the pretext of providing minority families with a well-off and dignified life, landlords trap them into such bondage by providing loans that they know cannot be repaid. Hindus and their families are often forced to work off the debt and women are sexually abused, as per rights groups. (Source)

Please remember these things when someone asks about why CAA was critical.

nota bene

Malls in India may have opened in several cities post-lockdown but multiplexes, food courts, restaurants and gaming zones continue to be shut, because of which revenues of India’s top 10 malls would fall by 50% this fiscal. (Source)

Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds gusting up to 107 kmph battered parts of Mumbai, Thane and Palghar areas in Maharashtra on Wednesday, disrupting public transport due to water-logging on rail tracks and roads. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that heavy rains will continue to lash Mumbai and neighbouring areas until Thursday morning (Source)

Elon Musk’s Neuralink currently develops a new feature on their brain chip that will enable humans to go forth and choose the mood by balancing off a person’s hormone levels. (Source)

This year, for the first time, corals raised by scientists in a lab and transplanted to the natural reefs are primed to join the spawn. That technique is helping slow-growing corals such as the mountainous star to grow up to 50 times faster than they would normally grow. (Source)

The drug tocilizumab, which is used in the treatment of various forms of arthritis, can greatly shorten the time on ventilation and hospital stays for patients with severe COVID-19, according to a Swedish study (Source)

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The world is beautiful because of its diversity and uniqueness. Even when the underlying primordial consciousness is one, the physical world is unique and different. The only culture in the world which has celebrated this diversity and not had the urge to bash every difference into submission to push for an equality is the Indian civilization. Support us celebrate it.

Even by his standards, the speech at the Bhoomi Pujan by the PM Narendra Modi was inspiring and amazing. Here is one aspect of his speech which many may have missed. The PM brought together so many varied aspects of Ramayana and how it has seeped in so many regions, languages and cultures in India and South east Asia.

S Gurumurthy


When Modi quoted from Kamba Ramayanam at Ayodhya today he was not reading from any slip. He was quoting from his memory. In Tamizh. Amazing preparation. Here in Tamil Nadu Tamizh political readers read from slips even their own speeches. Not quotes from Kambar or Valluvar

7:50 AM - 5 Aug 2020

So afraid were his opponents that in the states ruled by non-BJP parties there was a forced power blackout so people could not watch his speech.

Mahesh Vikram Hegde


Today during PM Modi's speech, lots of non-BJP ruled states didn't have 'power supply'

This simply means that you are living in Ravan Rajya!

Being a Ram Bhakt, it's your duty to defeat Ravan & welcome Ram Rajya!

Will you do this?

5:10 AM - 5 Aug 2020

It is a new day. But the challenges scorching and difficult. Purusharth be our companion.

PM Modi's speech after Bhoomi Pujan of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya

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