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The understanding of “God” in the Yogic lineage and in Hinduism (its derivative) has never been of a person or entity. It has always been of the infinite, immanent and eternal consciousness. This eternal consciousness has been understood (and experienced by the Sages and Rishis) as changeless yet dynamic, both the subject and the object which observes itself as it manifests in various ways as a matter of playfulness.

It does not need to, yet dynamism and creativity is its quality.

Pratyabhijna Sastra – which conceives Shiva as complete consciousness – calls the cosmic reality as prakasa-vimarsamaya. In this Prakasa is Shiva and Vimarsa is Shakti, the creative ability of Shiva.

Vimarsa is the consciousness of being within Shiva. Shiva without Shakti is inert. As Ksemaraja, disciple of Sage Abhinavagupta said in Parapravesika:

“Yadi nirvimarsah syat anisvaro jadasca prasajyeta” – (If Ultimate Reality were merely prakasa and not also vimarsa, it would be entirely powerless and inert.)

‘If the Highest Reality did not manifest in infinite variety, but remained cooped up within its solid, singleness, it would neither be the Highest Power nor Consciousness, but something like a jar’. (Abhinavagupta in his ‘Tantraloka’. Chapter 3, verse 100)

From there followed the understanding of the origin of the existence as we know it.

In the ultimate and cosmic consciousness, the dynamism or “being-ness” is inherent and critical. Even when it is not in motion or have any need for activity, it is still not without expression.

The expression of the Ultimate Consciousness is this existence. As material and gross as it may seem, at the subtle level there is nothing.

That is the reality of this existence.

Which was explicitly NOT called Kriti. Rather it was called Srishti, a derivative of Srijan.

“The truth.“ Dumbledore sighed. "It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

A Kashmiri man

A Kashmiri man

BREAKING: Kozhikode crash

An Air India Express plane with 190 on board from Dubai overshot Karipur’s table top runway and dropped about 35 feet into a gorge on Friday evening. Officials said 20 people, including the pilot Wing Commander Captain Deepak Vasant Sathe and the co-pilot have died in the accident and over 140 more are injured, some of them seriously.

Wing Commander DV Sathe

Wing Commander DV Sathe

Air India plane overshoots Karipur’s table top runway, drops into gorge; 20 dead - india news - Hindustan Times

The Air India Express flight was about to land when the accident happened. After overshooting the runway, the aircraft broke into several pieces.

post article-370: what projects completed and started in last one year

Yana Mir is a Kashmiri Muslim, who has been sharing her messages for a long time now. She had specifically been vocal around the time when Article 370 was abrogated and a major global misinformation campaign was unleashed against India.

Here, Yana discusses the details of what was completed in the last one year.

What positive things happened after Article 370 was removed in Jammu and Kashmir

Here are some more specific projects and public works that have either been completed or started for the betterment of the Kashmiri people.

  • In the last one year, pension benefits were extended to 7,42,781 beneficiaries besides giving minority pre-matric scholarship to 4,76,670 beneficiaries.
  • 50 new degree colleges were added - the largest in 70 years, besides sanctioning or operationalizing of seven medical colleges
  • A unique market intervention scheme under which remunerative prices were paid through DBT and transportation was by the central procuring agency to help and stabilize the apple market
  • The government has identified 6,000 acres of government land for industry and land has been transferred for setting up 37 industrial estates
  • Nearly Rs 6,000 crore multi-purpose project approved in Feb 2020 to provide uninterrupted water for irrigation to farmers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua district and to produce power
  • In January 2020, the Modi government granted a package of Rs 80,000 crore for development works in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory. It will include the revival of the schemes pending for decades. The package would help establish the educational institutions like IIT, IIM, and AIIMS
  • The government will complete 180 developmental projects this fiscal in the public works sector. The projects include 380 roads at a cost of Rs 867.26 crore; 198 bridges with a balance cost of Rs 413.38 crore; and 15 buildings worth Rs 32.6 crore.
  • JKIDFC had taken up 2,274 languishing projects with an investment of Rs. 9111.25 crore. Out of those, as of Feb 2020, 300 projects stand completed.

(Sources: NewIdianExpress / ZeeNews / HindustanTimes / Kashmir Observer)

get informed on factual Kashmiri history - resources

It is very important to distinguish between falsehoods peddled on Kashmir and facts. Those readers who want to have facts on Kashmir may want to bookmark this newsletter edition for future reference.

Not many Indians know about Kashmir’s history or how the civilizational war has been fought to Islamize the region and the people.

That is why it extremely remarkable to read this amazingly detailed and well written answer on Quora about the real history of Kashmir by a non-Indian - Carla Stewart!

Please do read it and save it in your Quora account.

It is important that when we discuss Kashmir, we do so in the correct context. Also, if anyone is trying to peddle lies, information share in this section will help in setting the context right. Never stop at correcting the facts peddled by people who are deliberately promoting falsehoods or those who are ignorant. This is a battle of Truth vs Untruth.

Carla Stewart's answer to What is the story behind Pakistan Administered Kashmir? What is the real story behind Kashmir? Who does it belong to; India or Pakistan? Is India right in claiming Kashmir to be its part? What is the Line of Control between these two countries? - Quora

Also, please go through these two very detailed posts on Kashmir. I have worked hard to put the historical facts in place. You will find the facts in these posts and the answer by Carla Stewart on Quora match completely.

Definitive Story of Kashmir: Part I - Drishtikone

The situation in Kashmir is strongly contested, historically misrepresented and ideologically argued. Many lives have been lost. Here is the detailed story of the place.

Definitive Story of Kashmir: Part II - Drishtikone

Story of Kashmir has many twists and turns. But it is important to know for every Indian. Please read this to know the truth.

Hamid Bashani - Kashmiri encyclopedia

If you have to get facts, please search for and listen to Hamid Bashani on YouTube. Hamid Bashani is a Barrister in Toronto, Canada and a Kashmiri from the Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir. In his discussions, he often cites articles and books written in Urdu and/or Kashmiri published in Pakistan and Kashmir throughout the last 70 years. Including those which were published closer to 1948. Something that Indians do not have access to anymore and Pakistanis would either not share or talk honestly about.

But he does.

Here is one such episode which was taken down (probably due to pressure from Pakistani sympathizers, but uploaded by someone who had saved this show thankfully!) and had Bashani discuss the Kashmiri history in detail. Worth listening and keeping a download with you for later reference!

Hamid Bashani on Kashmir Dispute - India Pakistan Peace Process - Urdu Talk Show

Also, all those from Pakistan who insist that 1948 attack was done by tribals, should read two books:

  1. 1947-48 Kashmir War: The war of lost opportunities: by Maj (Retd) Agha Humayun Amin - Read on
  2. “Raiders in Kashmir”: the book written by the guy who actually led the whole attack - Major General Akbar Khan.

Here is a tweet from Tarek Fatah about it.

Tarek Fatah


'Raiders in Kashmir'
If u wish to understand the evil behind #Pakistan's self-righteous wailing about #Kashmir, u should read this 1970 book about how Pakistan invaded the State of Jammu & Kashmir in 1947. It's written by man who led the 'raiders', Maj. Gen. Akbar Khan.

11:03 AM - 9 Sep 2019

lust - why men buy sunglasses and women become altruistic

How does lust impact us? Does lust men and women differently? We looked at this subject, rarely discussed in a serious manner. From how we choose our sunglasses, to our levels of creativity and also our sense of altruism - everything is impacted by the feelings of lust. One interesting difference between men and women as per a study is astonishing:

  • When men are introduced to desire and lust – they become more aggressive, want to stand out in the crowd and their level of creative expression rises manifold!
  • When women are introduced to desire and lust – they become more altruistic, committed, caring, and loving to everyone else around them.

Read the post and watch the documentary - “The Science of Lust” - for a very interesting take on how our intimacy impacts our behaviors!

The Science of Lust: How men buy glasses and women become helpful!

The Science of Lust: How men buy glasses and women become helpful!

Science of Lust studies give us interesting insights into how men and women behave. Let us explore what makes us tick.

Next time you see a man becoming very creative and aggressive. Or a woman too caring and altruistic, you know what is at play. :)

Van Gogh's final painting

There has been a mystery with a lot of art lovers. What happened the day Van Gogh died?

One hundred and thirty years ago, Vincent van Gogh awoke in his room at an inn in Auvers-Sur-Oise, France, and went out, as he usually did, with a canvas to paint. That night, he returned to the inn with a fatal gunshot wound. He died two days later, on July 29, 1890.

That evening he went to paint his final painting, “Tree Roots.”

Wouter van der Veen, the scientific director of the Van Gogh Institute, says he has discovered the location where the artist worked on “Tree Roots”. He did find the location by accident. During the lockdown, he was looking at a postcard when it struck him that it was eerily similar to the Gogh painting!

The place is on Rue Daubigny, a main road through Auvers-sur-Oise, which is about 20 miles north of Paris. (Source for the story)

organ harvesting in China

Finally, following up on our story about the organ harvesting by China. Here is an admission by a Chinese doctor on how livers of those who practice Qigong are the best.

Jennifer Zeng 曾錚


Caught on camera! Dr. Zhang Chaoyang of #CCP's military hospital, PLA Rocket General Hospital, admits they can find "best of the best" livers from people who practice qigong.
Independent investigations have found that CCP has been killing #prisoners of conscience for #organs.

5:43 PM - 7 Aug 2020

nota bene

Compensate the Victims: The Supreme Court on Friday said that it cannot think of granting any relief to the two Italian marines, who are accused of killing Indian fishermen in 2012 off the coast of Kerala, until the victims` families are paid proper compensation. (Source)

OCI can visit India: Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card holders from the US, UK, German and France, with whom India has signed ‘air bubble’ arrangements, will be allowed to visit the country, the Home Ministry announced on Friday. (Source)

‘We won’t blink!’: The Indian Army will continue to sit it out along the 1,597 km Line of Actual Control in East Ladakh till China restores status quo ante, people familiar with the development told Hindustan Times after China’s People’s Liberation Army made an unsuccessful attempt to negotiate a new normal at the border. “The PLA has made it out to be a staring match and wants India to blink. We are also prepared to wait it out and take other steps to make Beijing realise the adverse impact the boundary dispute has on the bilateral relationship,” govt official said.(Source)

NZ Glaciers losing Ice: Glaciers in New Zealand’s Southern Alps where Lord of the Rings was filmed have 62% of their ice in the last 400 years, a study warned. The study analysed volume changes in the Southern Alps for three time periods: 1600 to 1978, 1978 to 2009 and 2009 to 2019. (Source)

Highest FD rates in India: While a majority of public and private banks are currently offering FD interest rates in the range of 3-6% p.a., there are a few banks that are offering higher rates up to 8.25%. Check these banks. (Source)

Support Drishtikone - Drishtikone

The world is beautiful because of its diversity and uniqueness. Even when the underlying primordial consciousness is one, the physical world is unique and different. The only culture in the world which has celebrated this diversity and not had the urge to bash every difference into submission to push for an equality is the Indian civilization. Support us celebrate it.

Parsis - small and formidable community

In India, the whole minority discussion has been so hijacked by just one community, which isn’t even a minority anymore, that other real minorities in the country are ignored. Parsis were the original Persians. In fact, the language was Parsi, but since the Arabs could not pronounce “P”, it became Farsi. What was left in Persia were those who were converted by the Arab invaders. Those who came to India survived and thrived and more importantly built the nation that India is today.

This film - Qissa-e-Parsi - explores the history of the Parsi community, its relationship to the Indian state and association with the city of Mumbai. It strives to understand the Zoroastrian faith, and the philosophy to live, laugh and love, which is the backbone of the Parsi way of life, and what makes it so endearingly unique and beloved. As the community is plagued with anxieties over its dwindling numbers, it looks at current debates on issues of inter-faith marriage. On the whole, it is an attempt to understand a community which has always been numerically small, yet, culturally and socially formidable.

Qissa e Parsi : The Parsi Story

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