Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #91: Happy Janmashtami!

Insightful newsletter of Drishtikone - Issue #91: Happy Janmashtami!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Janmashtami!

Just as the sublime and amazing perfume of a fragrant rose enters your being and you cannot help but fall in love with it intimately, Krishna’s presence was probably like that. In all my understanding of this amazing being, I have always struggled with articulating Krishna’s way of being a lover. The rose’s fragrance is not personally yours, yet it is as intimate as any experience would ever be.

It blossoms ever so majestically and beautifully with anyone who can get to it.

Krishna was that fragrance of the highest consciousness. He was there intimately for those who intertwined their own love with his being. So many men, but more importantly women dissolved themselves into his consciousness without any intellectual or spiritual drama. Simply gave in to his loving being.

He left Vrindavan at the age of 11 years. Left the Gopis, Radha, his flute, and his childhood pranks. From there onwards started his spiritual journey with Sage Sandipani and his political life. After that, he never came back to Vrindavan or his flute.

People remember Krishna for Bhagwad Gita the most. A process where he transformed Arjun in a spiritual way. Sanjaya heard it and narrated to Dhritarashtra, but that did not transform them. For, such processes are not of words. They are ‘transmissions’. That is what happened between Krishna and Arjun.

Even when Krishna had left the body, millions of women dissolved into him by taking him as their son or someone they loved above all. In times when they couldn’t leave their homes, they found the path of Krishna.

They were able to dissolve in him fully despite the family work, pressure and other challenges.

No instruction was needed. Just the mother’s love directed to Krishna was enough. So many households have seen “Thakurji” or “Bal-gopal” keep so many women in a trance for hours.

That was his power!

He was a Guru without instruction. Just the revving up of the feminine consciousness was enough. The path of Krishna was always there.

No other being has done what Krishna was able to - in his life in the body and specifically beyond that.

Let’s touch that femininity in us that can help us access the greatest consciousness to walk on this planet.

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