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Posted on Apr 9, 2009

Special thanks to Rajesh H. for sending me the clip that enabled me to delve more into this

When temples were constructed a certain ceremony was followed.  Yantras with Mantras and adequate, appropriate as well as concentrated meditation and recitation of shlokas was a very important part of the entire process.

Central to the idea of temples has been the belief that a certain type of power can be generated and stored in that area within the building to help the devotees with a certain type of desire or need.  In some cases, the temple acts as an extension of a spiritual Master such that His/Her “intentions” and/or mission is followed through after the Master has passed off.

To most in science this has remained mere hog wash.  Even to many Spiritual Masters, the need to go to a “place” (temple or pilgrimage) has been a useless exercise.  The devoted however, had argued that a pilgrimage was no different from going to the Master Himself.  For example, to a devotee, going to say Dwarka was equal to going in the presence of Krishna himself.  To which the argument came back – if Krishna is not there, can His “power” or presence be even preserved?

So, the challenge thrown at the temples – built on the argument of preserving spiritual powers – has been:

  • Going to any Building or place doesn’t get you anywhere – the most famous argument being one from Sri Guru Nanak where He asked a person to move his leg where God was not there (although it was in relation to his pointing his feet in the direction of Mecca).
  • Even if powers of a Spiritual Master or generic Spiritual Powers could be captured initially , they cannot be “stored” – so any argument of a spiritual pilgrimage or usefulness of a temple was ridiculous to begin with.

Despite my indulgence in spiritual journey which took me on the atheistic realms (which has had its own usefulness), I do admit that there is something to normal religious practices that I have not fathomed, which though may look useless on the surface… but should not be put down without adequate enquiry.

Miracles, I believe, are a lazy and ignorant person’s estimation of reality.  So, dismissing paranormal (which the scientists do) is as much of a stupid reaction as to conjure up images of some devil or divine being (as the religious do) to explain all that.

“Subtle energy” is also referred to as chi, prana, Holy Spirit, manna, ether, or-gone, bio-magnetism and zero-point, among many other names in our current vocabulary. Regardless of the label, it appears to contribute to many phenomena not currently explained by conventional science.

Now, an entire science has emerged into what is being called Subtle Energy.  The Subtle Energy interactions manifest in different ways.  Some of those are:

Interaction Type Popular Term
Mind to Mind Telepathy
Mind to Mind (at Distance) Clairvoyance/ESP
Mind to Matter (no movement) Psycho Energetics
Mind to Matter (with Movement) Psycho-tronics
Mind to Matter (Influence from Object) Psycho-metry
Mind to Processes (Mental Influence) > Psycho Kinetics
Mind to Body (Healing and influences) Energy medicine (Pranic Healing, Qi Gong, Reiki)

(Derived from the presentation in the video)

Psychoenergetic science

One of the foremost authorities in this area is William Tiller.  Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, of Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science, has done extensive and intensive research into this subject of energies and matter and its extension to consciousness – which is pointing to a turn in scientific thinking that may be nothing short of revolutionary!

Psychoenergetic Science involves the expansion of traditional science to include human consciousness and human intention as capable of significantly affecting both the properties of materials (non-living and living) and what we call “physical reality.” For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that such a thing is impossible. However, our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today’s world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct. We have discovered that it is possible to make a significant change in the properties of a material substance by consciously holding a clear intention to do so.

The new scientific thinking is extending the hitherto expressed Mass/matter to Energy relation to include Consciousness.  The 21st century science WILL – sooner or later – admit the entry of Consciousness into the realm of Modern Science or it will remain incomplete and charlatan.

What did Tiller Experiments Show?

Under various, well documented, diverse experiments across different laboratories in Europe and North America, where these were replicated, it was proved that:

  • Physical properties (pH, temperature etc) were affected by “Intention” of meditators who were experts at Siddi Yoga.  The results were related to the type of “Intention” meditated upon.
  • “Intentions” could be captured with the help of the “Intention Imprinted Electrical Device” (IIED) and preserved using a Faraday Cage.
  • The Intention-powered IIED could be transported and used in another laboratory and the results replicated in another environment EXACTLY.  This was repeated across various labs in NA and Europe.
  • Conditioning – Intention-powered energies – in an environment (laboratory where IIED were charged) could remain in the environment well after the IIED was removed.  Any effects physical phenomenon was eliminated by random experiments.
  • Conditioning of the lab lasts uptil 1 year and upto a distance of 50-60 feet “diameter” of the actual area of Intention-charging.

This is probably the first time that “Intention” has been measured and its effects documented!  That is why it is so significant!

We are Energy and Spirit

William Tiller explains on his web site about what he thinks, based on his understanding as to what “We” (as in Humans) are really?  Specially given the relationship between Matter, Energy and Consciousness.  The image below explains the different levels of existence [A visualization of dual four-space frames (physical and conjugate physical (etheric)) imbedded in a nine-space (emotion frame) imbedded in a ten-space (mind frame) and this embedded in an eleven-space (spirit frame).]

My working hypothesis is that we are primarily elements of spirit, indestructible and eternal and “multiplexed” in the Divine. As such, we have a mechanism of perception which is a ten-dimensional mind domain. In turn, this mind mechanism creates a vehicle for our experience – our cosmos, our local universe, our solar system, our planet, our physical bodies, etc. This is all a “simulator” for our experience which we view from the spiritual level of self which is outside the simulator (*1). Thus, we are spirits having a physical existence. As such, the simulator is analogous to a huge 10-D interactive television set wherein signals enter the set from the next higher dimension to set the grand panorama in motion and we, the dancing figures on the screen, interact with the flow of the drama and thus modify the input signals to the set via our thoughts, attitudes and actions and these, in turn, alter the details of the play. Our concerns about physics deal with the various laws governing the interactions of the objects in the set with each other and with the basic machinery of the set. Our concerns about personal health and about medicine relate to the maintenance of the simulator at various levels of substance. Our concerns about human spirituality relate to the “why” of the simulator. The Simulator is a teaching machine of absolutely wonderful capabilities – created by God’s love for us so that we might experience and grow and be!

Needless to say that this way of looking at a human being is very similar to the Aura-based body models of spiritual schools.

Reference Links:

1. Tiller Foundation

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