Introduction to the APPLIKOM project


This very useful program was born after many hours spent joyfully searching for reliable methods to help humanity using our immediate environment; home, workplace, public parks, streets, blocks, neighborhood, city, state, country, cultural background etc. Slowly, step by step, developing a special language composed of symbols, having in mind the necessity of improving our planet’s human resources at all levels using all my skills, attributes and spiritual gifts that arrive at the present conclusion of fulfilling this great need.  It soon crystallized in my imagination. It was when I could count with this plan, which had many frameworks help me in creating in my mind many educational products to make easy this important endeavor.

This project has several approaches on which many people can be greatly benefited. The first thing it does is to convince people that no matter what, society is eagerly waiting for our contributions. At that time, nineteen eighty two it took a lot of money to start working with. I even had to change my very promising profession; I was a headwaiter in a five star hotel very young. Local people wanted to help me, but in any restaurant business I wished to start, but not in a new supplementary educational program.

The good news is that this project is still needed. Nowadays with internet facilities and great advantages just a little is needed.

The applikom program consists in just forty eight lessons, one on a weekly basis, twenty four supplementary readings and four exams, and each after each level. There are four levels in all. It requires just fifteen minutes a day at least spent in focused observations and the use more often of our intentional thinking. This kind of thinking puts all our mental processes to work harmoniously. According to recent data regarding this topic, I think that Japan and South Korea are applying in their R&D departments all these mentioned mental processes. This project can become a program in two languages at the same time; Spanish and English the lessons can be sent via internet a cooperative feed is needed, thirty dollars per month. To be able to succeed I do need this income to continue developing more products. I also need to have a copy righted name. I’m opened to any suggestions.
Ezequiel Rodríguez Saldívar (AZOKATA-NOUS)

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