Iran snubs Pakistan as it forcibly removes anti-India banners from Pakistan consulate in Mashhad

Iran snubs Pakistan as it forcibly removes anti-India banners from Pakistan consulate in Mashhad

In yet another humiliation, Pakistani establishment shenanigans have been beaten back on foreign soil. In a rather in-your-face move, Pakistani consulate in Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad, had put up anti-India banners on its walls outside.

Pakistani consulate in Iranian city of Mashhad put anti-India banners outside its walls which the Iranian authorities took out in middle of the night #IransnubsPakistan @pid_gov @iran Click To Tweet

These anti-India banners came up on the so-called “Kashmir Solidarity day”.  The Iranian authorities went there in the dead of night and forcibly removed the banners.  Also, Tehran called these gimmicks as “undiplomatic tactics”.

Pakistan, amazingly, still wanted to protest this via a note verbale.  Iran termed that as “unfortunate”, and asked a counter – how will foreign office in Islamabad react if Iranian mission in Islamabad puts up banners against Saudi Arabia?  Will Pakistan allow this?

Interestingly, Iran also stated that its position on Kashmir has not changed.  And “while Pakistan is a brotherly country, India is not an enemy either”.

Now that is quite a hit back against the shenanigans of Pakistani establishment.

Such childish pranks and juvenile ways may work in local politics for Pakistani establishment, but on a more serious international stage, such things are treated with disdain.  And, if General Matttis’ statements are any indicator, the view on Pakistan internationally is of a joker.

A terribly dangerous and self-hating joker.  Who does not know how to conduct its affairs in the international arena.

And, Pakistani establishment never disappoints in this area.

With this development, one thing is assured, that Iran will further harden its stance against Pakistan in many ways, even though it does not show outside.

After all, who wants their country to be treated like a petri-dish by some bullying joker who has no other agenda other than terror and mayhem.  Something that Pakistan will never understand!

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