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Last updated on May 22, 2009

Posted on May 22, 2009

As I said earlier that I had started the “Inner Engineering” course after arguing with myself for 4 years on this action.  I think now I was ready.  As I am doing the course, I am realizing that for all the “unconventional streak” to Sadguru Jaggi’s demeanour and behavior he follows the traditions of the Rishis of the Vedic times pretty seriously.  I am just getting a glimpse at this moment of his spirit and soul.. but that is what it reveals to me.

From what I have heard of him – I have a friend who was his neighbor when Sadguru was growing up in Tamil Nadu and who told me how he was so passionate about spirituality – it seems very clearly that he may have learnt/earned a lot of what he “gives” out on his own.  Surely, he may have his Guru, but a lot has been learnt in this one life (when he was ready).

That gave me a strange thought this morning.  The Vedanta/Vedic way of life and the articulation of “Truth” can never die.  Even if all the books are burnt, all the temples broken.. and all the enlightened people killed… Truth-knowing souls will still emerge.  They will seek and get to the path of salvation.  The Vedanta will be articulated again.  It, therefore, cannot die.  No wonder, the Rishis would call it Sanatan Dharma.  A way of life that can never end or die.

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