In "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" it is now ISLAMIC vs REPUBLIC

Last updated on Mar 27, 2009

Posted on Mar 27, 2009


The Imam in the mosque in Jamrud, Pakistan began the Friday prayers today and as he recited “Allah-u-Akbar” (God is Great), an explosion went off killing – offficial count – 50 people (unofficial count is upwards of 70).  It came hours before Barack Obama was going to announce his new offensive in Afghanistan and Pakistan to crush Al Qaeda.

The mosque was frequented by personnel from Frontier Corps and Khasadar force and other people in the area.  These forces are the ones which are taking care of the NATO supplies.  A month back one militant had died in a shootout between these forces and the militants.  This, some say, was the revenge.

These militants have looted the NATO supplies, hindered its movement and now are targeting those who are getting them there.  What does all this mean?

I am sure there are enough “analysts” in Pakistan putting these attacks in the lap of some outside enemy – Mossad, CIA or RAW.  But the truth is that there is an internal war going on – between two types of people:  Those who love “Islam” vs Those who love “Pakistan”.

Those who are “for Islam” at the exclusion of every other relationship now include a substantial number of Pakistanis themselves who are now aligned with Al Qaeda and Taliban.  They are now fighting those who think Pakistan, as it has existed, needs to be saved – as a viable, modern state.  Islamists, however, think that Pakistan’s only existence worth fighting for is as an Islamic vanguard.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan‘s future is dependent on which part of it will win this fight?  Islamic or Republic?

It is as stark as that.

It is critical to understand the dichotomy of Pakistan and see why one behaves the way that group does.  Until now, the “Republic” group found the band-wagon of “Islam” to be a great way to enhance and promote the strategic interests of Pakistan.  So, Islam was a great platform to rally everyone.  Economy, progress, education, etc.. did not bring in as much passion.  India, US, Israel were perfect targets.  The hatred against the Hindus, Christians and Jews dovetailed in to the overall Islamic scriptural message that was first used by the founders … and sharpened over the years by the rulers.

It was a hypocritical fight to begin with and the use of this theological hatred, a ruse at best.  For example, while Jinnah created Pakistan on the back of “Two Nation Theory”, and when he delivered his first address to the independent Pakistanis, he magnanimously called for a “Secular State” that “respected all religions”.  Rarely, if ever, has anyone displayed such a stark and unashamedly hypocritical stance in public and got away with it.  He has used the passion of a religious hatred to fulfill his ambition.  The sins of his ambition and the monster he created is now ready to consume his dearest goal – Pakistan.

Today, the baton of Islamic fight has gone into the hands of those who believe that Pakistan is a means of Islamic ascendancy… not an independent country worthy of living in a modern world.  The tail that was passionate, raw, violent Islamic terror mind, is now looking at BEING the Dog.

The very obfuscation in communications and use of passionate symbols and enemies that the founders used – all the way from Jinnah to Zia to Musharraf, are now being used by the Islamists to stave off those who may fight them to save their country.  Now, people like Zaid Hamid and others use the media to create fantastic stories and spin webs of hyperbole that are really BUYING TIME for the Islamists as they get ready to fight the “Republic” of Pakistan.  The confusion amongst the citizens is palpable and obvious.   The message that was, hitherto, the tool in the hands of the “Republic” group….. is now being used by “Islamic” group to defeat the former!

I have said before as well, that it is this confusion that will be used to completely take over Pakistan by the Islamists.  Talibanization of Pakistan is now a certainty.

PS: Fareed Zakaria keeps on arguing that Taliban is different from Al Qaeda.  Why?  Because Taliban “does not target us, while Al Qaeda does”.  One, he doesn’t quite understand their goals, and second, he has a short memory.  Al Qaeda was a guest of Taliban while it planned the 9-11.  Throughout 1990s the symbiotic relationship of the two is very well known.  Their relationship was very similar to the Home Ministry and Defense Ministry of a country.  Home Ministry makes sure no one enters in the “Home” to target any military installations.  And Defense Ministry prepares for the offensive.

To say that Al Qaeda is the enemy, while Taliban is bad but Ok; is like saying that only enemy in a country is the Defense Ministry, while lets go have coffee with the Home Ministry officials, because “they don’t kill”.  Yeah Right!

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