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Jay Leno’s Mitt Romney Joke on Sikhs Golden Temple “not cool”!

Golden Temple

American Entertainers are funny but many are pretty darn stupid.  In this video, on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, Jay Leno – in an attempt to look funny and deride Mitt Romney and his wealth, shows the sacred religious place for Sikhs (and even Hindus) – The Golden Temple – as the home of “rich Mitt Romney”.

Sikhs are not very happy with using their religious place as a plug for mockery in the US Presidential race.  And one can understand why.  This is not the only time people aren’t sensitive to their culture and way of life.  Many Sikhs have been killed because of their beards and turbans – mistaken to be resembling an Islamic terrorist.

It is known that in the US Presidential race almost everything is considered “Fair Game”.  But such acts should stop where someone’s reverence starts.