Kerala Resident Charged with “Sedition” for clicking on Like for “I Love Pakistan” FB page

If things keep going the way they are going – given the lunacy of the Government and the private citizens – very soon it will be impossible for the common man to even go onto the internet or for someone to start an online venture.  Now comes a Sedition charge on a person, who was living in Kochi and had “liked” a Facebook page titled “I Love Pakistan”.  it apparently showed a dog wrapped up in the Indian tricolor.  It is awfully sad that an Indian citizen would do such a thin, but there are all sorts of people.  And given how most people click on FB page likes – sometimes FB does it for them! – it isn’t such a big thing.

Clicking on the ‘like’ button on Facebook has landed K H Muhammed Ali, a native of Eloor and Dubai municipality employee, in deep trouble. He has been charged with sedition and insulting national honour.
The only crime that Ali remembers doing is clicking ‘like’ on the Facebook profiles of friends, including a few Pakistanis, he earned in Dubai.   Now, the Kochi police have booked him for sedition, sending offensive message (66A of Information Technology Act, 2000), and for insulting the national flag (section 2 of Prevention of Insults to National Honor Act, 1971).   In the FIR filed in September 2012, it is alleged that Ali clicked ‘like’ on a Facebook page titled ‘I Love Pakistan’ and that a picture showing a dog clothed in the national flag was seen in his Facebook profile page. (link)

But it can be a serious thing in many cases.

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