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Loan Waiver Scheme for Christian Converts: State-Sponsored Conversions by Kerala State Govt.

If one wanted to see state sponsored Conversion to Christianity in India, one would find a glowing example in Kerala.  State Government has started a special “Loan Waiver” scheme for Christian Converts from SC/ST.  This will cost the exchequer Rs 150 crores.

Loans upto Rs 25000 will be written off fully.

The State has been witnessing an unprecedented scale of relief measures under the present Government, said Minister of Welfare of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes A.K. Balan.
In his address at the inauguration of the loan waiver scheme, undertaken by the Kerala State Development Corporation for Christian Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities Ltd. here on Thursday, Mr. Balan said the current loan waiver scheme would write off Rs.159 crore and this would benefit nearly one lakh people, mostly belonging to the poorest sections of the society, he said.

It is so blatant an effort from the Government that they have a hard time even hiding it..

“This government has been, wholeheartedly, supportive of those who have been deprived of their basic needs and the State has led the way in terms of relief measures for the poorer sections of the society,” added Mr. Balan.

So, are only the Christian Converts from SC/ST in need of specific support?  Why not ALL the SC/STs?  Why only those who convert??  It was even intriguing that such a report was even carried by The Hindu – a very left leaning paper in South.

This reservation issue has been a deadly thing for the future of India.  Economic relief and Social upliftment are two different things, although both seem to go hand in hand.  These should have been dealth with by two different instruments.  Economic support was required for ALL economically weaker sections irrespective of their caste, religion or creed.  Social upliftment was a necessity for the lower castes.  For that along with the special care, it was imperative to have a social reform movement of the type that Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Dayananda Saraswati started.  Those efforts should have been deepened.

These conversions and religious warfare on top of all the schemes to mess up the nation by thoughtless reservations, that have only helped the rich of the lower castes, will only hasten conversion to Christianity and open up more situations for riot and fights.

These will NOT help those from the lower castes!  Even the converts to Islam from the lower castes have remained LOWER castes even now.  It is a social ill.. and not specifically linked to any religion.  Yes, it was perpetuated in the Hindu society, but it needs social reform, and not tribal style religious warfare!

Update: I didn’t realize that there is an actual State Government body which promotes and encourages conversions by giving freebies to the new converts.  It is as if Vatican’s agenda is being undertaken by the Indian state.  The body is Kerala State Development Corporation for Christian Converts from Scheduled Castes and the Recommended Communities Ltd

As can be easily seen, this body is in complete violation of the Constitution.  The main mission of this body is:

To promote the social, educational, cultural and economic uplift and other living conditions of the converted Christians from scheduled Castes and the recommended communities as defined in Caluse 2 (h) and (i) of the Articles of Association.

Main documents of the Organization
“Citizen’s Charter”
Memorandum and Articles of Association

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Loan Waiver Scheme for Christian converts