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Mao's proposal to Kissinger on Chinese Women

Talking of China today, it is difficult to keep that butcher and barbarian, Mao Tse Tung out of the conversation.  An earlier post on Drishtikone had reviewed the book “Mao: The untold story” – which after years of painstaking research suggests that Mao was responsible for massacre of over 70 million people during his rule.

More than the sheer scale of his madness, it is the non-chalance with which he goes about his work and how he disregards even the most basic of humanity that astounds you.  For him, human beings – his own country men and women – were no more than pawns and pieces of flesh.  They could be decimated, starved, eliminated and if nothing else worked – then simply sold off!  Here is a completely sickening take of Mao on the women of his own country.

In the meeting with Henry Kissinger in 1973, he proposes to ship 10 million Chinese women to US.

“Do you want our Chinese women? We can give you ten million,” he said. Kissinger noted that Mao was “improving his offer.” Mao continued, “By doing so we can let them flood your country with disaster and therefore impair your interests. In our country we have too many women, and they have a way of doing things. They give birth to children and our children are too many.”
A shrewd diplomat, Kissinger seemed to turn the tables on Mao, replying, “It is such a novel proposition, we will have to study it.”

Touche.  Thankfully the willy Kissinger knew how to deal with the situation.  This is the respect this guy shows to his own country women in front of a foreign delegate.