Map of the shootings in the US since 2005: an Epidemic?

Last updated on Dec 15, 2012

Posted on Dec 15, 2012

Daily Beast has an interactive map of all the shootings they could lay their hands on from the news reports.  This is what the website says:

Through media reports, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, a nonprofit lobbying group, has compiled a list of 431 shootings with more than one victim since 2005. On average, according to the organization, a multiple-victim shooting happens every 5.9 days in the United States. The deadliest city in this period, according to the data, is Chicago, with 17 shootings since 2005—totaling 72 people wounded and 30 deaths. Thirteen of those shootings were in a public place. New Orleans, Kansas City, and Philadelphia were tied for second bloodiest, with nine shootings in this seven-year period.

You can hover the cursor over the dots on the website and get the details of every shooting.  It is very interesting and helps one look at the whole shooting epidemic in the nation.  Check out the Interactive Map here.

The map goes all over the country and shows clearly that it is an epidemic and needs very serious work to get a handle on this issue.

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