Microsoft and Amazon going to launch smartphones in summer of 2013

With Google already having Motorola in its pocket and soon to unleash its repertoire of phones soon, now, both Microsoft and Amazon is now getting into the act as well.  They are soon – Summer of 2013 – going to come out with their smartphones, which will initially be introduced only in the US.

DigiTimes claims that Foxconn, the company that has become infamous for building Apple’s iPhone and its subsequent quality control issues, has won the contract to produce smartphone handsets for Amazon which, a supply-chain source claims, will roll out on to the market in Summer of 2013

Interestingly, BOTH Microsoft and Amazon are using the same sub-contractor to manufacture their smartphones!

Taiwanese tech news site DigiTimes reports that contract manufacturer Foxconn has received orders to manufacture a limited number of smartphones for Microsoft and Amazon that would go on sale sometime in mid-2013. ………..The news site also added, citing unnamed sources, that “Microsoft and Amazon’s own-brand handsets will only have a limited shipment volume initially and may become a new business model for the manufacturers in the future.”

2013 will be an interesting year for smartphones!

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