MJ Memorial thoughts: Curriculum to handle Fame is needed

Last updated on Jul 7, 2009

Posted on Jul 7, 2009

Today was Michael Jackson’s “Memorial Service” where many celebrities came and shared their thoughts.  The small sharing by his daughter was specifically heart breaking.

What this death and others like his before him have taught is how frail life is, specially of celebrities.  A person who had world at his feet couldn’t sleep.  So much that he became a slave of high powered anesthesia.  Power, fame, money, celeb status couldn’t help.  All those are great, but at what price?

There will be many sharks lying in wait to usurp the wealth that he has left behind, if any, for his kids.  Like they stole it during his life when they charged him with one law suit after another.  It is sad that genius and popularity comes with a price.

IN recent years, the ONLY genius that I have seen handle his popularity, wealth AND talent has been Sachin Tendulkar.  When you see him and his poise, you come to realize what a “God” he is.  What he does on the field in simply incredible but what he does OFF the field is just God-like!  So, its not his on-field stuff that makes him “God”, but off it!  He could have easily gone the direction of MJ or his friend, Vinod Kambli.  But he didn’t.

Just as there is counseling for celebs on how to invest, maybe there should be a counseling program to handle FAME.  Its probably going to be a lot of spiritual stuff as part of the curriculum but there should be a lot of hard core practicality in it also.  Something to help the genius PRESERVE and HANDLE itself.

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