Mr. Sahay sells joy to find his

Last updated on Oct 23, 2012

Posted on Oct 23, 2012

Mr. Sahay

Most of the times the stories on mass media are passed on.  Not sure why.  But this is one story that is very heart warming although it is about how someone in his old age is trying to work through his life with dignity!

This is the picture of Mr. Sahay.  One person on the Facebook shared the picture that he took of this gentleman in the Inner Circle F-block of Connaught Place in Delhi.  As you can see he is well dressed, well ironed white, full sleeved shirt, tucked neatly into his trousers and with a nice leather belt on it.  His hands are covered with puppet toys which make a shrieking sound.  And he seems to be playing with them to the entertainment of the people passing-by, those who would even notice.

He is 75 years old and comes from Rohtak in a train with his bag to sell his toys.  He is a retired Bank Manager.  He had a son who was a Chartered Accountant.  His son moved to Bahrain for work and was killed there in an accident.  Now, Mr. Sahay has his wife and his daughter-in-law and her children to fend for.

Life is not an easy deal.  It is tough.  Specially for this old man.  But he has found his refuge and redemption in puppets, which shriek in his hands and do as his hands move.  Quite like his own life in the larger scheme of things.  Somewhere he might realize that after all he – and us – are just puppets in the larger sea of life.

Saluting his indomitable spirit!

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