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The ability to be able to multi-task is great!  Right?  WRONG!  So say the studies.  For starters, the US economy loses USD 650 billion a year in lost productivity.  Basically its information overload and the effect of inertia.. it takes time to get off the attention from that phone call to your work.

Dr. Edward Hallowell, a Massachusetts-based psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder – says in his book CrazyBusy, that people are getting inflicted with Attention Deficit Trait (ADT).  Hallowel’s remedies?

– creatively engineering one’s environment
– one’s emotional and physical health and of course
– Limiting multitasking is essential

From my side, here are some things – sleep gets worse since mind is in overdrive.. lack of attention means most information brushes your minds surface to a lot is lost.. hence decision making is affect.  Above all, mental health suffers greatly.

So are you multi-tasking?