Multiple Balakot Air Strikes Proofs – 250+ Pak Army officers, Top Jaish Jehadis decimated despite massive Cover up by Army and ISI

Multiple Balakot Air Strikes Proofs – 250+ Pak Army officers, Top Jaish Jehadis decimated despite massive Cover up by Army and ISI

There have been many in the opposition parties of India who have tried to not just cast doubt about the Balakot air strikes but also about what its impact has been.  And, slowly the entire truth is coming out.

Here is what we know now from TimesNow information:

  • Indian intelligence had tracked 263 Jaish terrorists and identified them to be in the terror training facility in Jaba
  • 91 of those Jehadis had come for Daura-e-Khaas training, 83 for Daura-e-Aam, and 30 for Daura-e-Mautulah (advanced training for expert Jehadis)
  • At least 18 top trainers, teachers and operatives of Jaish were present in the Jaish camp when the attack happened.  These included Mufti Umar, Maulana Javed, Maulana Aslam, Maulana Ajmal, Maulana Zubair, Maulana Abdul Gafur Kashmiri, Maulana Qudratullah, Maulana Qasm, Maulana Junaid.

You can watch the entire show here.

Sanity alert: If you disregard the useless discussion after the main news, and stick only until 9:00 you should have all that you need to know.  The people who come to the show – like Nishant Verma – are better confined to some Jehadi barracks than in public studios.

#BalakotTapes of Republic TV

The Republic TV has conducted its own investigation by conducting interviews of the locals in that area.  And, their information reveals the following:

  • That he can’t confirm the number of terrorists killed, but the Pakistan Army took over Balakot, silencing people by force and snatching their mobile phones
  • The Internet was shut down in the Balakot area to stop photos and videos from being circulated, though some made it out
  • Pakistan Army restricted any doctors from treating injured terrorists
  • In large numbers, bodies were burnt by getting petrol from cars
  • Some bodies were disposed of in the nearby Kunhar river to wrap all evidence
  • Most of the dead terrorists were from the Jaish-e-Mohammed
  • Survivors of the IAF’s strike have been sent to the Waziristan-Afghanistan border
  • He named terrorists who were killed and the roles they played in the terror organisation, including an IED expert
  • He said that the ISI and JeM are in fear after India’s strike

What the #BalakotTapes reveal is mindboggling. Names that were killed include – Mainshah Abdar Zak, Lahore’s Major Retd Havar Rana, Altaf Ali Chaudhary from Karachi, Mudassar Ali from Rawalpindi, Ustad Mohsin from Bahawalpur, Datta Khel’s Tafail Dost, Ali Khatak and Bahadur Khatak from Dhannu, a top commander of Jaish from Gujranwala (crucial Jaish leader), software expert Rana Mohsin Ali, Mianwali’s Tafiq Umar, Moin Ali, Sardar Suhail, Dera Ghazi Khan’s Capt Retd Mushtaq, Mandi Bawaldeen’s Sheheryaar Deen, a special video editor from model town in Karachi’s Tahir Ali Sheikh, IED expert from Dera Ismail Khan called ‘Engineer Rana’.  That in itself is an amazing list of the Jaish Terrorists!

Balakot Tapes

The target of Balakot was selected based on the information from NTRO as discussed earlier on Drishtikone.  And it showed almost 300 mobile phones were active in that time.

As per inputs, during its surveillance in the immediate aftermath of the strike on Pakistan’s terror bases being greenlit, the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) detected around 300 mobile phones being active at the well-known terrorism facility in Balakot, and this remained stable for a number of days before the attack.
A number of other agencies then corroborated the NTRO’s surveillance findings, validating the presence of the estimated number of terrorist foot-soldiers and handlers at the location that was then being run by Jaish-chief Masood Azhar’s brother-in-law. The Air Force was then provided with the inputs ahead of the attack.

India Today talks to Pakistanis in guise of Pak Military Intelligence personnel

Now let us go to the other channel – Indian Today.

The India Today guys called up folks within that area near Jaba in the guise of Military Intelligence and got information that was very significant.  Listen in.

What these people said correlates to what was said in the #BalakotTapes of Republic TV in terms of massive cover up by the local law enforcement because of tremendous pressure from the Army and ISI, which they discuss.

What, however, was most interesting in the video is that one source also emphatically said that many Pakistan Army officers were killed as well.  He was asked again, and he kept repeating and reiterating that claim!

Which goes on to show two things – (1) the close interaction between Jaish and Pakistan Army (2) that the damage by the Indian Air Force strikes have been far more than just the Jaish terrorists!  It has hit the Pakistani forces directly as well.

Skeletons are Tumbling out

As the skeletons from the Indian Air Strikes come tumbling out (almost literally), things become more clear.  And, the things that we are now seeing is that the hits were far more devastating than Pakistan would admit to (despite its great cover up) and that its proxies in India would even dare to acknowledge or let go.

The main lesson in all this is that one should not doubt the version that India’s forces and Modi Government puts out.  Of all the things that Modi Government is more aware of – is the fact that the opposition will use any situation for scoring political points.  Even those which involve national security.  India’s integrity be damned.  That is how they work.  And, that is why, Modi and his lieutenants work extra hard to ensure that the evidence, in such matters is diligently collected.

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