My Interview on Pakistani Spectator

Last updated on Feb 3, 2008

Posted on Feb 3, 2008

Today my interview was published on Pakistani Spectator – a Pakistani blog.  I think it is a great blog to read about things on Pakistan.  Here is an excerpt:

What is your perception about Pakistan and its people?
I think people are always the same but the state is what creates issues in the world.  I feel that over the years, the Pakistani leaders have made some horribly wrong choices – which are showing up their ugly head now.
Also, Pakistan took the easy route of using its geography (strategic location) as opposed to the talent and strength of its people as its greatest asset to negotiate with the world.  I think that was not a good move.  A country is after all its people and only they can create or destroy it. I have found Pakistanis to be incredibly talented.  Small country, but lots of awesome talent in all areas.
How the animosity between Indian and Pakistan can end in true and lasting manner?
Through understanding.  I don’t believe any issue can be solved until there is understanding and appreciation of each other.  Kashmir and other issues are symptoms not the cause of all the problems between India and Pakistan. From Indian standpoint, a lot of time was wasted in competing with Pakistan and engaging in unnecessary one-upmanship for so many years.  I am happy that for last few years our own economic development has taken precedence over the conflict. Similarly, if a strong economic revival becomes the main goal of Pakistani Government, the conflicting interests will end between the two countries.
I also feel that many Pakistanis are mistaken in that Indians have not really “come to terms” with its existence because they criticize the “partition”.  Although a lot of us believe that the events surrounding partition were not the best course to take for larger humanity, but once the states came into existence, no one now wants it to go back to the original situation or merge the two countries.  I think everyone should live happily in their own house.

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