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My journey in Spirituality has been very interesting.  Over the years I have asked questions and moved on.  Suddenly, some day I will get an answer almost unexpectedly.  Just out of nowhere.  It just seems I have an answer and my long asked question seems answered.  Its all figured out.

I have all along called it as the answer from the “Universe”.

This weekend I met another explorer on this path – his name is Manoj and is from Kolkatta.  He asked me a question – How did Krishna give the message of Gita to Arjun in the middle of the War without no one else hearing it?

Well, according to him, based on the information of his Guru (who is a Siddha) – Krishna communicated through Pashyanti sound communication.  According to scriptures, its the sound that can be “perceived”.  It is not heard… just felt or seen.  It is a mental sound.  Spiritual Teachers, according to him, communicate often through Pashyanti.  It doesn’t matter “how” Gita was recited or not.  But one can see that such a communication DOES happen.  We all have been witness to it.

That makes sense in case of Vedantic scriptures.  Ashtavakra Gita, Yoga Vasistha, and Gita are all question and answers type of communications.  It is almost as if, suo moto knowledge was not given!  And that seems logical in a spiritual explorer’s journey.

In Yoga Vasistha, Goddess Saraswati tells Queen Lila – I am the deity of your intention.  You might think that I am giving you something, but it is actually you yourself!

If there is no intention, there is no receiving.

A Sufi has said it in his way – “Jiski pahaunch jahan talak, uske liye wahan par tu” (What ever is the reach of the searcher, that’s where you are for him).

If I do not seek, will I get somewhere?  The seeking will finally bring me to my own center.  But to get to inside, the “illusion” has to be burnt through knowledge, which will finally be shed as well.

That is why, it is understandable as to why knowledge was not just distributed on the street… but more as an answer.  You ask a question.. seriously.. and you will get an answer – in a sound (lingo) called Pashyanti.

Now, all the while I was thinking the Universe was giving me an “answer”, it was really my OWN Gita happening… quietly… unbeknownst to me.

Everyone can tap into the same source and have his/her own personal Gita recited to him.her… Pashyanti way.