New Beginning - Aug 15

Drishtikone's new Weekly newsletter will start on India's Independence Day

New Beginning - Aug 15

On way to Bhojwasa from Gangotri

“It is only when the mind is free from the old that it meets everything anew, and in that there is joy.” ― Krishnamurti

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We pushed the envelope of our capability to bring a quality and insightful newsletter every day for over a year.  Such an effort is intense and not always sustainable.

That is why we took a break.

To re-evaluate and to re-think.

To ensure that we do bring quality content that is expected from Drishtikone, we will bring out a Weekly newsletter.  This will be sustainable and provide us the ability to do the research needed.

Our first edition will start on August 15th, 2021 (Sunday).  We will send it out at 10 AM Eastern US time and 7.30 PM India Time.  If you think some other time would be better, please share in the comments below.

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This time our aim will be to deepen the analysis if we can and also share the weekly happening with some comments.

Meanwhile, we have started a publication on - a repository of very well-written content.  We are using the URL - DRISHTIK.ONE (a version of ONE VISION).

Please do follow that publication as we will publish the best content from our newsletters - past and the new ones there as well.  It will also be something that you can share with friends and use to counter the negative narratives going forward.

For example, we have published “Swastika, Hakenkreuz and the Aryan Christ”.  Many have written about Swatika vs Hakenkreuz.  But that isn’t the entire story.  The real crux of the matter is that Hakenkreuz was ONE of the components that Hitler came up with to change the very direction of Christianity.  He was doing what Constantine had done via the Nicene Councils.  He was creating a neo-Christianity.  A Christianity which was devoid of any connection to Judaism or Christ being a Jew.  That is the reason why Hitler attracts anti-Semitic haters.  This needs to be clearly understood and shared.  For, it is never brought out.  For obvious reasons.

We have published three articles there as of now.  The latest one is “How Jinnah’s Militias Orchestrated India’s Partition in 1947” - where we share another fact that is critical to understand but is missed by everyone.  That partition and the violence that accompanied it was orchestrated by Muslim League under Jinnah in a very planned manner.  RSS and Muslim League are always equated in that violence.  But it is a false equivalence.  We share the reasons why.

The first article is a revelation on the shady world of NGOs.  Globally and in India - The Shady World of NGOs.  Do read it.  It is extremely important to understand how Amnesty has been characterized by folks who have worked at the helm of affairs and have the so-called “secular” credentials.  Narratives can best be destroyed by using the facts from the opponents’ own stable.

So please go over to our publication and follow and like/share/comment on the articles.

An eye-opener

The recent interview with Vikram Sampath basis his two volumes on Veer Savarkar by Vivek Agnihotri is a must-watch.  Such work - serious and non-sensational in terms of effects and noise, but sensational in terms of content is exceedingly rare in the Indian media.

Do watch this to get a rare insight into Veer Savarkar and then do buy the books by Sampath, as I know I will now.

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