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North Indian kids more obese and unhealthy than kids in rest of India

Kids in North India are less healthier than kids in other parts of India.  This was uncovered in the ‘EduSports School Health and Fitness Survey’ which surveyed over 49,000 children aged 7 to 17 years in over 100 schools in 54 Indian cities.  Unfortunately, it is not due to less food, but due to MORE food and unhealthy habits, leading to increased obesity.  The fitness levels are lower in North now compared to the other regions.

“A higher incidence of obesity is observed among children from the northern states – Punjab, Delhi/NCR (National Capital Region), Rajasthan, UP (Uttar Pradesh) and Haryana as 24 percent of them have high body mass index (BMI) as against the national average of 19.9 percent.”
It also said that “Low fitness levels coupled with the lack of basic skills to play sports, unhealthy eating habits and dependence on television, internet and video games for entertainment puts an entire generation of children at a risk of growing up to become unhealthy and inactive adults,” reported IANS.