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Indian Mujahideen

The IB believes the outfit was floated by youth from Hyderabad, as a faction of the Students Islamic Movement of India. With the arrest of SIMI’s top leaders in Indore, the Indian Mujahideen has been given the responsibility of carrying out terror strikes. Although the outfit is not as professional as SIMI,it is capable of creating chaos, sources said. The Indian Mujahideen e-mail said its intention was to cause panic and fight political outfits which were opposed to Islam.

The mail read, ‘We the Indian Mujahideen have carried out attacks and will continue to do so. Stop us if you can.’ The Indian Mujahideen first surfaced during the Uttar Pradesh blasts in November 2007. Immediately after those blasts, a mail was sent out by the outfit, claiming responsibility for the blasts. The police, however, dismissed the mail as a prank and continued to look for a Harkat ul Jihad e-Islami/Lashkar-e-Tayiba link to the blasts.

The outfit was again in the news after the Jaipur blasts on May 13 when it claimed it was responsible for those acts of terror. The IB says the latest e-mail reveals that the Indian Mujahideen was behind Friday’s blasts in Bengalaru, and the city police is trying to ascertain the similarities between Friday and Saturday’s blasts in Bengalaru and Ahmedabad. IB officers told that in both cases the intention was not to cause casualties, but to create a scare. The mail says the outfit’s intention is to fight governments which it feels is anti-Muslim. The Bharatiya Janata Party is in power in both Karnataka and Gujarat.

Now, Ahmedabad has been attacked! In 17 serial bomb blasts across the city, 26 people have been killed and 100 have been injured. Just minutes before the blasts, the Intelligence Bureau received a mail from the Indian Mujahideen, which stated, “Stop us if you can.” The explosions were mainly concentrated in the eastern part of the city, all within a 10-kilometer (6.2-mile) radius

Cycles were used to plant the bombs and some bombs were planted in buses of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. The explosions occurred at Maninagar, Isanpur, Narol circle, Bapunagar, Hatkeshwar and Sarangpur bridge, Sarkej and Odhav. There were two blasts in Maninagar and the first blast occurred in this area at 6.45 pm. The second blast occurred near LG Hospital. Maninagar is the constituency of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

If there was a mockery of the Government and the security – if there is any, that is – this is it! Serial blasts in Bangalore and double that number in Ahmedabad. As if it was done without any restraint.

Why this timing? Is it because India getting closer to the Nuclear deal? Or was it to be done in any case? Another strange coincidence that cannot be missed – both the states have BJP Governments! Karnataka recently made history with the first real BJP Government in the South and Gujarat has been BJP for awhile.

Given that the blasts in Bangalore were low intensity – not to kill kind of – one could assume that it was done more to damage the trust in the local Government than anything else. Otherwise, was the local terrorist school headmaster holding a bombing class practical for the new trainees??!! Whatever it may have been – it was designed to send a message with the audacity and “strike-at-will” capability of the perpetrator!

Sick of Condemnations

There were usual rounds of condemnations from all political circles – Sonia Gandhi and the President, both chipped in with their sob story. They probably have ready made templates of such messages by now which their secretaries simply throw out to the press. Thankfully for them and the public, their secretaries have not made a mistake on the the type of template for the occassion.. so there hasnt been any embarassment.. yet. Thank God for small mercies .. eh??

And the CPI-M – those anti-national bastards… who are already busy helping Maoists come into India also shed their crocodile tears.

Meanwhile Dr. Singh’s principled Government lost no time is beginning to make a case against Modi’s Government! The blasts in two different cities shows that these terrorist organizations have a nation-wide network and this joker is trying to tell us – the ordinary citizen – that his job was done by simply issuing the “high alert”??? What the f*** were the intelligence agencies upto?? Why didnt his ministry get to know of these nation-wide blasts before?? Even my four-year kid could have willy-nilly issued a “high alert” – if that is what this idiot thinks the ordinary tax-payer pays him for?!!

Minister of State for Home Affairs Shakeel Ahmed said: “We are surprised and shocked. On Friday, it was Banglore. Today it is Ahmedabad. This happened even after the government of India issued high alerts to all sensitive states.
“We condemn the blast,” the minister said, assuring the Gujarat government “of all possible assistance.
“If they need any assistance, the government of India will provide it,” Ahmed said.
“Let the hour of crisis pass. We will seek information from the Gujarat government. Let the normalcy return.”

What needs to be done?

Maybe its time to throw all our politicians out of the country.. they are more busy making money or prostituting themselves as opposed to running the country anyways. So, just send them to Thailand or something.. let them pimp themselves.

Security is a big priority and nothing should left to just human intelligence which is what India relies on! The other kind of intelligence operations are very poor. There is no secure system for immigrants – those who come in. Even what we have is for effects. The other day on a TV reality show, Pakistani contestants told their tale of having spent the night sorting out stuff in the police station! These guys were on national (international, actually) TV.. so why do you need to harrass them so much.. while the real culprits were moving around scott-free!

One has to do things intelligently not just do things!

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