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Something that is of SUCH a huge ramification finds mention in this article somewhere deep inside Times of India!  One day we will rue our apathy to these advancements of Chinese to encircle India.  After creating a Vassal state out of Pakistan (which raises hell for Muslims in Kashmir and elsewhere but finds nothing wrong with ill-treatment in China’s troubled province) and forging ties with Myanmar, and annexing Tibet while also building a road to completely annihilate its culture and religion, it has now moved into Nepal by proxy – as the Maoists take over!  Worse, it is extending the same train line that it built to Tibet .. all the way to Nepal!!

The rail link with China could help Nepal reduce its heavy dependence on its giant southern neighbour India for everything from oil to motor parts and medicines.  Ai Ping, director general of China’s international department, met Nepali Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala on Friday and told him that the rail link would bolster their diplomatic and trade ties, officials said.
“They discussed the benefits of the project,” Basanta Gautam, special secretary in Koirala’s office, said. “The railway link should be complete in five years.”
China and Nepal share a more than 1,400 km border. The planned railway project would link Tibetan capital Lhasa with Khasa, a border town near China-Nepal border.

The Nepalese threat does not need or require India’s knee jerk reaction – as is our wont – but a solid and long term one.  We need to ALSO enter its polity just as China has.  If it requires funds and development then THAT is what should be provided.. but we cannot let the Maoists rule in our North, while these same idiots rule in our own North East.

I wonder what our intelligence and politicians are upto – but they obviously are not thinking long term or even bothered about their own kids.  In any case, we can ignore such acts by China at our own peril!

Very soon I will bring my analysis of an excellent book “The Next Great Clash” and my interview of its author – Michael Levin – who has graciously offered to answer some of my very detailed questions to him based on his book.