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Last night Obama won North Carolina (56/42%) and lost Indiana (51/49%).  He leads in the Super Delegates tally and the delegates.  Now, he looks like the favorite to win.  Even if Hillary won all the remaining states by 65-35% (something that she has never been able to do), she will still fall short of the delegates count against Barack Obama.  So Hillary Clinton despite her injection of $6.5 million of her own money is set for a loss.

Now, this happened AFTER the mess of Rev. Wright with Barack Obama.  I thought he was gone last week.  Obama was really tired and angry with this idiotic person called Wright.  Idiotic because he knows that the media is taking him to town and using him as a weapon.  As for his utterings, I am not sure how is that any different from what Pat Robertson – who has been guiding Bush and backed Rudy Guiliani and he says pretty much the same things although with a different standpoint as Wright said!  Billy Graham was even worse when it came to being racists and a fundamentalist!  In fact Wright, if taken in the correct perspective cannot be compared to these evangelist nuts!  He is very fair in religious discussion for most part.  His way of speaking is a little melodramatic and I guess its just a cultural thing for Black Churches vs White Churches. (Disclaimer: I have never ever attended any Church ever)

The last 2-3 weeks have taught one thing – that if you have the conviction and remain steady – like Obama did – you may get lucky.  I loved Bill Clinton but I hate Hillary Clinton.  She makes me cringe when I see her.  I am not sure why?  Bill Clinton would have done the same thing but made it look very classy!  In this campaign – now that he is beyond proving himself – he is using himself as the “fall or bad guy” and doing all the dirty work for her.  It is something I can relate to or understand – he is a Leo at heart and being one myself I can completely relate to that mentality.

This fight has brought out the best from Barack Obama and the worst from Hillary Clinton.  Although, as a friend who is into astrology says – according to stars, Clinton will win… but sometimes, if you are honest and hard working.. you may change your fate.  Like Obama looks set to this summer.