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CAA Law – Refugee Vs Migrant distinction is the key

Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) has become a goldmine for those who hate an independent India and want to ensure that the Indian government toes their line “or else”.  And, it is also the single biggest communication failure of the Modi cabinet.  CAA was needed.  It was needed because there is

05 May 20 4 min read

Why CAA: Refugees Vs Economic Migrants and National Security

Last few months in India have seen some incredible scenes of violence and mayhem while protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, where certain persecuted minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan were allowed fast-track citizenship in India.  Those who opposed this CAA act, had one purpose – to blur the line

28 Mar 20 5 min read

How a Pakistani-Brit sets up EU against India before Brexit with anti CAA Resolution

How Pakistanis can drown any society that they go to and work in, can be seen from the so-called resolution [https://www.firstpost.com/india/european-parliament-to-debate-vote-on-anti-caa-resolution-kashmir-notes-dangerous-shift-in-indias-citizenship-regime-7960251.html] to be debated in European Union against India with an Anti-CAA content. That is what is being done with the anti-CAA resolution in

27 Jan 20 2 min read

Imperialism by Narratives – When Hindus have 'nothing to give up'

British poet, playwright, and writer, Samuel Johnson, once angrily retorted while discussing a girl who had converted from the Anglican Church to Quakerism “The heathens were easily converted, because they had nothing to give up; but we ought not, without very strong conviction indeed, to desert the religion in which

27 Jan 20 6 min read

Abusing Sadhguru and the cost of Indian Kakistocracy

India has an abuse epidemic.  Those with hardly any contribution to humanity (other than profanity packaged as humor), can throw stones at those who are involved in work that will save not just our kids but the planet itself. A hundred years from now, when the world’s climate has

23 Jan 20 8 min read

Indian President Saves the Day for an Irreverent American Lady

You can sometimes win people, even disrespectful ones, with love and care.  The Indian President Ram Nath Kovind is such a person.  Gentle and kind man – who has cut out the frills and waste [https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/president-ram-nath-kovind-cuts-down-on-snacks-in-rashtrapati-bhavan-why-you-should-be-happy-1198869-2018-03-27] that was common in the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Ashley Hall

09 Jan 20 2 min read

When HuffPost Editor's Fake Anti-NRC story Fell Flat!

Trying to create false narratives, whether half real or fictional is the standard way of the anti-Modi and Hinduphobic Leftists of India.  They cook up stories that do not even have basics right simply in order to create sympathy for some random Muslim and hand him a victim card.  Little

09 Jan 20 2 min read

The Going Price of our Conscience

When you pick up a flower that needs care and love, you do it with the sensitivity it deserves.  If you are holding a dagger in your hand and mind is full of anger, then it is not about who you are and what you do to yourself, but what

08 Jan 20 3 min read

Definitive Guide on India's National Population Register (NPR)

National Population Register has become a hot topic in India and a lot of falsehoods and misleading claims and information are being spread all over.  Here is detailed guide on what it is, it’s history, its components and how it helps. History of National Population Register (NPR) After Kargil,

27 Dec 19 4 min read

We as a society sanctioned the Telangana Rape-Murder!

In a world where a human being is murdered a little over every minute, some crimes simply shake your trust in humanity.  Gruesome rape and murder of Dr. Priyanka Reddy, a veterinarian from Telangana is one such. The whole sequence and the manner in which the crime was executed can

01 Dec 19 8 min read

Influence Operations – How the Liberal Global Media is now fighting the Islamist Propaganda War

Rema Rajeshwari and Dr Suneem Khan share an interesting perspective via their post ‘Fake News, the 21st century Insurgency [https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/khaki-dairies/fake-news-the-21st-century-insurgency/] in their Khakhi Diaries blog on the Times of India.  They talk about influence operations.  It is a term for propaganda in the digital

29 Aug 19 4 min read

What did Dr Swamy just say about INX case?

The whole drama of Chidambaram’s absconding and then finally showing up at the Congress HQ and then getting arrested by the CBI is going on.  What people missed out was a factoid that Dr. Subramanian Swamy shared in his interviews.  In one of the interviews, however, he laid it

22 Aug 19 1 min read

How Brilliantly Amit Shah and Modi Check-mated everyone with Article 370

A month back, the Wire had a shrieking headline which said “The Constitution is allowing the Continued Discrimination against of Valmikis in J&K [https://thewire.in/rights/jammu-and-kashmir-article-35a-valmikis]“.   This was about the 206-272 families of Dalits who had now grown to 636 families.  Same old obsession with Dalits, right?

05 Aug 19 6 min read

Why Triple Talaq Bill was absolutely necessary 

The triple talaq bill has been passed in the Indian Parliament.  It was missing the Rajya Sabha vote which it got today. Triple Talak is not divorce, its an arbitrary abandonment of the wife by the husband. it also created market for halala the 'institutionalized gang rape'! #TripleTalaqBill #TripleTalaqEndGame [https:

30 Jul 19 3 min read

Khalid sets himself ablaze in Chandauli and blames ‘mob lynching’ which forced him to chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’

These days, it is easy and trendy for the Muslims to chalk up any issue, any accident and any problem to “lynching” and “Jai Shri Ram”. Lynching is the new caricature [https://www.drishtikone.com/dissecting-the-lynching-narrative-and-its-very-serious-ramifications-in-india/] of Intolerance narrative in India.  The going around narrative is that if you do

29 Jul 19 2 min read

Brilliant take-down of Freebie Politics of Kejriwal

Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority told Supreme Court that Delhi facing an acute shortage [https://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/delhi-facing-acute-shortage-of-public-transport-requires-11-000-buses-aap-govt-to-sc-118071901248_1.html] of public transport as only 5,554 buses against the required number of 11,000 vehicles. Brilliant take down of Kejriwal's mindless political games of freebies

08 Jun 19 2 min read

Has India Changed post 2019 Elections?

A man named Pertie called up Karan Thapar [https://m.hindustantimes.com/columns/the-2019-election-result-is-a-verdict-against-people-like-me/story-cgnpVBuppasrA32jSfgttN.html] recently and said something very interesting after the results of the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.  Along with his customary rant on Modi of course! > “Have you considered that beyond all of this — and I

04 Jun 19 9 min read

Why Congress and Opposition have completely lost the plot

In 2014, the Indian National Congress was at pains to tell the Indians that Modi was nothing short of a monster, who, interestingly enough, despite a global and widespread campaign of falsehoods and misinformation on the riots in 2002 in Gujarat, had not been indicted by any of the courts.

29 May 19 6 min read

Why are Navy Chiefs Acting as Gandhi Family flunkies?

In a report dated January 31, 1988, Anita Prathap wrote about how the then PM Rajiv Gandhi, his wife Sonia Gandhi and their family and friends enjoyed a holiday in an uninhabited island in Lakshwadeep.  People in that entourage included: Why are Admirals doing the bidding for Gandhi family when

10 May 19 5 min read

Dehumanizing the Hindu

“We are liberals, they are right wing bhakts.”  Have you heard this? But have you heard the other side call them anything? In an earlier post titled Liberals’ Rabid Hatred for the NRI [https://www.drishtikone.com/liberals-rabid-hatred-for-the-nri/] I had written about those who call themselves ‘liberals’ and paint everyone

08 May 19 8 min read

Why Modi Represents India and Riles up the Brown Sahibs

“Aa bhraa aithe bau.” (come bro, sit here) The Sikh boy with rustic looks and wearing a pant which looked more like a pyjama gestured to his friend in rustic village type heavily accented Punjabi, as I stood at the bus stop in Chandigarh.  He had just come out of

07 May 19 3 min read

Liberals’ Rabid Hatred for the NRI

On Janurary 21, 2017 – a day after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States – a facebook post [https://www.facebook.com/events/2169332969958991/] initiated protests globally.  Women’s March as it was called was a worldwide protest against the man the liberals and the

06 May 19 5 min read

What is it to be a Journalist in Modi’s Era?

In the chargesheet filed by the Enforcement Directorate, three journalists have been mentioned [https://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ians/agustawestland-chargesheet-mentions-three-journalists-119040500027_1.html] – including Shekhar Gupta and Manu Pabby – as taking bribe from the arms dealer Christian Michel to tone down the criticism and say good things about him.   That is

05 Apr 19 2 min read

#CongressManifesto: Master Plan to Destroy the Indian Union

The manifesto by Congress shows its intentions.  Here is the English form for your download and perusal (Congress Manifesto 2019 [https://www.drishtikone.com/content/files/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Congress-Manifesto-2019.pdf] ).  Let us go ahead and analyze its extremely dangerous provisions! One serious reading of #CongressManifesto2019 shows it is

04 Apr 19 10 min read

Rahul Gandhi’s Freebie Politics and the Zero Price Effect

Rahul Gandhi has announced that if Congress is voted to power, his government will ensure Rs 72,000 a year for the poorest of India. > Weeks before the national election, Rahul Gandhi has announced what he calls a “historic” minimum income guarantee scheme assuring Rs. 72,000 a year for

26 Mar 19 4 min read

Kapil Sibal – under whom people charged under Sedition for an Exam Paper Question, Now wants the law abolished for the Tukde gang!

Kapil Sibal is agitated over the 1200 page chargesheet filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation against what is now known as the Tukde Tukde gang for sedition [https://www.rediff.com/news/report/why-delhi-police-took-3-yrs-to-file-chargesheet-in-jnu-sedition-case/20190115.htm] . @KapilSibal- man under whom people were charged under Sedition for an Exam Paper

16 Jan 19 3 min read

Arun Jaitley takes Rahul Gandhi to the cleaners

Rahul Gandhi and Congress want to do a Donald Trump in India using the Cambridge Analytica template.  There are a few problems though for them.  One, unlike US, India’s PM can be a lifelong vocation if one is good enough.  Trump could do what he did because he is

03 Jan 19 2 min read

Triple Talak – How Anti-BJP Opposition Failed Muslim Women, Yet Again!

The long awaited Triple Talak bill was passed on December 27, 2018 in Lok Sabha by a margin of 245-11.  The sad thing is that the entire opposition is against the bill which seeks to empower the Muslim women. Screenshot from Times of India [https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/lok-sabha-passes-triple-talaq-bill-amid-opposition-walkout/

28 Dec 18 4 min read

3 Critical Steps Needed by Modi Team for 2019 and Analysis of the 2018 Elections – Part 3

In the first part of our analysis [https://www.drishtikone.com/analysis-of-the-2018-elections-part-1/], we discussed the power of narrative over reality.  Creatively structured and forcefully delivered narrative without shame or remorse can trounce reality in most cases. In the second part of the analysis [https://www.drishtikone.com/analysis-of-the-2018-elections-part-2/], we looked

17 Dec 18 12 min read

Who was Christian’s Father and Indira Gandhi’s friend, Wolfgang Michel?

As if the extradition of Christian Michel was not enough for increasing the headaches of Congress, it has now come to the fore that Wolfgang Michel, Christian Michel’s father was a good friend of Indira Gandhi.TimeNow reported [https://www.timesnownews.com/india/article/christian-michel-news-agustawestland-father-wolfgang-michel-indira-gandhi-friends-vvip-chopper-scam-sonia-gandhi-rahul-gandhi-central-bureau-of/331042?fbclid=IwAR1TF1aVnyjOaN7wJL9s_nXiXrvo-ynmrqalMZ0eqiLemhynQ2qhyMhqI2A]

14 Dec 18 2 min read

Analysis of the 2018 Elections – Part 2

In the first part [https://www.drishtikone.com/analysis-of-the-2018-elections-part-1/], we discussed the ideological framework for how one needs to approach what happened and how one prepares for the coming future.  Specifically, the regressive nature of and use of Morality as a weapon by the aggressors. Politics is not just about

13 Dec 18 6 min read

Analysis of the 2018 Elections – Part 1

Shankaran Pillai once fell in the septic tank on the side of a building with no one looking.  He started shouting – “Fire Fire”.  Soon a passerby called the fire-brigade who came looking that side and seeing this poor man in that filthy tank pulled him out and asked “Where is

11 Dec 18 5 min read

Meet Arvind Kejriwal – Joining hands with A Raja now

There is no end to the fraudulent ways and politics of falsehoods of the Indian opposition.  They continue to hoodwink the Indian public and just because so many have been brainwashed to even hate their own future, they disregard the obvious treachery. Meet Arvind Kejriwal - Joining hands with A

10 Dec 18 1 min read

Why is Congress Representing and Backing Christian Michel?

Christian Michel has been caught and extradited to India and is now in CBI custody.  That has ominous portends for Congress, specifically the Gandhis.  So, who is representing this fugitive from Italy?  A lawyer named Aljo K Joseph.  He also happens to be the national in-charge for Youth Congress’s

05 Dec 18 2 min read

How Demonetization keeps paying the Indian taxpayer

Rs 37,500 crores that is $5.3 billion is lying in the Indian banks unclaimed.  No one wants it.  The owners don’t even want anyone to know that it was theirs.  As far as the Indian tax payer is concerned, it is theirs – collectively.  When Modi had said

04 Dec 18 3 min read

Why are Twitter and BBC Doing Rahul Gandhi’s Dirty Work?

When the bias and prejudice is blatant and alignment so obvious then one needs to ask the questions that are apparent in that situation.  It has been known for sometime that the Western media plays a role to create “Atrocity Literature” against the powers and people that the Western powers

12 Nov 18 3 min read

Dassault ‘Report’ by Mediapart – A Portal Run by Fake news journalist who backed Charlie Hebdo attackers

Contrary to a report in Mediapart, a French portal, Dassault has clarified [https://www.dassault-aviation.com/en/group/press/press-kits/rafale-contract-india-clarifications-dassault-aviation/] that it freely chose the partners, including Reliance.  There were other partners as well including Mahindra, Kinetic, BTSL, etc. #Dassault ‘Report’ by #Mediapart – A Portal Run by Fake news

11 Oct 18 2 min read

Real Story of India’s Economy During Congress vs BJP rules

Let us take a stroll down the economic lane in India.  It was November 2013 and Lakshwadeep was the only place in the country without inflation. Real Story of India’s Economy During Congress vs BJP rules @narendramodi @sgurumurthy #Indianeconomy [https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwp.

07 Oct 18 4 min read

#CongressHinduDrama: Rahul Gandhi’s Weird Aarti in #MadhyaPradesh

Rahul Gandhi has been doing a lot of “Hindu Drama” during the elections to look Hindu.  Even when he clearly announced that “Congress is a Muslim party [https://www.siasat.com/news/yes-congress-muslims-party-rahul-gandhi-1379901/]“.  You see it is all to play the communal card of religion. #CongressHinduDrama: Rahul Gandhi's Weird Aarti

06 Oct 18 1 min read

Pakistan’s ex-Home Minister Campaigns for Congress

Congress knows it is facing defeat.  That is why it is joining hands with the official machinery of Pakistan and China to fight the BJP and Modi. Now we have come to the most interesting situation, where Pakistan’s ex-Interior Minister Rehman Malik is now campaigning for Rahul Gandhi.  After

24 Sep 18 2 min read

Time to Dump Democratic Chains

It was the thirteenth day of the grand war – Mahabharat.  Duryodhan had diverted Arjun, the greatest Pandava warrior, and Krishna to chase samsaptakhas.  Meanwhile a Chakravyuh – discus formation – was formed and it was being effectively used to destroy the Pandava army.  If succeeded, by evening there would have been no

29 Aug 18 4 min read

Unwritten Norms Vs Written Law: How Societies Fall

Any society, specifically a democracy, is run by two sets of rules – written laws and unwritten norms.  When any ruler or ruling elite starts to play with the unwritten norms, although they do not break the law, they set into motion the downward trajectory of that society. Because what happens

09 Aug 18 1 min read

The Fight beyond Abuse, Mockery and Assault on Democracy

The whole performance of Rahul Gandhi after a disastrous call for the No-Confidence motion – ostensibly done to embarrass the Modi Government – and his lies will go down in the history of Indian governance as legendary.  Here is a party which was the only real national party for over 60 years

21 Jul 18 5 min read

Nehru did Indeed Insult FM Cariappa and General Thimayya!

In an election rally, India’s PM Modi said that Congress has humiliated both General Thimayya and Field Marshal Cariappa.  A fact that the Congress aligned sites and online video blogging sites have tried to argue against.  Let us first begin with some facts from Kashmir War of 1948 and

09 May 18 8 min read

Rape and India – How bad is the situation?

On the morning of November 5th, at 7.45 am – a 16 year old Autistic girl [http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-police-6-men-abduct-girl-at-gunpoint-sexually-assault-her-20121107-story.html] was walking around 16th and Trumbull in Chicago.  A man shoved her into his van at gunpoint and took her to an apartment building where

15 Apr 18 4 min read

Electrification Debate in India and Obfuscation of Facts

As of April 2015, the state of electrification in India was that 18,452 villages were still unelectrified.  Which means there was no electricity link to that village.  In just over two years, 84% of these unelectrified villages had electricity lines alongwith electricity at their doors.  Infact only when 10%

23 Dec 17 7 min read

Ayodhya Case: Why is Congress Representing Pakistan?

The Ayodhya issue where the Mughal emperor Babur had destroyed the Ram temple at the place of his birth is ostensibly in the final stages of court proceedings.  This issue has been the fodder for many so-called activists in India – who have run their entire careers on it.  Historians with

06 Dec 17 4 min read

Somnath Temple’s Tale of Desecration and Destruction

Somnath Temple is an expression of fire which renders beauty and luster.  You see, the idea of divine in all societies was a culmination of the culture and a way of life.  It was not the starting point.  Whatever a culture – based on the geography, local dynamics, the social values

29 Nov 17 4 min read

Kashmir does NOT Belong to Pakistan: A Fact-based Primer

There are many buffoons in India, but the ignorant idiots take the cake.  And, 90% of all Indians I have met are completely clueless about Kashmir.  In fact, cluelessness and ignorance has been deliberately cultivated in India by the governments over the last 65 years on Kashmir.  From Nehru to

13 Nov 17 3 min read

The Real Reason Behind IFPRI’s Bad ‘Hunger Report’ On India

The latest Global Hunger Index report is out.  And, India has fallen 45 ranks [http://www.timesnownews.com/health/article/global-hunger-index-india-ranks-100-among-119-countries-down-45-positions-since-2014/106160] since 2014!  Now, we are told that India is worse than Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma and even North Korea!!  But, this is an incredible thing to say when

13 Oct 17 6 min read

Why Doesn’t Modi Jail All Congress Leaders for their Scams?

Short Answer – He cannot!  Why?  For that you need to go to your 6th Grade Civics textbook which you may have forgotten all about by now. In a democracy, there is separation of powers between the Executive, Legislature, and the Judiciary.  While the Executive governs the country via the many

23 Sep 17 5 min read

Why Bullet Train in India Will Leapfrog Growth Economically!

Whenever something important has to be done in the country in the name of progress there are enough cynical critics who come out and start questioning it.  Either such people share suspect data or they share fuzzy nonsensical theories (if they have an economic degree from a reputed place).  And,

15 Sep 17 8 min read

Digital Disruption of News and Media – Future of News

Tomorrow’s media will be different. The situation is actual quite scary if you really see. As newspapers close down, so does the reporting. Social Media does not do reporting – it regurgitates. But what will it regurgitate, if the news reporting is not there? What business models need to be

02 Sep 17 3 min read

West Bengal – the Failed State!

Pakistan is India with Islam as the predominant ideology.  West Bengal is India, where Dharma and Hinduism is painted into an evil. One is failing nation and the other is a failed state. West Bengal - the Failed State! #BasirhatRiots #IslamicRiotsBasirhat [https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=https%3A%2F%

10 Jul 17 3 min read

Why did Irom Sharmila Get Only 90 Votes?

In early 2015, after the Indian security forces had done operations to arrest PREPAK militants in February and killing militants in the villahe of Hingojang (Senapati district), the militants in Manipur got restive.  On June 4, 2015 they ambushed a military convoy in Chandel district and killed 20 soldiers and

12 Mar 17 6 min read

5 Critical Lessons from the 2017 Assembly Election Results!

The 2017 Assembly elections were being followed closely by many and will prove to be an important milestone in the future of governance in Indian politics.  A few things have come out and some of the existing trends have been confirmed further! 5 Critical Lessons from the 2017 Assembly Election

11 Mar 17 7 min read

Modi Reframes Kashmir Based on Facts, Finally!!

Things are achanging between India and Pakistan.  The paradigms are being reconstructed.  Along factual reality I would add. Modi Reframes #Kashmir Based on Facts, Finally!! #KashmirCrisis @BJP4JnK [https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwp.me%2Fp27rDI-7DO&text=Modi%20Reframes%20%23Kashmir%20Based%20on%20Facts%2C%20Finally%21%

17 Aug 16 2 min read

5 Reasons Why Trump Is a Danger to US and the World

Trump is unraveling and the meltdown has begun to accelerate.Time magazine [http://time.com/4447985/inside-donald-trump-meltdown/] has covered this as the main story now. 5 Reasons Why Trump Is a Danger to US and the World #TrumpTrain #HillaryClinton [https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwp.me%

11 Aug 16 7 min read

Kejriwal’s Degree Fetish: Degrees don’t make a Leader!

What is common between Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Harry Truman, Ray Kroc (founder of McDonald’s), and Walt Disney? They barely, if at all, completed their High School and never went to college!  Yet, they will be counted in human history as some of the greatest leaders ever! Kejriwal's Degree

06 May 16 6 min read

12 Amazing Accomplishments of Modi Government by 2016

Ever since the Narendra Modi government came to power, the cabal of Mainstream media and Opposition parties led by Congress backed by the Anti-Modi lobby has consistently tried to paint everything done in India black.  Every achievement has been run down.  Every initiative undertaken ridiculed.  It is time to take

20 Mar 16 20 min read

“Its enough! I am returning THE Taj Mahal!”

This is the season of Award Wapasi.  Everyone is returning whatever award they can dust off from their closet to return to someone.  Doesn’t matter who they return to as long as someone in the media covers it.  Some have even gone to the studio with signed UNADDRESSED checks

05 Nov 15 3 min read

Why Indian Secularism is a Euphemism for Hinduphobia

Last week, on October 26th, a bunch of upstarts from Hanuman Sena got together and organized a Pork festival [http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/Pork-Fest-Organisers-Booked/2015/10/26/article3097402.ece] at the Malabar Christian College.  Police swooped in and arrested 50 Sena activists including the state president, vice-president and

31 Oct 15 4 min read

Toupee or Not Toupee

Most of the World’s leaders have some extremely complex issues to tackle with.  How to fight poverty, get the economy on track, hackers starting a national security crisis.  But there is one Presidential hopeful in the US – and if he can do what he has done, may be the

29 Aug 15 3 min read

Detailed Historical Context of the Kashmir Issue

Kashmir issue has been a sticky issue for India and has been used by Pakistan to hit at India.  But things have changed since the Modi government came.  The skeletons are tumbling out from the closet and we are learning the truth.  Let us get it all out clearly. [lwptoc

25 Aug 15 14 min read

5 Facts of Indo-Pak History and Why Diplomacy is Useless

The recent NSA talks have – as the author had predicted – been called off by Pakistan.  Numerous analysts and commentators in India and the opposition parties – apart from the various intriguing folks in Pakistan – have been coming up with their own versions of the situation. 5 Facts of Indo-Pak History and

24 Aug 15 14 min read

The Drama of India-Pak NSA talks and the way forward

The meeting between NSAs of India and Pakistan, Ajit Doval and Sartaj Aziz, seems like a non-starter from get go. The Pakistani side wants to meet the Hurriyat “leaders” before the meeting, because that helps “include” them in the whole equation.  Hurriyat guys on the other hand, have zero legitimacy

22 Aug 15 5 min read

Lessons from Indian Caste System and the US Presidential Race

Everyone has got India’s Caste System completely wrong.  Castes – the four:  Brahman (teacher/intellectual), Kshatriya (fighter/Law Enforcement), Vaishya (Businessman/Trader) and Shudra (Blue-collar worker) – have been prevalent in every society in all times.  Never has a society existed without these four predominant roles and people who fall in

07 Aug 15 4 min read

Lessons from ruins of Indian Caste System and US Presidential Race

Everyone has got India’s Caste System completely wrong.  Castes – the four:  Brahman (teacher/intellectual), Kshatriya (fighter/Law Enforcement), Vaishya (Businessman/Trader) and Shudra (Blue-collar worker) – have been prevalent in every society in all times.  Never has a society existed without these four predominant roles and people who fall in

07 Aug 15 4 min read

5 Reasons why Gumnami Baba or Bhagwanji was Netaji Himself!

The first part of this series was posted at5 Reasons why Netaji Bose survived air crash and escaped to Russia [https://www.drishtikone.com/5-reasons-why-netaji-bose-survived-aircash-and-escaped-to-russia/] On the night of 19 September, 1985 a body wrapped in tricolor was moved out of Ram Bhavan, a house in front of the circuit

20 Apr 15 9 min read

Pakistan’s Thinking Encounters of Brand RANDI

When the world’s most sex obsessed country starts to think – yeah exactly, it may want to think too.. it happens – how would it’s mind work you would wonder.  Well, the Pakistanis – world record holders on searches for animal sex – have just set on the road to think with

20 Apr 15 1 min read

Christian Anti-Hindu Bigot Nandy’s new rant: India should not win the Cricket World Cup!

Some weeks back we had discussed how political opposition to the ruling Government in India has metamorphosed into Anti-Hindu bigotry in India.  (Delhi Elections: Is Self Righteous Anti-Hindu Bigotry the new normal for Indian Secularism? [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/2015/02/delhi-elections-is-self-righteous-anti-hindu-bigotry-the-new-normal-for-indian-secularism/] ) Of course, all in the name

20 Mar 15 5 min read

Anarchy via Paranoia Culture: Aam Aadmi Party becomes Bhasmasur demon

A psychological disorder called Paranoid Psychological Disorder is prevalent in some people.  This tendency to be perennially paranoid is boosted by the tendency to hold ones own self correct.  A Self Referential tendency. In an individual this has been defined as: > Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is a mental disorder [http:

12 Mar 15 3 min read

Rahul Gandhi’s Escapade and His Mysterious Video

Who doesn’t love a cute kid who can never get it right?  About a month back, this kid suddenly became the talk of the town.  Ever since he was born, he led the life of a prince, who could do whatever he wished, whenever he wished.  And then suddenly,

10 Mar 15 5 min read

Is Self Righteous Anti-Hindu Bigotry the new normal for Indian Secularism?

On December 6, 2010, a book titled [http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/rss---2611-digvijaya-flags-it-off-again-this-time-in-mumbai/730077] “26/11 : RSS ki Sazish” (26/11: Conspiracy by RSS) written by Aziz Burney, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Urdu Sahara newspaper was released by Congress General Secreatary Digvijay Singh on in Delhi. The book is

11 Feb 15 6 min read

How Delhi’s heart mocks Secular ideals in India

Bodhan was a Hindu Saint.  A renunciate.  He lived in the kingdom of Sikander Lodhi.  In his great Secular moment, the renunciate said – Islam and Hindu Dharma are both equally acceptable to God if followed with sincerity.  Very secular and very fair it would seem to many.  However, Sikander Lodhi

01 Sep 14 3 min read

What is Rashtra Dharma or Duty to Nation: Chanakya-speak

What is Rashtra Dharma (or Duty to your Nation)?  Is it sucking up to the dynasties?  Or is it Unity, integrity, security and prosperity of your mother-land? Chanakya deals with these questions very effectively in this one interaction.  Whatever he says is still relevant… just replace Nand-vansh with Gandhi dynasty

19 Apr 13 1 min read

Destroying National Fabric: Govt mulls Fast Track courts to save “innocent Muslim youth” from jail

A very dangerous move is afoot.  CPI leader A B Bardhan went to Home Minister with a 14-point memorandum to create fast-track courts to expedite trial of “innocent” Muslim youth accused of terror acts.  Sushilkumar Shinde promised to look into it seriously [http://zeenews.india.com/news/nation/govt-to-examine-muslim-community-s-demand-of-fast-track-courts_839289.

02 Apr 13 3 min read

Finally, Digvijaya Singh speaks the truth

The whole country knows.  The world knows.  But somehow the Congress Party has been pretending to not know it.  But now the Joker of the Pack – Digvijaya Singh – also exclaimed in that Freudian slip, something equivalent to “The King has no clothes”. He said in a statement [http://www.indianexpress.

02 Apr 13 1 min read

Arbitrary and dictatorial executive action: Congress giving Swami Ramdev the “treatment” for his audacity to protest corruption

In June, 2011 as social activist Anna Hazare had announced that he – along with his supporters – will go on a fast against the endemic and plundering corruption in India, specifically by the ruling Government, he was greeted with a dictatorial threat.  Ruling Party, Congress’ General Secretary “advised” him – “Anna saheb

16 Feb 13 4 min read

Salman Khurshid, we know Italian is running the Indian Govt, but is Italy DIRECTING our executive now??

When BJP has put pressure on the Government, Salman Khurshid – the schizophrenic moron has this to say [http://www.newstrackindia.com/newsdetails/2013/02/13/185-Augusta-Westland-copter-scam-Salman-Khurshid-defends-govt-after-BJP-criticism.html] , and its at once the most bizarre as well as bewildering argument. > “There is no such thing. It’s pro-active. There is such

13 Feb 13 3 min read

Italian CEO arrested for bribes in Indian deal; why no probes on Indian side? Who received the bribe?

We had talked about how the helicopter deal to the Italian company Finmeccanica had massive bribery issues and investigation was going [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/corruption-charges-against-italian-chopper-company-in-india-brought-by-italian-authorities/] on in Italy.  It also came out in the investigations in Italy that the technical specifications were tweaked [http://www.patheos.com/

12 Feb 13 2 min read

77% of the Growing Asian-American Community voted for Obama in 2012 Elections!

An interesting and one-of-a-kind study [http://aaldef.org/press-releases/press-release/new-findings-asian-american-vote-in-2012-varied-widely-by-ethnic-group-and-geographic-location.html] done on the involvement of the Asian-Americans in the elections throws up some interesting insights.  The study was done by Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF).  It did a nonpartisan multilingual exit poll of 9,096

06 Feb 13 3 min read

Chidu back in action as he clinches Jet and Etihad “deal”

Etihad and Jet Airways went to meet Chidambaram for discussions, and came back happy saying they were close to “clinching the deal”. Chidambaram, you see, has been itching to get back into his business after the exploits of 2G scam.  Allowing Telenor and Etisalat (front for Dawood Ibrahim’s organization)

01 Feb 13 1 min read

Tale of Two Losers: Javed Akhtar and Kancha Ilaiah

At the Jaipur Literary Fest, a tiff happened between Kancha Illiah and Javed Akhtar.  Here is a description of what happened: The tiff erupted after Akhtar, who was in the audience at a packed venue, interjected during the session on ‘God as a political philosopher: Dalit Perspectives on Buddhism’, saying

25 Jan 13 8 min read

By the way, why was Salman Khurshid the Defense Lawyer – and sympathizer – for SIMI, now Indian Mujahideen?

This was Union External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid’s remark on “Saffron Terror” and the BJP. > External affairs minister Salman Khurshid today backed home minister Sushilkumar Shinde’s statement on “Hindu terrorism” saying it was based “entirely on facts” made available by investigative agencies. He, however, said that terror has

24 Jan 13 6 min read

Pakistan Planting Landmines inside Indian Territory: Army only releases pictures; Nation Awaits a “Plan of Action”!

Not only did the Pakistanis enter Indian territory and behead two soldiers in violation of the Geneva convention and the Cease fire agreement (Read this [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/pakistani-soldiers-sickos-enter-indian-territory-behead-two-indian-soldiers-and-carry-ones-head-with-them-as-trophy/] . this [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/indian-jawans-beheading-by-pakistani-army-ill-informed-indian-tv-anchors-ill-prepared-debaters-and-aggressive-but-lying-pakistani-media-s

16 Jan 13 2 min read

Solutions are needed in India, not Outrage!

A country is not a one-celled animal that it can only focus or do one thing at a time.  Nor is a human being so.  A country needs to have an organizational ability (through its Executive, Administrative, Legislative, and Judiciary) to tackle many fronts at the same time. Lately, we

13 Jan 13 8 min read

Indian Jawans’ Beheading by Pakistani Army

Two Indian soldiers have been beheaded [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/pakistani-soldiers-sickos-enter-indian-territory-behead-two-indian-soldiers-and-carry-ones-head-with-them-as-trophy/] .  As we discussed this is an extremely barbaric act and an inhuman behavior.  Even animals can do better than that.  I have put two videos at the bottom of the post which you should view.  One is

09 Jan 13 7 min read

Controversial statements on Delhi Gangrape by Well-known people

In this very interesting post, Shilpa Jamkhandikar gives a list [http://blogs.reuters.com/india/2013/01/09/short-skirts-bad-stars-and-chow-mein-why-indias-women-get-raped/] of the Hall of Shame of the people who have given controversial statements regarding the Delhi Gang Rape incident.  Just putting it here as a means of future reference. > Asaram Bapu,

09 Jan 13 5 min read

Delhi Gangrape Case cocktail: Rape epidemic, Apathy, Admin breakdown, Brutality of Power

The friend of Delhi Braveheart discussed the incidents surrounding the whole rape situation (People were afraid to help us: Delhi gang-rape victim’s friend [http://zeenews.india.com/news/nation/i-never-had-thoughts-of-leaving-her-and-running-away-delhi-gang-rape-victims-friend_820801.html] ).  Here is what he said. > “The occupants of the bus, which had tinted windows and curtains, had

05 Jan 13 4 min read

Is Modi getting a Landslide in Gujarat?

It seems Narendra Modi is all set to win the Gujarat poll by a landslide.  Apparently, the higher voter turnout was to push Modi’s margin up as opposed to pull him down.  ABP-Nielsen Exit Poll is suggesting.  Although News 24 suggests that Modi can get closer to 140 seats

17 Dec 12 2 min read

Rehman Malik is a proxy of ISI and Pak Army: Hamid Mir

We have talked about how stupidly has Rehman Malik been speaking [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/rehman-maliks-weather-remark-on-capt-kalia-may-the-bhasmasur-of-pakistan-bless-that-nations-head/] around in India.  Here is a discussion, where Hamid Mir, who was recently targeted by a bomb attack, speaks out where Rehman Malik’s sympathies lie.  The “Establishment” Hamid is talking about

16 Dec 12 1 min read

Modi’s quips and funny tweets on Congress and Gujarat Elections

> #Modi [https://twitter.com/search/%23Modi]: If you are going on holiday for 15 days, do you give your keys to a stranger? NO? Then, how can you give Gujarat to a stranger? — Firstpost (@firstpostin) December 10, 2012 [https://twitter.com/firstpostin/status/278083143779622913] > #Modi [https://twitter.com/search/%23Modi]

10 Dec 12 1 min read

Is Russia reconstructing Soviet Union again?

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton has recently hinted that it may be happening. > Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States was trying to prevent Russia and its allies from turning into something resembling the Soviet Union under the guise of economic integration. > “There is a move to re-Sovietise the region,

10 Dec 12 2 min read

Narendra Modi gives it back to Sonia Gandhi!

Gujarat [http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=23.2167,72.6833&spn=1.0,1.0&q=23.2167,72.6833 (Gujarat)&t=h] election campaign is bringing in sharp repartee from both the sides and Narendra Modi [http://www.narendramodi.in/] has probably decided to not take it lying

07 Dec 12 3 min read

Is World Investors’ Honeymoon with “surging India” over?

Interesting discussion between Ashish Chauhan, MD and CEO at BSE Ltd, and Ashish J Singh, chairman of Bain & Company India at the World Economic Forum Ashish Singh discusses the relationship that India has with foreign investors. Singh acknowledges that foreign investors are “confused about India today.” According to Singh, while

28 Nov 12 1 min read

Generals and Government have made Indian Army unfit for battle and war

In a very hard hitting article [http://business-standard.com/india/news/ajai-shukla-general-indifference/493728/] , Ajai Shukla talks about lack of preparedness of the Armed forces, specially the Army.  The lack of strategy, lack of ammunition, heavy artillery, tanks and equipment.  Worse he talks of how our Generals are both – impotent and

27 Nov 12 2 min read

Case of 2 Air India Cabin Crews’ arrest for Facebook posts comes to light

The country heard with amazement and consternation about the fate of the two girls who had posted comments on Facebook about Bal Thackeray and were arrested. Here is a new case [http://www.ndtv.com/article/cities/two-air-india-employees-arrested-for-facebook-posts-spend-12-days-in-custody-297118] that has come to light of two employees of Air India – cabin

25 Nov 12 1 min read

Arvind Kejriwal’s new party “Aam Aadmi” launched

Arvind Kejriwal’s new part is now official.  Its name is “Aam Aadmi Party”.  It seeks to be an alternative to the corrupt establishments of today and its goals include: * empowerment of the common man, * decentralization of power, * law-making through referendum, * devolution of decision-making powers to gram sabha and * an

24 Nov 12 2 min read

Taliban taking over PoK Gilgit Baltistan areas

A very insightful report on the situation in Gilgit Baltistan, where the Pakistani Government and authorities have unleashed the terrorist forces from Pashtun regions and started a process of Talibanization via sectarian (Shia vs Sunni) killings and more fanaticism.  As the person from Gilgit says that these aren’t just

23 Nov 12 1 min read

Poetic Justice: Romney ends up with 47% vote.. EXACTLY.

It appears very likely that when all the votes are counted, Mitt Romney’s final take will be 47 percent to President Obama’s 51 percent. Post Opinion writer Greg Sargent calls it poetic justice: Romney will have won the 47 percent — just not the 47 percent of Americans whose

21 Nov 12 1 min read

SC to Govt: Stop being casual on 2G scam!

The Supreme Court on Monday pulled up Centre for being “casual” in handling 2G case before it. It asked the government to explain why entire the 2G spectrum, licenses for which were cancelled by it, were not put on recent auction. The apex court refused to take on record Centre’

19 Nov 12 1 min read

The Changing American Electorate and the “Establishment”

Mitt RomneyIn a very interesting and informative essay in The New Yorker [http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/11/19/121119fa_fact_lizza?currentPage=all] , there are two paragraphs which sum up the entire change that is coming in the American politics and the complete disbelief or lack of understanding

12 Nov 12 1 min read

Is Russia going back to its USSR days and Cold War with US?

While Cold War with USSR has long been over thanks to Gorbachev; but is it intelligent to wish all that will never come back?  Or is Russia, in a nostalgic flashback trying to get its colonies back [http://english.pravda.ru/russia/politics/09-11-2012/122751-russia_nato_asia-0/] ? > Russia agreed to

09 Nov 12 1 min read

Few Insights from Obama’s election victory for 2nd Term

Obama embraces Michelle after his VictoryBarack Obama’s election victory for the 2nd term is historic, at least that is obvious.  But there are many insights that one can get if one was to look at the election, the issues being fought for and the implications of the results. Making

08 Nov 12 3 min read

Gujarat is the best state for Economic Freedom

Economic Freedom is a new measure of where an economy is headed. Based on work done [http://www.narendramodi.in/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Economic-Freedom-Report.pdf] by renowned economists – Milton Friedman and Michael Walker – an Economic Freedom of Indian states index was developed to understand where that state was headed.

08 Nov 12 2 min read

America has CHANGED!

President Barack Obama has won the US Presidency for the second time.  While some would argue about the campaigns and the “Ground games” and the ads brought out etc, my focus is on how the basic constituencies have changed for the country. This election was won by Obama because of

06 Nov 12 1 min read

Farmer in Congress Rally: I need Rains not FDI!

The Plunderer in Chief and the “Yes Maam” puppetIt is obvious that the plunderers doubling in as rulers of the land, have complete disconnect with the people of the land.  In a massive rally, with hundreds of farmers in it, the Congress Government was trying to market the Foreign DIrect

05 Nov 12 1 min read

Tolls waived on Delhi Gurgaon Expressway waived for Congress Supporters coming for Sonia-Rahul-MMS Rally

Congress Rally in DelhiIn another case of high handedness and complete disregard for the laws of the land, the Congress Party supporters were allowed in Delhi [http://www.indianrealtynews.com/real-estate-india/delhi/vehicles-with-congress-flag-get-e-way-free-ride.html] from Delhi Gurgaon Expressway toll booths free of charge to participate in the rally this weekend.

05 Nov 12 1 min read

Ex-Chiefs criticize Gen VK Singh; Lone fighter targeted by Impotent ex-Army “leaders” who let the Army personnel down

General VK Singh: The Lone FighterIn a recent rally, ex-Indian Army Chief Gen VK Singh had called for dissolution [http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-11-02/india/34876774_1_army-chief-vk-singh-sugar-sector-northern-states] of the Parliament and gheraoing the building to support the sugarcane farmers. Some of the former Chiefs and seniors in the

04 Nov 12 2 min read

Has NJ Gov Christie handed over Presidency to Obama?

In the final analysis, Obama may consider the coming of Superstorm Sandy as the greatest boon for his second term of Presidency.  These past few days, Obama has impressed a lot of people through his leadership.  But most importantly, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may have substantially turned the tide

03 Nov 12 1 min read

Crony Capitalism: Kejriwal’s Ambani expose’ in brief

The expose on Mukesh Ambani by Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan was indeed explosive.  The way Arvind Kejriwal is going, he will shake up the entire system in an unprecedented manner.  Which, in my eyes, is a great thing.  The only way to take on this system of corruption and

01 Nov 12 3 min read

Tender Requirements for VVIP Chopper deal changed to give it to Italian firm

We saw recently [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/corruption-charges-against-italian-chopper-company-in-india-brought-by-italian-authorities/] that Italian chopper deal of Fe.. with India was in trouble in Italy because of corruption.  Now it comes out [http://www.indianexpress.com/news/chopper-deal-kickbacks-india-changed-tech-requirements-to-help-italian-firm/1024929/] that the requirements were tweaked to help this Italian firm win the contract!

01 Nov 12 1 min read

Little known facts about Narendra Modi

ModiHere are some interesting and often little known facts about Narendra Modi, who is being voted in almost every media poll to be the next Prime Minister, despite the vilifying campaign against him by the media at large. (Source – Quora [http://www.quora.com/India/What-are-some-of-the-most-mind-blowing-facts-about-Narendra-Modi?srid=h05U&st=ns]

29 Oct 12 2 min read

Corruption Charges against Italian Chopper company in India brought by Italian authorities!

Deal after deal one finds corruption links back to ONE country – Italy.  Is it a mere coincidence? When even the source country – Italy – is investigating the corruption and pointing to Indian middlemen [http://www.indianexpress.com/news/lens-on-chopper-firm-s-india-head-over-commission/1021740/0] .. Indian Government is quiet. > The India head of helicopter manufacturer

26 Oct 12 1 min read

Modi is invincible in Gujarat despite free laptops deal from Congress!

Modi during campaigning in GujaratThe latest India Today-ORG opinion poll [http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/modi-is-invincible-in-gujarat-india-today-org-survey/1/226194.html] shows that BJP will see an increase of 11 seats in Gujarat taking the seat counts to 128 out of a total of 182 seats.  On the other hand, Congress – which

25 Oct 12 1 min read

Poors pay their loans, Rich don’t: Chidambaram (from experience?)

India’s Finance Minister has some advise [http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Poor-are-honest-borrowers-Chidambaram/articleshow/16927613.cms] for the banks in India.  Specially from the standpoint of the poor. > “The point which I have driven home so many times, the poor in India are not bad borrowers, the poor in India

23 Oct 12 1 min read

India mention in US Presidential Debate: Complete Silence?

Obama and Michelle dance with School kids in India during the President’s India visit in November 2010The last Presidential Debate in the US on Monday (10/22) was on Foreign Policy.  One wanted to know what the candidates thought of their countries ties and relationships with the main countries

23 Oct 12 2 min read

India’s Looting Government Ministers and Officials: “Gangs of Hungerpur”

Mountains of grain have turned black with mildew after getting soaked in the rain (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)The World Bank knows [http://www-wds.worldbank.org/external/default/WDSContentServer/WDSP/IB/2011/04/20/000333037_20110420235516/Rendered/PDF/612750v10ESW0P1rt0Volume0I01PUBLIC1.pdf] .  The Indian Supreme Court knows [http://www.righttofoodindia.org/data/

22 Oct 12 2 min read

Land Acquisition Bill: Boon or curse?

Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement, 2011 Bill (LARR Bill 2011) is an important regulation, the final draft of which was cleared by the “Group of Ministers” (GoM) this week.  It will now be introduced in the Winter Session.  It has also been renamed [http://india.nydailynews.com/business/fd648afdfe15bd2a94d010663638cf99/gom-clears-land-acquisition-bill-draft#

18 Oct 12 1 min read

Obama and Romney’s 2nd Townhall Debate in Pictures

Yesterday, Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney sparred in the 2nd Debate, which was in Townhall format.  Candy Crowley of CNN anchored the debate and her one Fact Check of Mitt Romney’s rather offensive remarks on Obama’s assertion about what he said in the Rose Garden, the day after,

17 Oct 12 1 min read

Britain decision on Modi leaves Dileep Padgaonkar jumping with anger!

Hugo SwireDileep Padgaonkar epitomizes the journalists who are responsible for the complete loss of character for media in India today. In his latest article [http://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/talking-terms/entry/britain-s-somersault-on-modi] – ok, its more of a rant a-la-fresh blogger with a new blog account and anger in his/her

12 Oct 12 4 min read

Is US readying for a War against Iran in August?

US has already stationed three large aircraft carriers – USS Enterprise, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and the USS Abraham Lincoln – in the Persian Gulf.  It is sending another one – USS John C Stennis – to join this fleet in August. Not just that, US is also sending a new kind of

13 Jul 12 1 min read

Pakistan’s Kashmir Obsession

Some things just don’t change.  There is a verse: Dil jala hai to zaalim apna ghar bhi jala kar dekh; Duniya ko akhir pata to chale ke kahin aag lagi hai (if you heart is burning, then you should burn your house as well; at least the world will

06 Jul 12 2 min read

Why Narendra Modi SHOULD be the Next PM of India

In an interesting article [http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/sunday-toi/all-that-matters/And-the-peoples-choice-is--/articleshow/14539995.cms] in TOI, Chetan Bhagat suggests that he ran a poll on his Facebook page asking people to vote for the person Who should be India’s PM?. The choices were simple – Narendra Modi or Rahul

02 Jul 12 3 min read

Indians And Europeans -Divided Or United By DNA

By Rakesh Krishnan Simha A new study from Kerala looks at the uncanny genetic similarity between Ezhavas of Kerala and the Jat Sikhs of Punjab. The connection is yet another pointer to the broader genetic weave that has shaped modern Europeans and Indians. In this backdrop should we persist with

14 Jun 12 11 min read

Manmohan Singh as President and “Target Modi”

Mulayam Singh and Mamata Bannerjee have suggested new names to replace Pranab Mukherjee.  And the biggest surprise is Dr. Manmohan Singh.  Why would they do so? Interestingly, First Post [http://www.firstpost.com/politics/pm-for-prez-revolt-against-sonia-or-ploy-for-mid-term-poll-342570.html] has come up with interesting direction of where the things are going, based on

13 Jun 12 1 min read

Is Pakistan Hurtling to its Ruin?

Where is Pakistan going?  Towards assured ruin I would suggest.  Consider the events: 1. A major terrorist attack happens on Indian soil – Mumbai in November 2008, perpetrated and organized by some senior Intelligence and Army officials – both retired and serving.  The world watches in horror.  Pakistan denies any link. 2.

12 Jun 12 4 min read

Pranab Mukherjee to be the next President?

There has been a lot of speculation for who will be the next President of India.  Although it is a ceremonial post, but the President can prove to be crucial in the biggest of emergencies.  So, although it doesn’t always seem important, it is at the moment when it

08 Jun 12 1 min read

Obama makes an off-color joke on Michelle

The American President race is heating up and so is the fund raising as well as focus on every line that the two candidates – President Obama and Mitt Romney – utter in public. Well, Obama this week said something [http://www.hindustantimes.com/Entertainment/Tabloid/Obama-makes-oral-sex-joke-about-Michelle/Article1-867741.aspx] that seemed off

08 Jun 12 1 min read

Vatican’s Sex Parties used Emanuela Orlandi, missing for 30 years!

Emanuela Orlandi, daughter of a Vatican employee, went missing 30 years ago.  Now, Father Gabriele Amorth, appointed by Late Pope John Paul II as Church’s Chief Exorcist has now created a complete storm [http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/vaticancityandholysee/9283407/Emanuela-Orlandi-was-kidnapped-for-sex-parties-for-Vatican-police.html] !  Missing of the girl

27 May 12 1 min read

Pak PM Gilani’s interview to CNN and the larger malaise

Yousuf Raza Gilani during CNN InterviewRecently, there was an interview by CNN with Pakistan PM Yousuf Raza Gilani.  Two particular portions of that interview have become extremely insulting for  the Pakistanis. 1. “Look me in the eye”: In one part, the anchor asks the Pakistani PM “The states seem to

25 May 12 3 min read

Is Pakistan taking on US in a high stakes gamble?

Pakistan seems to be digging a greater hole for itself. It has played its hand way over its “pay grade” by going after US and snubbing them openly. First it was a snub to Obama – where the US President had given an invite to Pakistan’s Zardari at the last

23 May 12 3 min read

CBI Chief Confirms that $500 Billion stashed in Swiss Banks

Now CBI Director confirms [http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Black-money-Indians-have-stashed-over-500bn-in-banks-abroad-says-CBI/articleshow/11871624.cms] what we all knew – that money amounting to billions is stashed in the Swiss Banks. And Indians are the largest depositors in the Swiss banks. > “It is estimated that around 500 billion dollars of illegal money belonging

21 May 12 1 min read

5 years Post Brawl Ban for Shah Rukh Khan from Wankhede

After Wednesday brawl between Shah Rukh Khan and the Security personnel at the Wankhede Stadium, the Mumbai Cricket Association has slapped a 5 year ban on SRK and barred him from entering the stadium. > “The managing committee of MCA condemns the behavior of Shah Rukh Khan,”MCA President Vilasrao Deshmukh

20 May 12 2 min read

Sachin or Pranab, India lost in both cases!

Sachin TendulkarIn a country, where media and the people are divided – which is a greater news – Sachin Tendulkar’s losing century or India’s losing century via another idiotic budget, which pushes the economy in a greater inflationary spiral, the day must have been extraordinary. Rajdeep Sardesai is lucky (see

17 Mar 12 2 min read

Delhi a Rape Capital: Because its easy and safe to rape

Rape CrisisWhy is Delhi experiencing such high incidence of rape?  Why doesn’t anyone help a woman being raped or say something?  What does it signify? These are interesting questions.  People look at the law and order problem and high incidence of crime in the capital.  But are we all

16 Mar 12 4 min read

Is this the Beginning of the End of Gandhis?

Akhilesh Yadav': Rahul Gandhi's NemesisThe recent UP elections in India will go down in history as the elections which humbled the Gandhi family and its heir apparent, Rahul Gandhi.  It will also be remembered as the elections which showcased another heir – Akhilesh Yadav. The extent of humiliation of Rahul and

09 Mar 12 1 min read

When Mamata Bannerjee had Red Calcultta painted Blue

Its Blue everywhereRed Calcutta – or Kolkatta for the hard-core Bongs – changed its color in 2012.  It was being painted Blue by Mamta Bannerjee, and with a vengeance.  All the bridges, the road dividers, the bus stops and the Government building were given a new coat. Interestingly, in this city of

02 Mar 12 2 min read

US Forces stationed in India: Should we be worried?

Admiral Robert WillardThe  US Pacific Commander Admiral Robert Willard spoke in a Congressional hearing on March 1, that India and US teams were working together to get a handle on the Lashkar-e-Taiba for the 2008 Mumbai attacks. Along with that, he also said that US teams were stationed in India

02 Mar 12 2 min read

Parties unite in anger against Kejriwal when shown the mirror

The MPs of all political parties are up in arms against Arvind Kejriwal for having spoken the truth – that a parliament of 545 elected members has 163 charged with heinous crimes. When the mirror is shown, every party – BJP, Congress, RJD – are angry.  They aren’t interested in changing themselves

27 Feb 12 1 min read

Audacity of the Corrupt: Mulayam’s question to Anna

Mulayam Singh Yadav: "Who are you to Question us?"The entire movement of Team Anna was built on the sentiment of commen men and women wearing “I Am Anna” on their head.  That meant what Anna was asking of the political class, every Indian who supported him, also wanted to

25 Jan 12 1 min read

Kushwaha flip-flop by BJP

What a stupid flip-flop by BJP! First they induct Bahujan Samaj Party leader Babu Singh Kushwaha – someone who has been exposed by the BJP National Secretary and Chairman of its Scam Expose Committee Kirit Somaiya [http://www.kiritsomaiya.com/]. And then goes ahead and suspends [http://zeenews.india.com/news/

09 Jan 12 1 min read

Usurping Tax Payers Money for the Gandhi-Nehru Family

A reply in Rajya Sabha by Information and Broadcasting Minister of State, CM Jatua is very enlightening. In India, the money of the tax payer goes into the money given to different ministries to do work for the citizens of the country in various ways. The portfolio of the ministry

19 Dec 11 2 min read

Quantum of Corruption Money Earned by Public Officials

In a new book called “Corruption in India: The DNA and RNA”, authors Bibek Debroy and Laveesh Bhandari have estimated that India’s public servants loot Rs.92,122 crore ($18.42 billion), or 1.26% of the GDP due to corruption.  They have used data from Central Statistical Organisation

09 Dec 11 2 min read

Christian Antagonism to Dharmic Spirituality

Yoga is Satanic because it leads to a worship of Hinduism and “all eastern religions are based on a false belief in reincarnation”. So proclaims [http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/harry-potter/8915691/Harry-Potter-and-yoga-are-evil-says-Catholic-Church-exorcist.html] the Chief Exorcist of the Vatican, Father Gabriele Amorth. He is known for many interesting

30 Nov 11 6 min read

Aatish Taseer on Arundhati Roy and his father, Salman Taseer

Aatish Taseer’s extremely interesting “Self Interview” [http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/ataseer/2011/10/aatish-taseer-the-tnb-self-interview/] brings out a few things that are profound and well said. That he wasn’t on great terms with his father Salman Taseer, the Pakistani politician who died speaking against Blasphemy laws, is well known.

27 Nov 11 3 min read

Mayawati has a special offer

Mayawati has a special offer in her inbox.  And the offer comes all the way from Europe.  Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is offering to get her [http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_julian-assange-takes-a-dig-at-mayawati_1584020] brand new British sandals in exchange for political asylum in India. Julian Assange’s Wikileaks had mentioned

06 Sep 11 1 min read

Gandhian with Guts: Anna Hazare calls Chidambaram a Liar and Mischievous

> “Chidambaram is ‘khodsal’ (a Marathi word which means a mischievous or a dishonest person),” Said Anna Hazare of Indian Home Minister, P. Chidambaram.  When he was asked to explain what he meant, Anna further added that [http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics/nation/anna-hazare-slams-p-chidambaram-calls-him-mischievous/articleshow/9839395.cms] > “I call him

02 Sep 11 1 min read

Anna breaks fast, Now What??

In Sikkim a farmer was fasting for a week along with Anna Hazare. Yong Tshering Lepcha lost 14 kg [http://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/chunk-ht-ui-homepage-breakingstory/Nation-s-victory-thousands-begin-march-from-India-Gate/Article1-738915.aspx] during his fast. > “Truth has prevailed and this is how people like Anna Hazare have inspired even a farmer like me. He

28 Aug 11 2 min read

Line up to go buff for Anna Hazare

Ever since the Poonam Pandey episode happened of free publicity without much effort, except going naked, it seems every wannabe model/actress in India has caught the “go nude” bug. Specially on this serious issue of corruption, first it was Salina Wali Khan [http://www.patheos.com/blogs/drishtikone/blog/

28 Aug 11 1 min read

The “Great Khali” is now behind Anna Hazare

Now the strongest of them all, the WWF wrestler Khali has extended his weight behind Anna Hazare.  A person who diet includes [http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=1006042505162]five kg milk, five chickens and two dozen eggs along with chapatis, juice, and fruit daily, is backing an

27 Aug 11 1 min read

Sanjha Vidhaan: Common Law and Common Punishment

[audio:sanjha vidhaan.mp3] It is true that India is a democracy and the common rules and laws should be followed.  If the rule of law is thrown aside then only anarchy will follow.  However deficient our institutions may be, they still have to respected.  And there are counter checks

20 Aug 11 1 min read

Anna Hazare’s Dandi March moment of August 16

> It is difficult not to laugh, and we imagine that will be the mood of most thinking Indians. There is something almost childishly theatrical in challenging in this way the salt monopoly of the Government. Said Calcutta’s British-owned newspaper [http://books.google.com/books?id=FauJL7LKXmkC&pg=PA321&lpg=

14 Aug 11 4 min read

Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi for India’s Next Prime Minister?

There is a very interesting set of polls out there.  One, a poll by staunchly Congress oriented CNN IBN [http://www.hindustantimes.com/Rahul-Gandhi-favourite-to-be-next-Prime-Minister-TV-Poll/Article1-730808.aspx] and another by small time news outlet led by an ex-research editor of TOI. The former says Rahul Gandhi is the favorite to lead

08 Aug 11 5 min read

Shiela Dixit in CWG “CAG”-mire: CWG Scam Corruption

BJP smarting from the BS Yeddurappa’s resignation, has focused on Shiela Dixit.  Although she had handled Delhi’s Administration rather well, but when it came to Commonwealth Games, she wasn’t above the corruption quagmire. Comptroller and Auditor’s General of India (CAG) has put it most succinctly [http:

04 Aug 11 1 min read

Politicisation of Art: Indian Artists boycotting Israeli Art Show

Targeting the Jews and Israel, internationally (and Hindus within India) is a favorite pass time of most “intellectuals” and “liberals”.  Now, a group of Indian artists, who were invited to an art show in Israel have declined to go [http://news.in.msn.com/national/article.aspx?cp-documentid=5334421] there.

03 Aug 11 3 min read

Liberals in Fai’s crosshairs

While many Congressmen are in the cross-hairs of being recipients of money from Ghulam Nabi Fai, the front man for ISI in Washington DC; many Indian liberals are also in the list of the beneficiaries who received hospitality of these guys.  As Gurumurthy lists out, here are some of the

30 Jul 11 1 min read

Menaka redux: Rakhi falls for Ramdev

Sometimes it takes a mindless “Savant” to turn a Swami into a “hot dude”.  Rakhi Sa(v)want seems to be endorsing Swami Ramdev’s [http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/tv-/Ramdevs-hot-I-want-to-marry-him-Rakhi-Sawant/articleshow/9383024.cms] Hot-ness quotient.  The “One Gram a Breath Blast” promise of Anulom Vilom of the Swami

28 Jul 11 5 min read

Yeddurappa resignation and the War ahead

Governor HR Bhardwaj in Karnataka has been after the life of Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappa.  Lok Ayukta – the Anti-Corruption Ombudsman – has indicted BSY of illegal mining in the state.  AFter intense back and forth – BSY finally gave in his resignation [http://www.hindustantimes.com/News-Feed/newdelhi/Yeddyurappa-agrees-to-go-sends-resignation-letter-to-Gadkari/Article1-726619.aspx]

28 Jul 11 2 min read

The Fraud and Hypocrisy of the “Liberal” Indian Crowd

I am by nature a very liberal/free-spirited person who has friends from all over the world belonging to all religions. I believe deeply in democratic values and freedom of expression… …said a lady in a reply to my comments (given below as “My first reponse) on a Facebook discussion

08 Jul 11 8 min read

Buddha, Nanak, Ramdev and the Misrepresentation of Facts

Buddha’s Message and Promotion Ashoka was a valiant warrior and a terrible foe.  But in 260 BC, he met Buddha after the Kalinga War, where many thousands were killed.  And that chance meeting changed Ashoka forever.  Not just Ashoka, but the entire South Asia, and indeed the mankind. Those

06 Jun 11 6 min read

Shameless Targeting of Narender Modi

As if he was waiting for it, and happy that it came, India’s Home Minister P. Chidambaram, in a show of brazen partisanship – welcomed the filing of the affidavit [http://news.worldsnap.com/india/godhra-chidambaram-backs-bhatt-on-modi-affidavit-103045.html] in the Supreme Court by IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt, where Bhatt accused Gujarat

27 Apr 11 6 min read

Need to Institutionalize Anna Hazare

Nittoor Srinivasa Rao, a Gandhian who participated in the Freedom Struggle and the Chief Justice of the High Court of Mysore became the first Central Vigilance Commissioner (CVC).  Lived a simple life and died 12 days short of his 101st birthday. The road from Nittoor Srinivasa Rao in 1964 to

15 Apr 11 6 min read

Joining Anna Hazare’s Rally: a personal account

(Shared by Rohit Malik with our school alumni group) I had the privilege of being there at Jantar Mantar, and to witness a real revolution unfolding in front of me. It was a chapter straight from our History books.  The satyagrah movement, revolutionaries lining the streets, chants of Vande Matarm,

15 Apr 11 2 min read

How the UPA Government plundered Indian treasury with MNREGA

In this year’s (2011) Economic budget, the UPA Government has allocated Rs 40,100 crore for the Mahatama Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) program, in addition to the Rs.64000 crore sought by the Ministry of Rural Development for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

02 Mar 11 4 min read

Playing Vote Bank Politics with Taxpayers Money: Mukherjee Budget 2011

In India, when Government talks of “Minorities” it generally means Muslims.  The rest of the minorties don’t mean much.  There is a foundation created by the Government of India called Maulana Azad Education Foundation [http://www.maef.nic.in/].  Its Introduction piously says: > The Foundation is a voluntary, non-political,

01 Mar 11 4 min read