Mani Shankar Aiyar carries message from Islamabad to Shaheen Bagh

Mani Shankar Aiyar carries message from Islamabad to Shaheen Bagh

Mani Shankar Aiyar has done it again.

Like he conspired with the Pakistani consulate and ISI representatives – while bringing along prominent Indian people in a special secret meeting in the run up to the 2019, he is again working on collusion with Pakistan.  Read “What was plotted at Mani Shankar Aiyar’s house?

He went to the “Thinkfest 2020” in Lahore – Jan 11-12 – and participated there while holding meetings on the sidelines with Imran Khan’s representative – Shehzad Arbab.

In Lahore, he suggested that there was a rift between PM Modi and the Home Minister Amit Shah with respect to the NRC and NPR initiatives, while he abused the government and Hindutva.

Known for his tactless remarks, Aiyar asserted in a panel discussion in Lahore that there is a rift between PM Modi and Amit Shah over the articulation of NRC and NPR. The program was also attended by Pakistan’s Najam Sethi where Aiyar claimed that both Shah and Modi are the face of “Hindutva” in India. (source)

The immediate fallout was an attempt by Congress to absolve Pakistan of the Pulwama attack.

In a series of tweets, Chowdhury said, “Had Davinder Singh by default been Davinder Khan (sic), the reaction of troll regiment of RSS would have been more strident and vociferous. Enemies of our country ought to be condemned irrespective of colour, creed, and religion. The chink in the armour is exposed in the Valley much to the consternation of us. We cannot afford ourselves to be penny wise and pound foolish. Now question will certainly be arisen as to who were the real culprits behind the gruesome Pulwama incident; need a fresh look on it.” (source)

And, when Aiyar came back, he headed to Shaheen Bagh and started with his diatribe against the Prime Minister.

In his address at Shaheen Bagh, Aiyar remarked, “Whatever I can do personally for you, I am ready to do that. Jo bhi qurbaniyan deni hon, usme main bhi shaamil hone ko tayaar hun. Ab dekhein ki kiska hath mazboot hai, hamara ya uss (wo) kaatil ka? (Whatever sacrifices need to be given, I am ready for the same. Now let’s see whose hand is strong, ours or that murderer’s?)” (source)

With every passing day, the whole “protest” stuff becomes murkier and murkier.  Aiyar’s parleys in Pakistan and then heading straight to the Shaheen Bagh after his return suggests that there is a link which goes all the way to Islamabad.

It is now imperative that the whole game that is being played is countered heavily by the people.  Make no mistake, Pakistan – along with Congress – is doing all it can to orchestrate a Civil War like situation based on complete lies, false narratives and paid protests.

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