How a Pakistani-Brit sets up EU against India before Brexit with anti CAA Resolution

How a Pakistani-Brit sets up EU against India before Brexit with anti CAA Resolution

How Pakistanis can drown any society that they go to and work in, can be seen from the so-called resolution to be debated in European Union against India with an Anti-CAA content.

That is what is being done with the anti-CAA resolution in the European Union.

Two-bit Pakistani-Brit does a stunt

A loser of a guy – Shaffaq Mohammad, a guy born in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, in Mirpur, where his own people are protesting against Pakistan, is trying to throw an anti-India resolution down the throat of European Union.

This guy came fourth in the 2017 general elections, in  2016 Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough by-election he came a distant third with mere 6.1% vote, but somehow found his way as into the Member of European Parliament (MEP) group in 2019 from  Yorkshire and the Humber.  That too in a year when the UK is going to Brexit by December 31st 2020.

And, what does he do?  He brings a resolution against India, a country which is a critical trading and economic partner of European Union while his country is breaking away from it.

Do you see his diabolical game?  He is preparing to sink the very organization he has been elected to and is representing!

As the reality of his mess dawns on people, they and EU specifically are abandoning and distancing themselves from this act of political harakiri.

“For France, a founding member of the EU, the Citizenship (Amendment) Act is India’s internal political matter. We have stated this on several occasions. The European Parliament is an institution independent of the member states and the European Commission,” the person said. (source)

That such an act will hit his own country, UK’s interests is obvious.  Worst is that it will hit the economic interests of European Union.

While UK tries to look for its own deals after Brexit, this imbecile – Shaffaq Mohammad, in order to push his loyalty to Pakistan and its establishment’s (ISI primarily) narrative, is fine with pushing UK under the bus.  When UK goes looking for deals after Brexit with its MEP representatives having started resolutions that directly interfere in India’s internal matters, do you think Boris Johnson will get any friends in New Delhi?

How to destroy the interests of your adopted homeland to further the pan-Islamist narratives, needs to be learned from Pakistanis.

France, as usual, remains a steadfast friend of India.  Others who side with India will be the leaders of the nationalist governments in other European countries like Poland etc.  Even folks like the Czech politician Tomáš Zdechovský, also an MEP, is appalled at what has happened and wants to oppose this nonsense started by Shaffaq Mohammad.


US National Coordinator for Security, Richard Clarke had once called Pakistanis as “Pathological liars”.  They impose a cost on the people they engage with.  Whether it is in Canada, where the Islamic terrorism has now made firm roots or in the UK.

It is hilarious how a two-bit Pakistani-Brit politician has found himself in a place where he could play his loud game to get some moments in the limelight.  A 15 minutes fame recipe.  Only to severely damage the economic interests of Britain and the EU at arguably the toughest time in their existence.

With Modi’s tough stand already demonstrated in the face of this provocative act, the EU and UK politicians would be scrambling to somehow save their face.

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