JNU Masked Girl identified by Delhi Police – from Daulat Ram College

Last updated on Jan 13, 2020

Posted on Jan 13, 2020

In a major breakthrough, the masked girl who was standing right outside the Periyar hostel before the violence started has been identified by the Delhi Police.  She is from Daulat Ram College, an all girls college in North Campus.

The identified girl is said to be a student of Daulat Ram College, Delhi University. She will soon be served a notice to join the investigation by the Delhi Police. Source: Delhi Police identifies masked girl in JNU violence video, to be served notice soon

It is quite interesting that someone all the way from North Campus found it important to come to Periyar hostel in JNU (South Delhi) to participate in the violence against the residents there (mainly ABVP folks).  What would make someone go all the way to be a part of such violence in someone else’s hostel?

If this was a trend during these violent mob lynchings by the left, then we will in all probability unearth a larger plan and participants than we had earlier anticipated.  Kudos to the Delhi Police to have zeroed into to the JNU Masked Girl identity after she was the subject of too many speculations.

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