Kejriwal’s Delhi Government orchestrates an Act of War Against India!

Kejriwal’s Delhi Government orchestrates an Act of War Against India!

Arvind Kejriwal came to power in Delhi with the promise of free electricity and water.  Specifically for the poor.  As the Indian government has announced complete lockdown, it is imperative that the people stay at home.

How Kejriwal’s Government engineered the chaos

But the Delhi Government is now engineering a disaster that can be equal to an attack on the very survival of India.  In reports coming from Delhi, it is becoming clear that the State Government of Arvind Kejriwal orchestrated the whole chaos where migrant workers from UP and Bihar have been displaced from Delhi.  Yes, they lost the work but not only the local government not just not help them, but also took away their electricity and water and spread rumors to send them outside Delhi.

In a statement issued by the UP government, it said that the Delhi government disconnected water and electricity connections of people. “During lockdown, people were not even provided food and milk in Delhi,” said the statement. The UP government has alleged that DTC buses dropped off people at the Delhi border in the name of help.Indian Express

The chaotic scenes in Anand Vihar bus stand are dangerous and scary.

BJP has stated how the whole crisis on Delhi borders have been orchestrated.

“Migrant workers tell on camera that they were told that buses will be there at Anand Vihar. DTC buses drop them to Anand Vihar. Some forces want India to fail when India fights corona. Nation will not forgive them,” BJP general secretary (organisation) B L Santhosh said. Noting that the National Capital Region has more than 100 positive cases, he said it is a ”health red zone” and still about half-a-lakh migrant workers are being “encouraged” to move out without being given shelter and food.Outlook India

This is not just betrayal of people in Delhi, but treason against the nation itself.

NCR is a red zone.  While in the many small towns and villages the spread is minimal.  To send people in such large numbers to those villages and displace them is to declare a war against the nation itself!

Delhi workers are the responsibility of the Delhi Government!

Modi-haters blaming the lock-down

There are many regular Modi haters like this one who are suggesting that the lockdown done “so quickly” was a bad idea, specifically in how the migrants have been “left stranded”.

The problem with this argument are manifold.  Let us look at them:

  1. How much time was enough?  4 days?  4 weeks?  There was a balancing act between health crisis and economic disaster, which Modi had to weigh.  So, those who have to take issue with the time, will take issue with any time period.
  2. To even suggest that the planning for the whole thing start at 8pm when the announcement was made is ridiculous.   During the announcement for “Janata Curfew”, Modi also said clearly that he wanted “a few weeks” from people.  What did that mean?  The planning had already been done, with that first announcement, the Government created a mass movement for the lockdown.
  3. Taking care of the workers in a “state” should be the mandate of the local state government, NOT the Central Government.  If the workers in Delhi were losing jobs and needed help with housing, electricity and water and food, then that should have been provided and arranged by the local Delhi Government.  Arvind Kejriwal cannot wash his hands away by saying nothing is in his hands like in case of policing.  If he has nothing in his hands, then he needs to resign!

These are important questions.  Delhi Government cannot keep asking for votes on the basis of freebies while playing victim without powers for things that are its responsibility!  People in Delhi are the responsibility of the Delhi Government.  If not, then there is no need for such an impotent and useless piece of administration!  It is time to disband the Delhi state government!

Orchestrated Crisis or an Act of War?

Opindia has called it a “manufactured crisis”.  Which it is.  But goes beyond that.  Given how devastating the whole pandemic is in terms of national population, we are looking at a health abyss if things are not managed properly!  In such an already bad scenario, we have one state orchestrating a chaotic situation with thousands of people dumped in one place.

To look at it as mere bad governance or politics is to not fully grasp the evil that the Delhi state is willing to unleash on the nation.  And, it is even more strange that the Central government is sitting quietly instead of using a heavy hand of emergency level Army engagement in Delhi on this.  The Indian Army should have been out within an hour to quash this and worker movements should have been stopped within Delhi.

This is no time to play nice in politics.  If we have to save the country, it is imperative that those who care for the country go all out against those who threaten the well being of the nation.  They cannot be allowed to get away.  And if that means imposing emergency like situation in some place or state, then so be it.  If that means throwing out an elected official because he is creating conditions of civil war, then that is what should be done.

Yes Arvind Kejriwal is complicit in committing an act of war against the Indian nation.  But the Modi government is responsible for being caught unawares and unprepared to stop this madman from successfully implementing that attack!


Till as late as March 28th, buses were being run by the Delhi Administration to bring people to Anand Vihar bus stand.  Why?

Isn’t it time that this should end?

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