One Night Stand heats up April with Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani

In Sunny Leone’s latest movie, the subject is a One Night Stand – the name of the movie.  A one-night-stand between two strangers that ends up creating obsession in the man pushing him to stalk the lady of his desires.  Both are committed with their life partners, yet they end up having the steamiest time in the night possible!

In real world, One Night Stands have some really interesting dynamics.  As per an international team of psychologists, men are willing to “lower their standards” when it comes to who they can sleep with, while women only go for good looks before jumping in.  Why?  Because women find the experience to be a statement of their desirability – that someone is willing to experiment with them for just one night since they are so attractive and desirable.  Basically, the man is in it – per women – because he can’t resist them.  Apparently, that is precisely what women get swayed by before they agree for the one night of steamy sex.  Men, however are in it for the thrill and the experience.  And, therefore can lower their expectation for a “quickie”.  So, while women are in it for Personal Flattery and Desirability, men are in it because of availability.

Unlike the earlier study, however, this analysis left some wiggle room for responses, which the women happily took advantage of. While few would outright agree to sleep with their imaginary suitors, a quarter of female responders said they wouldn’t immediately reject a very good looking man, and half said they would leave open the option of a trip back to his apartment.

It is for these reason – the different expectations and “going-in positions” – that men and women come out of it the next morning with totally different reactions.

Overall women’s morning-after feelings were more negative than men’s. While 80 percent of men had overall positive feelings, just 54 percent of women had positive feelings.
Women predominantly reported “regret at being used,” with additional comments including: “I felt cheap,” “horrified afterward,” and “I felt degraded. Made myself look cheap and easy. Total regret.”

This movie directed by Jasmine D’Souza was originally created with Sunny Leone in mind.  Opposite her is Tarun Virwani, son of heart-throb of the 80s – the ravishing Rati Agnihotri!

The trailers and the peek into the movie shows some extremely steamy scenes between Sunny Leone (Celina) and Tanuj Virwani (Urvil).

If the songs released – “Do Peg maar” and “Ijaazat” (sung by Arijit Singh) are any indication , then the music is catchy and melodious as well.

Sunny Leone is a known performer now in Bollywood, with some extremely steamy movies under her belt.  The author was impressed by Tanuj Virwani’s presence.  He has a good looks, physique and a great voice.  The little one sees of him, he does carry himself off quite well.

Tanuj Virwani
Tanuj Virwani

Set to release on April 29th, 2016, you can expect the days and nights later this month to get all heated up!

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