Orange Juice can be very harmful to your health

Are you one of those who likes to have a glass of Orange Juice in the breakfast?  Most Americans do.  In fact that seems to be the ubiquitous drink for most people in the US.  People think that it is healthy.  But is it?

Orange Juice really doesn’t have much in it.  Its a good source of Vitamin C but that’s just about it!  It has almost no fiber and large amount of Sugar.

Because of this now, the researchers feel there is a direct correlation between drinking Orange Juice and Type 2 diabetes – which is a major risk factor for heart disease and strokes.  Having said that, eating the fruit is NOT The same as drinking the juice – meaning that eating the fruits can be immensely useful – but drinking the juice from that fruit can be harmful!

They found that those who drank just one glass of orange juice increased their risk of developing diabetes by more than 18 percent while who ate three servings of the whole fruit slashed their risk by 24 percent.

Unfortunately, the study was done only on women, so one does not know if the men also have the same issues with the Orange juice or not – I would venture to think they do.

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