Orissa: 13 Year Old Surrendered Maoist Joined in School

Krushna Soy (13) a Maoists who surrendered before the Jajpur police on 8th , April this year recently enrolled as a fourth class student in the government managed residential school in Sareikhali under Sukinda block in Jajpur district.

Krushna Soy son of Rabi Soy in Baipur village under Ghasipur police station in Keonjhar district joined with Maoists in 2009 . He was also involved in attack on Bansapal police outpost in 2009, said a senior police officer in Jajpur.

“The district administration admitted the surrendered Maoist in the school under the government ‘s rehabilitation programme to rehabilitate the surrendered Maoists” , said Pramod Kumar Mohanty the district collector of Jajpur.

Sidhesawar Hansana the headmaster of the residential school said “Krushna was reading read in his village school up to class three before joining in the camp of Maoists. We admitted him in class four. All the students and teachers of our school taking care of Krushna”.

Krushna also attacked Gayatri construction in 2009. He was also involved in the kidnapping of ASI Umes Marandi in July 2010. He also attacked Bansapal police outpost in November 2010. He was also involved in Angul Tea Plantation attack in November 2010, said the police officer.

Many Maoists were frustrated by harassment by their seniors and surrendered. Initially, the Maoists contended they are fighting for the cause of poor and weaker sections of the society whereas over the past two decades, they have turned extremely violent, not hesitating in killing civilians, on the pretext they are police informers.

Sources said that the entire family members of some Maoists were dedicated to left wing extremism. Some close relatives like sons, daughters and other kin of Maoist leaders were either turning into sympathisers or were working in frontal groups and were made accused in Left wing extremist-related cases by the police.

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