Our eternal harmonious movment: The spiral

Last updated on Oct 27, 2008

Posted on Oct 27, 2008


    Today I feel compelled to enhance the amazing attributes of movement in our every day lives. As you follow with your eyes the words from left to right a great miracle is taking place, usually unappreciated by us. Our hearts are working harmoniously, our breathing in and breathing out is carried out easily without stress, our blood circulating through our arteries and blood vessels, our brain computing all our external perceptions plus our internal thoughts, our imagination always a step ahead of our current reality. Let’s start being very curious, like the curiosity of a two year old child, first observing everything that moves from left to right spending at least five minutes doing this, remember any movement from left to right do this for at least five minutes, then close your eyes for a couple of minutes trying to recall as much as you can, our next step would be now to be conscious of everything moving from right to left for the same amount of time. I strongly suggest that the next day now concentrate in everything moving farther from where you are, everything moving away.

Spend just five minutes then close your eyes spending a couple of minutes bringing to mind as many objects as possible. On our third day of movement observations please spend five minutes observing things that elevate, in other words everything going up from your point of view do this for five minutes, then close your eyes and spend a couple of minutes remembering your experience. Rest for a few minutes, now you are ready to be conscious of everything coming down relative to the place you are, everything descending. On our fourth and final day of observations please detect everything moving away, but now from left to right.

The procedure is again repeated including spending a couple of minutes with shut eyes binging to your conscious everything being carefully observed. Rest for a few minutes now you are more than ready to observe everything approaching to you from right to your left. These apparently simple exercises have a lot of useful applications because from now on you will count with a more reliable memory regarding outside movement. See you soon. Azokta-nous

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