Over 400 Chinese sites hacked by Pakistani hacker

Couple of things for perspective on this news item:

  • Pakistanis cannot tire themselves calling China as their all-weather friend.  In fact, most of the world knows how China is screwing Pakistan, except the Pakistanis.
  • Most of the hacking and spamming attempts originate from China, many times sponsored by the Chinese Govt.  So, its kinda nice to them face some defacing from their “friends”.

World really hasn’t seen many Pakistani nationals doing something positive in the online world except using it as a conduit for terrorism.

A group of Pakistani hackers are giving sleepless nights to hundreds of agencies and provincial governments in China by defacing their websites. Anti-hacking agencies and sites likePasteBin and the Pakistani media have reported that over 400 Chinese government sites have been attacked by Pakistani groups.  This is the first major attack by Pakistani hackersin China, which is particularly supportive of the Islamic neighbour. Hackers in Pakistan have defaced many scientific, military and official websites in India in the past.
A major target for the hackers is Xuchang City in China’s Henan province. It’s largely the handiwork of a hacker who goes by the name ‘code cracker’ and is part of hacking group, Pakistan Cyber Army, according to Hack Read, an information sharing site.

Here is the list of Chinese sites which have been hacked by Code Cracker – list

Wonder if the “professional hacking machine” from China will get into action and strike back? Getting hacked really isn’t a laughing matter no matter where you’re from, but we know most countries do it to one another for one reason or another. Luckily, for businesses, there are ways of fixing hacked wordpress sites and other sites so they can continue without any issue.


Image credit: ZDnet – it is the image left behind by the hackers on the over 400 sites run by  Xuchang City People Procuratorate hacked by Pakistani hacker

400+ Chinese Government sub domains defaced by code cracker

Pakistani hacker hits over 400 Chinese govt sites

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Pakistani hacker hits over 400 Chinese govt sites

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