Pakistan and its Army in Complete Chaos Despite its Bravado

Pakistan and its Army in Complete Chaos Despite its Bravado

Have you ever dealt with a bully who puts up a show?  He will keep making you believe he is on top even when he is beaten up.

That is what Pakistan (and its proxies) made Shastri believe in 1965.  And this is what they have been successfully able to confuse the nation about all these years with “Atom bomb” scare.  The fact is that the whole nation is in a complete disarray.  And Indians are being made to believe that everything is hunky dory.

Let us look at first an audio clip of a source in Pakistan who is discussing with Republic TV how the Pakistani Army is busy scraping at any Taliban or other fighters they can get their hands to and trying to move folks from the Western border to the Eastern one.  The fear and chaos there is telling.

And then read this series of tweets by Nandini who has collected all the valid points one by one.

Here is the complete series of tweets.  What she is referring to is the economic and social mess with falling rupee, higher natural gas prices and petrol shortages along with blackouts due to power shortage as well.  What she has not referred to is the that there is a massive flood situation in KPK and Balochistan as well.    So the Army is being hit from many sides.

At this moment, it is not a time to relax for the Indian Government and people but to keep the offensive until this many headed monster is put to rest.

Pakistan in Chaos

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