Pakistan Existence is at Stake and Still it fights India: US Army General

Last updated on Apr 3, 2009

Posted on Apr 3, 2009

In all my recent posts I have been trying to get a message across – specifically for the Pakistanis, if they could read and admit.. that Pakistan’s existence is at stake.  And, guys, it is NOT India, but your “own” that you hitherto considered as “Strategic Assets” who will devour your state!

But it finally took US Army General David Petraeus to actually lay it out perfectly and clearly as only an American communicator could do .. in just two statement![1]

The Pakistan state faces a rising — indeed, an existential — threat from extremists such as al Qaeda and other transnational terrorist organisation, which have developed in safe havens and support bases in ungoverned spaces in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border regions,” the United States Central Command head said.

Petraeus bemoaned, “Many Pakistani leaders remain focused on India as Pakistan’s principal threat, and some may even continue to regard Islamist extremist groups as a potential strategic asset against India.” [emphasis added]

This is significant!

Given the rhetoric that keeps emanating from Pakistan and specially from media – which keeps jokers like Zaid Hamid on its panels – surely points to a future where one can’t see anything improving!

Reference Links:

1. Pakistan still considers India as its principal enemy

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