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Pakistan High Commissioner Lies on meeting with Sri Lankan President, who slams his release for its falsehoods!

Richard Clarke, the US NSA during Bill Clinton’s time, had said to Bill Maher that Pakistanis are pathological liars.  Even they don’t know that they are lying anymore.

So when you are that popular about your shameless lying, how do you deal with that?  By doing it so indiscriminately that everyone humiliates you!

And, that is what happened.

The Pakistani High Commissioner to Sri Lanka met the Sri Lankan President.  And after the Sri Lankan president Sirisena met Shahid Ahmad Hashmat, at the latter’s behest, of course, the High Commissioner brought up Kashmir obviously.  Sri Lankan President said something to him, which we will come to later.

But the press release that Pakistan took out was this one.  Where he triumphantly declares that the President acknowledged that Jammu & Kashmir is a disputed territory and that the dispute should be resolved as per the wishes of Kashmiri people under the UN Resolutions.  Not just that, the press release even went on to say that President Sirisena has offered Sri Lanka’s mediation and facilitation of the dialog!  Pretty antagonistic to India right?

Well, WRONG!  It was a lie played at global scale!  Can you even fathom that?!  Statement on a meetings that involve a Head of State is fabricated by the High commissioner in that state?

So, to set the record straight, this is what Sri Lankan side came out with.

By specifically referring to the press release by the Pakistani High Commissioner, the Sri Lankan press release says clearly that none of what the Pakistani High Commissioner imagined EVER happened!!  He said EXACTLY what India has said and the President did not make ANY other statement!

Now, that is pretty pathetic!  Even for Pakistan!