Pakistan Minister calls US Ambassador to Afghanistan a ‘Little Pygmy’ and a ‘Moron’!

Pakistan Minister calls US Ambassador to Afghanistan a ‘Little Pygmy’ and a ‘Moron’!

The Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan suggested in his interactions with Pakistani media recently that an interim government should be installed in Afghanistan to help smooth the talks process.  This did not go well with Afghanistan.  And their foreign ministry summoned the deputy ambassador of Pakistan to protest over those remarks.  Additionally, Afghanistan recalled their ambassador to Pakistan back!

Pak's 'Human Rights' minister (seriously?! they have such a minstry in the Jehadi nation?!) called US Amb to Afg a 'little pygmy' when he rebuked Imran for Afg comments. Mission Isolate Pak! Click To Tweet

“Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its grave objection on Pakistani PM’s recent reckless statements about the peace process and establishment of an interim government, deemed such statements an obvious example of Pakistan’s interventional policy and disrespect to the national sovereignty and determination of the people of Afghanistan,” it said, also recalling Afghanistan’s ambassador from Islamabad for further discussions on the matter. (source)

Now, this diplomatic mess that Imran Khan initiated has spiraled to a whole new level!  The US Ambassador to Afghanistan tweeted a sharp rebuke of Imran Khan, where he tried to both, support Afghanistan and reprimand Khan for his rather ill-thought out comments.  And, Ambassador Bass used a cricket analogy as well as Pakistan’s known habit of ball-tampering in cricket to hit the point home!

This outraged Pakistan’s “Human Rights” Minister (wonder what such a minister does in Pakistan anyways with forced conversions and Jehadis ruling the roost?!) and she called the US Ambassador – a “Little Pygmy”.  Although her grasp of English language left some “void” in her “little hit” against the US Ambassador.

Then Asad Omar tweeted with his outrage.

With a battle of sorts erupting amongst the twitterati, the Pakistanis went all apologist and started flashing the victim card, as the “Human Rights” Minister doubled down on the push back to her rather undiplomatic name-calling and now has called him a moron!

Well, if you thought Modi was isolating Pakistan from the world stage, you may now adjust your analysis.  Even Imran Khan and his cabinet is isolating Pakistan from the world now!

Throughout my life, I have never ever seen such language against a diplomat by any government functionary.  Even one with an imaginary ministry!

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