Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) under brutal attack by Pakistan Army

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) under brutal attack by Pakistan Army

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK), which legally is part of India is seeing a genocide in action.  A lot of press has gone to all the towns in the world about the so-called human rights abuses by India in Kashmir, specifically post abrogation of Article 370.  The facts, of course, are very different.  And we have discussed them here earlier as well.  But no has talked about PoK yet.

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), legally part of India, is being brutally attacked by Pakistan Army and police. Many have died and been injured! #KashmiriGenocidePoK Click To Tweet

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Now, a new movement is happening in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).  And, the violence is happening openly – perpetrated by the Pakistani army and police against the Kashmiris there.  People are being shot and killed and tortured.  Yet, until now, no conscientious analyst or politician has taken this matter up at the world forum.

Kashmiris in PoK – plain and simple – want freedom from Pakistan.  They do NOT want to be under the colonial and illegal rule of Pakistan.  The entire Kashmir is legally a part of India.  Pakistan took possession of some of it in 1948 by sending an invading force of tribals and Pakistan Army regulars.  That force pillaged, raped and killed in thousands.  Every village, every community, and neighborhood – from Punjab to Srinagar was attacked.  Had Nehru shown some backbone, these people in PoK would have been freed by the Indian Army.

The only real forum for people to share the stories is Twitter.  And that is where the news of PoK and the atrocities by the Pakistani authorities is coming from.

Tweets from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) showcase the Kashmiri Genocide

Let us go through some of the tweets.

In a country where Muslims are routinely killed in their mosques and mosques bombed and defaced, sometimes as a matter of state policy, then it is no wonder that right now as we speak, mosques in PoK are being targeted by the Pakistani Army.

The number of deaths and figures of the injured that are coming out are official confirmations or by people who are trying to get a handle on things there.  The real toll is anyone’s guess really.

People who want freedom from the occupying force of Pakistan have been letting their voices out with full creativity.

Pak Army with Artillery and guns targeting Kashmiris

Do you see what the Kashmiris in PoK are facing?  Guns, artillery and armored vehicles – a killing machine unleashed by the Pakistani Army on Kashmiris.

Pakistani army with the local police – which does not have Kashmiris in their ranks – is tearing the place apart.

They are merciless and ruthless in their attack.  Nothing else matters to Pakistani Army.


The time has come to lay bare the atrocities, killings and genocide of Kashmiris by the Pakistani army.  It has gone on for very long un-noticed.  There is no reason why the Indians should not support the Kashmiris in PoK – which is India as well – to get independence from Pakistan and rejoin India.  After all, that is the legal position of the Instrument of Accession and the UN resolutions – which recognized Pakistan as the ‘occupying force’ in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK)

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