Pakistani and American kids exchange mails including on touchy subjects like Terrorism and Biases

An interesting diplomatic experiment via kids is underway.  Through Marshall Direct Fund’s Global Kid Connect program, Aspen Country Day School in Colorado and Lahore Grammar School in Pakistan are exchanging penpal mails.  Apart from the subjects related to music and celebs, these kids are actually touching upon diplomatic and religious subjects as well from their limited understanding and the need to empathize.

So they are talking about how they would like to view each other and how the overall gamut of activities have impacted the world view.  The letters have been published on the website of the program.  Unfortunately, only the letters by the American kids have been published, not the Pakistani ones.  But you can get some idea of the tone and topics that are being discussed.

Terrorism seems to be a big issue.

Audra writes:

Audra’s mail

Meanwhile Tristan (aged 13) writes: To answer your question. We don’t think your country is all terroriscs [sic] but we think that your country has terrorists in it. Are there terrorists in your country?

There seems to be an attempt by these youngsters to reassure the Pakistani kids that they do not view them as evil.  There are evil characters, but these American kids can empathize with their counterparts.  Andrew and Mat, try to

Andrew & Mat

Interestingly, it wasn’t all nicey-nicey stuff, because one Sarah did forcefully defend herself and her country-people.

Sarah’s letter

At this point in school, these kids’ mindsets will be created and this attempt at empathy will stand them in good stead.  Unfortunately, over the years, many other forces will come to bear upon them and their ways will change when they are grown up.



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