Pakistani leaders’ detention and anger, deception of the Pakistanis

Last updated on Oct 28, 2012

Posted on Oct 28, 2012

Imran Khan: Drones or his Jihadi links?

Pakistanis are very sensitive to any one pointing any finger at them, no matter if every terrorist in the world has at some point learnt his trade from that country or at least been prepared by someone from Pakistan.  Now in one week itself, two people – Pakistanis, and important ones – have been made to go through some inconvenience because of what they had done.  And, what do they and other Pakistanis do?  They start the well-known and nauseatingly regular narrative of “Victimization”.

First it was the ex-Prime Minister, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, who was in India and had gone to Ajmer’s Khwaja Moinnuddin Chisti’s dargah for Eid.  And, why was he in trouble?  Because he didn’t even have basic papers like ….. Visa in place!  Finally, when these papers were sent by the Pakistani Embassy, the guy was let go.

Hussain, who is also the Pakistan Muslim League’s president, was detained for three hours at a hotel where he, along with the party’s secretary-general S Syed Mushahid Hussain, had lodged. It was only when the Pakistan embassy in New Delhi emailed Hussain’s papers around midday that the Indian authorities allowed him to move out of his room.

So all was well as it ended fine.  But it has angered the Pakistanis.  Just one advise to the politicians of Pakistan – you might get away with breaking the laws in Pakistan because you are the mai-baap there, but when you are in India, please understand that the same immunity doesn’t extend here!

Imran Khan: Drone Attacks or links to Jihadis and Taliban

On the other hand, even Imran Khan was detained for few hours and was “grilled” about his views on US drone strikes in Pakistan.  He staunchly defends his views on the drone strikes – that they must stop – and was not in a mood to say sorry to the Americans.

“My stand on drones is very clear. I did not say sorry to them,” Khan said after arriving in New York, according to a local news channel.

This is the official line.

But there is another truth about Imran Khan.  His links with Taliban and Jehadis (including those from Al Qaeda).  It is well known that he never criticized the Taliban for shooting Malala.  Now in Pakistan, “Drone Attacks” is a common boggie to shoot at.  Everyone except a few talk in favor of it, despite its track records.  So, what Imran Khan brought out of his bag was “Drone Attacks”.  No one from his interrogators is going to come to Pakistani media to debate with him and set the records straight.  So, with the alibi of “Drone Attacks”, he comes off as non-controversially patriotic AND makes the Americans look like idiots – which is a very popular narrative in Pakistani and Jihadi circles.

“I still couldn’t understand why they did this. The official was questioning me about drones but I think he himself didn’t understand what he was talking about,” he added.

Drishtikone thinks it wasn’t “Drone Attacks” but Khan’s relationship with the Islamic Jihadis and Taliban that was more popular word if the word-cloud of the conversation was to be looked at.  Now, THAT, is a controversial thing in Pakistan.  Some intelligent people are going against the Extremist elements in Pakistan today, and – even if it is more due to convenience and self-preservation as opposed to real understanding of the whole danger – this tribe is increasing every day.

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