Pakistan’s Season of Declaring Assets

Last updated on Dec 4, 2011

Posted on Dec 4, 2011

In Pakistan, these are days of declaring one’s assets.

Imran Khan the “new kid on the block of Pakistani politics”, has challenged everyone in politics to declare their assets.  He is declaring his.  Well, not many people in that country took him seriously.  But the bold lady of Pakistan, Veena Malik has gone ahead and declared her “assets” in the FHM magazine.  This has obviously irked many.  In Pakistan even her participation had become the biggest issue of debate in so many TV shows.

A bold photograph, by Veena, and yet her complaint, prompted Mahesh Bhatt to call her and discuss the entire episode with her and the editor of FHM, Kabeer Sharma.  He first gave her a 3-pronged advice.

Send Legal Notice: “If you feel you are being violated, don’t take anything lying down. Send a legal notice to the magazine.”
Employ PR Agency to portray your story: “I also asked her to get her PR to take charge and inform her side of the story to the media. Unless she does that, the media will continue writing about her because nothing is more exciting today than a sexual scandal.”
Contact the Joint Commissioner of Police in Mumbai: “I have also asked her to get in touch with the joint commissioner of police in Mumbai”

And then , he called the editor to be told, that Veena – taking Imran’s call a bit too seriously, had gone ahead and declared far more than otherwise believed!

“Kabeer told me that the Veena had indeed shot for the magazine. He also forwarded me another photograph of Veena from the shoot. The photograph that has been doing the rounds is tame and the one sent to me was bolder with portions of her breast visible. However, I saw the photo on my Blackberry and have no way to ascertain whether it morphed or not,”

Now, the question for many women past the prime of their life is if Imran is inspired by Veena in declaration of his assets?  That would make FHM become a blockbuster hit, something that Veena could never have managed!

Having said that, Veena is no ordinary lady.  She is pretty spirited in when she gets going in her defence!

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