Palestinian Muslim Students at NYU Verbally Attack and Accuse Chelsea Clinton of Stoking NZ Massacre!

Palestinian Muslim Students at NYU Verbally Attack and Accuse Chelsea Clinton of Stoking NZ Massacre!

The shooter in New Zealand killed 49 people in two mosques.  In a vigil in New York University, when Chelsea Clinton – who is pregnant with her third child – showed up, the students there berated her in that state!  The senior Leen Dweik was the one who confronted her.  Now Dweik is a popular Palestinian last name.

A shooter in New Zealand killed Muslims THERE. But Palestinian Muslims verbally attacked and accused @ChelseaClinton of stoking the NZ massacre  Click To Tweet

‘This right here is the result of a massacre stoked by people like you and the words that you put out into the world,’ said Dweik, gesturing to the vigil for the 49 who were killed in Christchurch when a white nationalist shooter stormed two mosques.
‘And I want you to know that and I want you to feel that deeply – 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there,’ Dweik continued, jabbing her index finger toward Clinton as other students snapped their fingers in apparent approval of her words.

You see, Chelsea Clinton has nothing to do with that White Nationalist shooter in New Zealand.  Her outrage against Congresswoman Omar were more because of her Anti-semitic remarks.

Do you notice the vile nature of this whole thing?  So a Congresswoman makes anti-Jewish remarks because of which so many people criticized her – and correctly so!  And on the other side of the world, in an unrelated incident, a mad man killed Muslims in the mosques because of his own experiences and narrative.

But guess what the Palestinians in NYU do?  They attack a pregnant woman by pointing fingers at her and shouting at her and accusing her for being responsible and “stoking” those killings!

Yes, those 49 people are killed and what one needs to do is express their sorrow and sadness and condole those deaths.  Anger at those killings to attack everyone else around you stinks of “Pan-Islamism”.  Which is EXACTLY what the shooter was afflicted with – Pan-White-ism!

Just think for a moment – what the hell has Chelsea Clinton to do with that NZ shooter?!  What?!!  And, conversely, what do those people in those two mosques have to do with the Muslims the shooter saw and hated in Europe?!!

Like we said in our last post – the two ideological extremes, which are exclusive in their very fundamental construct and intent, are now in a more open and sophisticated battle.  Islam and Christianity are at logger-heads.  Again!

Now, the hatred for Jews and the idea of Pan-Islamism is so deeply entrenched in the Muslim world that it is not isolated anymore.  It is endemic!

Anti-Jewish sentiment is endemic in the Muslim world. In Lebanon, all Muslims and 99% of Christians say they have a very unfavorable view of Jews. Similarly, 99% of Jordanians have a very unfavorable view of Jews. Large majorities of Moroccans, Indonesians, Pakistanis and six-in-ten Turks also view Jews unfavorably. (Pew Study)

Can you believe it?  The one thing that unites all Muslims is their hatred.  If the uniting factor was some feeling of love for someone, then there was some hope for that group but if the only thing common amongst you is hatred for someone, then what kind of hope do you have for your part of humanity?

And, given that hatred, for the last so many years now, terrorism and virulent violence has been the norm in Islamic world, which has been exported elsewhere.

So, although not at that level, but the only thing that will soon match the Muslim sense of Pan-Islamic hatred is the hate for Muslims as well.

When the only currency you peddle in is hate, you pay your bills in that same currency as well.

And, this is not a coincidence.  If a person, group or ideology sees the world in “US” vs “Them” paradigm (Believers and Non-believers, where there is no real benchmark for absoluteness to believing), then very soon, the only “Us” is you, and the entire world is the “Them”.

As was the case with Leen Dweik.  And with Brenton Tarrant.  Same difference.

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