Population newly connecting on the net in Developing countries adopts Social Networking most

As the folks in the Developing countries get online, they make a beeline for the social networking sites.

Not as many people in developing countries have access to the Internet as those in more developed areas of the world, but when they do get on the Web, they are more likely to join a social-networking site, according to a Pew Research Center report released today.
The report — which looked at the state of social media globally based a survey of 21 nations — found the majority of Internet users in Mexico, Brazil, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, and India use social media.
“Once people in these countries are online, they generally become involved in social networks at high rates,” the report reads. (Source)

So, if I were Facebook CEO, I would start initiatives in the developing countries to bring internet cheaply to the not yet connected population.  That would shoot the numbers of its population of users way up!!

As we all know that US Intelligence does get to monitor and track the traffic and conversations on the Social Networking sites – apart from the internet as whole.  This will further strengthen its reach and cover the “conversations” and overall mood of a nation – irrespective of what the leaders are saying – from just a few analytical reports.  And this also provides them lever to influence the mood and mindset in many ways going forward.

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